It was the last day of summer, he would sit there until school comes, it was nothing special. On the roof of his house, Jil would stare

at the sky, thoughts popping in his head like dim light bulbs. Kaaya, Kaaya was all he could think of. What was she doing? How would she react seeing him again at school? Oh he would do anything to please her. As long as she's happy, he doesn't mind. He longed to see her smiling

face again.

He was dosing off nicely until the bell rang. He shot up from his position, face digging into his right hand. He echoed out a loud yawn. The bell

ranged again. Neeba wasn't home? His older brother should be getting ready for school for tomorrow, it's 7 at night already. Ding! He knows

who it was at the door already. No one would possibly ever stayed and ring the bell this long except for that girl. He got up and went downstairs.

He searched in Neeba's room just in case. It was empty, as well as the living room and kitchen. Here comes the knocking. "Geeze, I'm coming, don't break the door..." At the moment that Jil turned the door knob, the entrance flung opened without any warnings, the blond girl who always had a determined look on her face broke in without hesitating. She made her position on his back, two feet planted on his spinal core,

surveyed with a 180 turned each side, making sure every corner of his house is seen. To the look on her face, Jil knows that Fatina wasn't satisfied.

"JIL!!" She started, the monsterous howl straightened his back. He attempted to stand but was forcefully pulled up before he even got into his feet. She dragged him by his arm around his own house. Haha, ironic. "Where's your brother? I got to tell him about school tomorrow!" He could tell that this wasn't good. Fatina had always had a crush about his brother, this means she'd even turn into an unimaginable monster if she was to separate from him for a certain amount of time. Jil knows this well since he was always the victim in the mavolent actions. "Ughh I heard your brother hasn't gotten a girlfriend yet! And what else to start this great year with ME, walking by his side holding hands, having girls

looking at us with jealousy and guys with envy that your brother had picked up this beautiful, intelligent, and not to mention, CUTEST sophomore at this school!" Jil let out a cough, due to her strangling him by his shirt collar which misfortunately, turned into a misunderstanding of offending the moody girl. "Whatt....? you don't think soo...?" She glared at him until he finally shakes it off and had a chance to talk.

"Ah." Recovering from her abusement, he finally had a chance to talk, "Well, sorry Fatina, my brother isn't home right now, he went off to some where, as you can see..."

"Eh? Really? Where'd he go?"

"Um… not really sure, he was gone probably around the time when I was sleeping, around noon I guess." Jil answered honestly.

"Che...." Fatina glared as if she doesn't fully trust him.

"Wh-What?" He was clearly bothered, the corner of his mouth twitched.

"Nothing, I think I'll let you go for now." She said bluntly.

"Eh? Geeze, walk in the door like a normally behaved girl next time Fatina..." He tried his best to lectured, but it never works for she is the one that he's talking to after all. She shot a glare at him as if stating that she was going hit him the next second, but she didn't.

"Well... he'll probably be home soon anyways, since it's getting late... so I'll just stay here and wait for him. By the way, I'm using your bathroom."

"S-Sure..." Use anything in the house as long as it doesn't involve hitting him for it.

He led her to the bathroom just in case. She gave him an awfully frightening glance.

"You're not going to just stand there and look inside are you...? -,-"

"N-No! Of course not! I have a girlfriend Fatina..." He replied not acknowledging every word he just said. Surprisingly, she retreated.

"O-Oh yeah, you better not do anything weird than! Pervert!" She slammed the door so hard, he felt the ceiling shake.

"Huh?? Pervert?!" He than just rubbed it off, nothing important, she has always been like this. So much he could just think of her as his sister that lives here. Jil climbed up the stairs, back to the peaceful ceiling again. "Oh! Kaaya!" He pulled out his cell phone. "Kaaya?"

Fatina made her way up to the ceiling as well, hearing him talking on the phone, she stopped to eavesdrop out of curiosity.

"Huh? Where are you?" Jil's voice talking over the phone was gentle and calm, but Fatina could tell he's worried. "Oh... all right... school's tomorrow, so if you need anything, you could always call...N-no! I don't mind at all! Hahaha, you'll make me worry... Huh? In a hurry? Sorry, I'll call back tomorrow.... good night Kaaya." He put his phone away and leaned back to the wall behind him.

"Had a nice chat with your girly friend Jil?" Jil looked back in surprise.

"Brother hasn't been back yet?" He asked. Fatina made a depress look on her face. "Fatina... if he's not going to be home tonight, you'll see him tomorrow..." She went and sat by his side.

"N-no, it's not that..." She replied quietly. "She mentioned that she's also outside too right? I thought Kaaya stays in her house most of the time, could it be that she and your brother-"

"No, it's not like that! Fatina, you know Kaaya or my brother isn't like that. Besides, I've never seen them in contact a lot." He quietly comforted her...maybe himself too.

"Well..." She laid her head down on his lap, not minding her surroundings.

"H-hey..." Well, it's not like he could do anything about it anyways. He resumed looking up to the sky.

"Sorry... I just don't like her." He looked down, Fatina's face already buried itself in the wrinkles of his shirt.

"Fatina....nothing is going on between them, so don't stressed out so much about it." She didn't reply. He gave out a sigh. "Even so, Fatina... I believe you'll be good friends with Kaaya soon in the future, and there's a good chance that my brother would accept you." He gave another moment of silence, placed his hands on her head and leaned back. He closed his eyes. The little lights are starting to be back again. This time, it catches him. Where did Neeba really go? And Kaaya, she said she was at a building discussing important things... could Neeba be at the same place? Could she be hiding something from him?

He shakes his head out of the mindless thoughts.

"Jil?" She began out of silence

"Hum?" He replied without looking down, his left hand was still placed gently on her head, and his right covered his eyes from the street lights.

"How are you so sure that my relationship with Neeba will improve?"

"Not really sure..."