Warnings: Dedicated to the special bond that is Sasuke and Naruto.

Summary: Special one-shot of the series "Senses".

Senses: Bonds

無敵, 無量,無限,無畏,無價之寶的

Invincible, countless, boundless, fearless, Priceless Love

Breathing, refreshing dew prickled his skin, vibrant colors warmed up his sight. His feet slowly were set in motion, moss and grass giving weight as he walked forward. A smile was adorning on his face, chubby face stretched showing a set of milk-teeth as the grin widened, meeting a familiar face.

He stretched his arm, mirroring the other boy, fingers joined and linked inside that placid moment. Inside those brief eternal seconds, they weren't Uchiha or Uzumaki, Sharingan wielder or Kyuubi vessel. This contentment instantly poured inside their veins, reenergizing their battered bodies, starting the tale that will never end…

A metallic sound clattered to the ground, signalizing an important departure. Cerulean skies quickly faded and became cloudy, unable to stop the turning back, tattered heart and wounded soul…

Result from a begrudging friendship that both fragile beings were too proud to admit this dependence. For the boy who always deep inside sought companionship…

Or the boy who always admired and craved this unique recognition…

Fate knocked on their doors, two apparently different lives intertwined and became one.

Fate was bullshit, as he finally decided to carve his own path. Too tired from ostracism, too tired to be washed away from his own tears, he began to battle against those waves.

Cursing all the overwhelming weight that was placed on his shoulders, he resigned himself to be engulfed by flames of hatred. Different paths…

Different goals…

Different ambitions…

Only one destiny. He set to chase after a shadow with hopes of bringing it to light, in vain attempt on not being drowned by his own despair. Arm stretched wide, trying fruitlessly to grasp the disconnected link. His fingers opened and closed, repeatedly, motioning to grab a phantom from a happy past.

He set to perish a shadow that kept hunting in his whole life, trading friendship for power. He couldn't get rid of loneliness, that's why he used it to make him stronger.

Though, memories ago, they also learnt to find strength inside themselves to protect comrades. Calling forth the fox power through despair and hate…or activating the accursed eyes from the desire of protecting teammates…

It was all so ironic, representing two distinguished visions but knowing full well they could stand in each other shoes. Standing in the same line, walking forward.

Sandals touched on the dried wasteland, wind carried the sand that flew to their faces. Pair of eyes narrowed and turned grimly, the tall stature from young men walking forward, picking up their weapons to begin a battle—

Fight, collapse, growing up. Multiple icy needles pierced through his body at the moment he jumped to protect, his limbs moving by reflex. So many years of hatred, vowing revenge and he saw it disappearing with the blur of blue eyes leaking tears.

And for the sake of these and many other reminiscences, he was determined to defy everything to bring his most important bond back to his side. Striving to maintain his immature and innocence vision, instead of bending to the ruthless ninja rules.

Do you have someone important to you?

Even if he had to break his arms, break his legs, lose his sanity, would he finally succeed to catch him someday?

When a person has something important to protect…that's when they can become truly strong.

Tiny steps cast long shadows in the sunset, his lonely presence away from the cozy companionship that family housed. He was still too young to mask sadness, too vulnerable to ignore loneliness. The heat of summer made his movements sluggish, delaying the time he'd have to face a silent apartment. It was on the docks that he saw the familiar expression, the same ache reflecting on his own, as they met. Scowled, as typical brats. And, at last, closed the curtains of another long day with a hidden smile.

His happiness was stripped from himself, watching bodies falling through his infant, terrified eyes. He vowed that he'd kill the one who crumbled his world…

He had never felt happiness, he had to build with his own hands. Comrades gathered around him, as his guarded heart slowly opened up, but there was always someone missing. He vowed that he'd bring back the one who made his world complete…

As distance abruptly decreased, the closest thing that they could call as embrace, after 3 years of longing. It oddly increased the contrast of their emotions, one as steeled his determination through his sapphire eyes. Onyx ones though, were absolutely expressionless even if he ended up making an vow that he could kill a past, at that time, when he couldn't have the heart to eliminate his best friend.

This best friend, was what made him move in frenzy at the first news after decades in concern about his bigger brother. This best friend, that temporarily had higher importance than revenge.

And this best friend, that oddly made the aforementioned bigger brother to entrust a crow to himself. Because he vowed he'd save this precious bond—

Now, he was paying the consequences of his "foolishness." His point of view wasn't compatible with the world he was installed in, as a shinobi isn't supposed to pursue his own goals, becoming the country's tool is the most important fact…

To become a hero or to die by his hands, he, then chose neither.

Because he remembered the forlorn expression close to him, staring at his exhausted body. After such violent fight, the outcome was too placid, too anguished…

Since he couldn't understand why his best friend would attempt to finish his life. He couldn't understand why his friend would still prefer to be consumed by revenge and turn to the enemy's side.

Once receiving everyone's recognition, it was time to restore once again the most important one. It was true he'd never understand bonds of families. It was true that he was orphan from the very start of his short life. Though the unbearable feeling of losing someone important…why there's any need of comparison between one to another? The emotional pain will be always the same.

The star and the downcast…the criminal and the hero of Konoha…their points of view collided at last.

He refused once again the fate cast on his life, Uchiha and Hashirama, cycle of hatred and cycle of forgiveness. How would he ever be able to destroy the vicious cycle with one more kill to add? Death wasn't the answer.

Revenge was everything that consumed his life. The shadow, once malicious now grew to become overwhelmingly kind. This kindness made his guilt unbearable, transforming into hate and throwing on the village that had once protected from harm.

He was descending inside the darkness, however knowing that there was a permanent light flickering and existing at the back of his head.

He was reaching into absolute light, though he had voluntarily jumped inside temporary darkness, just so he could learn how to grab his best friend back to light. At the very moment he grasped this knowledge, he knew, he'd be able to bear the burden of hatred thrown towards him.

We have no needs for words…can you see what is inside my heart…?

In their paths that spiraled their lives to encounter again and again, influencing each other, changing each other, understanding and sharing their fates, finally reaching comprehension and someday, be able to link once again their hands…

As all titles, achievements, past weren't important and their bond resumed their existence to only Sasuke and Naruto, entwined forever...


... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...what?

Welcome back.

And the bright sky once again united their hearts, marking a new page for the future that already arrived.

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