We Are Broken

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Chapter Nine

Skyler couldn't hold back the laugh that Dean had caused from his question. "Well, you do realize that old school Catholics frowned upon a man and woman living together before marriage? This thing was who knows how old, probably around when the bible was written which means the things it would be against may now be normal living for people."

"Yeah, I gotta say I'm not thrilled about it either." Dean said, leaning against the wall near the window.

Skyler shrugged, still sitting in Jack's lap. "Well, no offense Dean but you don't have much say in where I live. I met Jack in school, we met after school in detention one day then we ended up in there together a few days later, then we noticed each other in lunch and just started to hang out. Mom died a couple years after we met, he hadn't known me too long and we weren't attached at the hip or anything so he hadn't even really known me well but he was there everyday just to keep my mind off her and the fact that I had more family but had no clue where they were when I needed them most. Jack's mom let me move in, before Jack and me were anything more then friends. I get why you're not thrilled about me living with Jack, it's what a brother does and I'm glad that not being in my life for ten years didn't change that. I love living with the Mercers, Bobby's a hand full most of the time but he always reminded me so much of you so I just let him go on his rants. I haven't felt so at home since mom moved her and me away, I was home with you guys and with dad. Once we moved, I was alone until I found Jack."

"What happened with mom?" Sam spoke up from the table in the corner. "We had no idea she had even died until we got here and your file told us so."

Skyler's face grew sad, remembering her mom. "I was always mad at her for taking me away from Dad and you guys. I kind of got myself involved with this whole hunting thing in spite of her, I wanted to prove to her that moving me out of it didn't change anything and that she had made a huge mistake. I really hoped that she would come to her senses and go back to dad, but that never happened." She seemed to become even sadder at the mention of their dad, which Dean noticed instantly.

"You heard didn't you?" He ask, stared at her with a soft expression.

Skyler nodded. "Yeah, news about the Winchester's trails fast in our world. I heard about it all; his deal to save you, your deal to save Sam, you begin pulled from hell by an angel, Sam's tryst with a Damon, and killing Lilith to rise the Devil from hell. It's weird how I can know almost everything you've done in the last ten years but never get a lead on your location."

"You know about Ruby?" Sam felt instant guilt and shame, know his sister knew what he had done.

"She the demon bitch with the killer knife?"

"You know about the knife too?" Sam was astonished at how much she knew.

Skyler nodded, keeping her eyes on Sam. "Like I said, Winchester news travels. I would be surprised if there were books around about your life."

"Well, actually there kind of are." Dean looked at Skyler's confused expression with a smirk. "It's long story, if you don't believe me I'll get a hold of Chuck. He's the guy who wrote them; he's a profit."

She blinked a couple times, not believing there a was a profit out there writing down her brother's life. "Okay, that's just weird. We're going to come back to that, do you want me to keep going?" Dean and Sam both nodded and Skyler continued. "So, I had wanted mom to bring me back to dad and you guys but she said that wasn't going to happen."

Bobby looked at Jack and made a motion to follow him out of the room. Jack tapped Skyler's leg, silently asking her to let him up, and she responded by sliding off of his lap. He walked out and met up with Bobby just down the hall from the hospital room. "What's up?"

"Why don't we go for a walk to find some grub? Let them all talk for awhile." Jack nodded and continued to follow Bobby down the hallway, heading to the cafeteria.

"I found out during the beginning of my senior year that she was sick, just before the end of junior year she had been getting headaches a lot and feeling faint all the time. She hadn't actually told me it was anything serious until I had seen an invoice on the counter from the hospital. It had some other papers with it, one was an written explanation of what was found during the CAT Scan she had apparently had. I sat at the table, reading and rereading the letter and looking at the printouts of the results. The whole thing just shocked me, mom's tough she wasn't supposed to get sick she was supposed to go out fighting or at least die of old age."

"So she had cancer?" Dean sounded as shocked as Skyler had been, no one who really knew Mary Winchester would have expected that.

"Yeah, and when I asked her about it she made it sound like it was nothing more then a broken arm that would heal in time. I knew better then that though, the letter basically told me she had a few months to a year at the very most. That's when I kick my ass in gear trying to find you, so you'd know what happened or what was happening and so that I wouldn't have to go through it alone."

Sam sat in the corner, silently in thought and a little angry that he wasn't able to be with his sick mother before she died. He hadn't even been able to say good-bye. Dean moved to sit next to Skyler on the foot of her bed, he saw the water building up in her eyes and wanted to be able to comfort her in some way. He wasn't able to be there for her when there mom had left her alone, he was jealous of Jack for that very reason. Jack was there to do what he couldn't, even though his mother was gone and he loved her he wasn't sure she could be forgiven.

"I'm sorry Sky, you know I would have been her in a heart beat if I knew what was going on. I would have been here for you and for mom."

"Yeah, I know. I get why mom did it all but why couldn't dad have any contact with me? Did she just assume that I'd go running into a fight with a vampire or somethin? I mean when I was older and understood everything more if she had just asked me to stay away from all of that I probably would have. But she pulled me away, trying to force me to be done with all of this crap so I started hunting in spite of her which pissed her off when she found out."

"How the hell did you hide the fact that you were hunting from mom? I mean we to it all the time but we're lying to people who don't have a clue, mom knew all this shit." Sam asked, leaning forward in his seat seeming a little amused.

"Yeah, would she have caught on within a few days?" Dean question.

Skyler shrugged with a small smirk. "I'm good at hiding things I guess, really it was about 8 months before she picked up on what I was doing. I wasn't hiding it for that long."

Dean raised an eyebrow at Skyler's response. "Hiding the fact that you're a hunt for 8 months while living under the same roof as a hunter is a pretty long time if you ask me. Especially someone like mom who grew up in the life and knew almost all the patterns to pick up on. I'm sure she was keeping her eye out on what was going on around her."

"Oh, trust me she was. It was almost impossible to get out of the house with out her asking me 20 questions and making sure I have my phone on me so I could call if I needed anything. But I still managed to keep it from her for awhile."

"So what did she do when she knew for such what you were doing?" Sam spoke again, wanting to know more about what he and his older brother had missed in their sisters life.

Skyler sighed, rolling her eyes. "She freaked out, giving me the speech about how I'm going to get myself killed or someone around me hurt and that there was no way I knew enough to be running around hunt the supernatural."

"She wasn't wrong. Before you bite my heard off hear me out. It's dangerous, especially for you, to be hunting on your own. I've done it and Sam's done it but you never had the training he and I've had. No you might be fine going out alone but before mom knew, how old were you, 14? That's too young to be out on your own without the right training."

"I did okay for myself." Skyler rolled her eyes at Dean's frown. "Look I know I could have gotten myself killed, I do. But I had just wanted to prove to mom that taking me away from it didn't keep me from it. I may not have gone through everything you and Sam did but I do remember the little bit of training I got and I remember what dad was always showing you. I was able to kind of fill in the blanks as I went, and I wasn't always alone. Most job I went on there was already someone there, they usually keep me out of the main action but I was able to pick up a few pointers as I went along."

Dean sighed again, pushing his hand through his short hair as he stood from the bed and paced the room. "Damn it Sky, you can't be so naïve, not every hunt you met will have your safety as a first priority. Some of them will look at you as an easy way to draw something out. Believe me we have run into plenty of unfriendly hunters, hell one of them actually tried killing Sam."

"Twice actually. And tried to put you against me when we first met him."

"Right, and came after me when I would let him kill Lenore."

"Lenore? Who's Lenore?"

Dean stopped pacing and looked at Skyler. "She's a vampire we had met a while back but her and her nest weren't killing any people, they were going after farmers livestock. She may have been a vampire but she wasn't evil. Gordon Walker wanted her dead so bad he was willing to kill Sam and me in the process."

"I've heard of him I think, kind of a radical of the hunting community, no gray areas kind of guy. I've never met him but I never heard anything good about him, doesn't seem to have many friends out there. I heard he was turned into a vampire himself, do you know if that's true?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah it is, we were there and I ended up killing him. He wanted to be ended anyway but not until he tried to kill me first."

"He even gave me permission to kill him once Sam was dead. But Sammy cut his head off with barbed wire. It was awesome."

Skyler smiled at the pride she heard in her oldest brothers voice. She looked in the door way, hearing foot steps enter the room. "Hey, where's you two go?"

"We went to find something that was remotely edible." Jack walked up to Skyler, still seated on the foot of her bed, giving her a light kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah, how did that go?" She smiled, seeing the Mercer brothers' empty hands.

"How do you think? Jackie fucks up most things of course he'd think the food here would be something to even bother with."

"Bobby, what the fuck?"

Skyler pulled Jacks hand making him sit down beside her. "You didn't happen to tell a doctor or nurse that I'm awake and find out when I can get out of here did you?"

"Um, well no. We didn't think of that." Jack admitted.

Bobby threw up his arms, sighing loudly. "See there he goes again, fucking shit up. I'll go find someone Sky, I'll figure out when you can get out of here and maybe run down the street to get some real food cause what they have downstairs isn't food. I haven't got a fucking clue what it is but it sure as hell isn't food."

"I'll go with you, I'm going stir crazy in here man." Sam stood from his spot at the table and followed Bobby out.

"I just want out of here." Skyler groan, laying back with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed.

"Yeah, well don't get your hopes up too high kiddo. They're going to want to keep you here for another day or two to make sure everything is okay."

Skyler let out another loud groan, pulling her legs up on the bed and pushing herself back so that she was laying on it properly with Jack still at the edge. Dean smiled to himself as he took the chair that Sam had been occupying. He was more then happy to be sitting in the plain white room and listening to the whines of his sister. No matter how much Sam's bitching could annoy him at times there was nothing that would make Dean want to loose that. He had thought once Sam went to college that he'd enjoy the peace, but having him back around now he had found that he really missed it and never wanted to give it up. It wasn't the exact same with Skyler, she wasn't much of a whiny kid when she was little but he wanted her around whether she was whiny, bitchy, sweet, caring, angry, or nice. He needed to be around her, he needed to know she was safe.

Dean never thought he could ever miss anyone so much, but this was his sister. There was no reason he wouldn't miss her. For the first time in ten years, Dean felt like he had done his job as the older brother right. He had Sam alive and well and Skyler was laying down whining an laughing with her boyfriend. They were both alright, they were both safe. He did his job. He had been the big brother he was supposed to be, that he was meant to be.

~The End~

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