He was lying on his back, his body covered with a bit of sheet, a bit of comforter, and a lot of Callie Torres.

Her head lay on his chest, her hand rested at his waist, and her thigh was draped over and between his thighs. He was caressing her arm lightly with his fingers; his body finally almost recovered from the high it had been on for the last hour. The high brought about by the nearness of Callie.

"Callie?" His voice was low.


It wasn't an answer it was just a murmur.


"Hmmmm?" Her body and mind felt like Jello; barely cohesive. But she was more than okay with it.

"So…, uh, was it good for you?" Seriously, I have to get some better material.

She giggled a low, quiet giggle. And then she trailed her hand up his waist to his pec, her nails running over his nipple in a relaxed teasing manner. "The word phenomenal comes to mind." She lifted her mouth to his neck, pressing her lips there. "And the word delicious comes to mind." She let her tongue dart out to taste his salty skin. "And masterful. The word masterful definitely comes to mind." She kissed his jaw.

"Masterful?" She could hear the smile in his voice.

"Mmmm, mmmhmmm."

"Masterful. I like that."

She grinned. "Phenomenal didn't work for you?"

"Oh no. I like phenomenal and delicious too." He tilted her head up and kissed her nose, and then her lips. "But 'masterful'? That has a lot of good connotations." His hand drifted from her arm to her breast; his thumb circling her nipple. "A lot of really good connotations."


Moving his hand to hers, he entwined their fingers, "So… what makes me 'masterful'?"

"Fishing for compliments Shepherd?"

"All I'm saying is, if you pump up a guys' ego, you pump up... other parts of him."

"So the exchange rate is 'compliments' for 'sex'?"

He paused for half a second then whispered against her forehead, "Honestly? I think a look, a sound, a touch from you is the going exchange rate for 'sex'."

She shifted, climbing on top of him so that her legs straddled his hips. "You say all of the right things Dr. Shepherd."

"I do?"

She lowered her lips to his; losing herself in his taste/breath/touch. "I swear to God, Derek, you're better than chocolate."

He laughed and without warning, flipped them over in the bed so that he was lying on top of her, her legs wrapped around his hips, his slowly increasing erection trapped between them. Happily trapped.

Corralling her arms above her head he held her wrists together with one of his hands, then he let his gaze travel across her face, taking in her heat filled brown eyes, her slightly swollen lips, the long turn of her neck, and the soft full swell of her breasts. It was then that he noticed the faint flush that was creeping across her honey tinted skin.

"Are you blushing Torres?"

She closed her eyes. "No!"

He dipped his head to her ear. "Oh, I think you are." He slowly moved to her other ear "You know, I've already seen… all of you, and," He nipped at her bottom lip; the one that was begging to be bitten and kissed and suckled at. "You have nothing to blush about…. Well, nothing except for that amazing thing you do with your tongue. That's definitely worth blushing over." He watched as her skin turned another shade of pink as he spoke; heating up at his nearness, his hardness, his unabated perusal of her body.

She blinked her eyes open and desire, languid and undemanding, poured up at him. She ran a foot down his firm ass and his thigh and then dragged it back up. "Mmmmm, see… 'Masterful'."

"Callie," his mouth barely touched hers; his words pressing against her with more force than his lips. "You haven't seen anything yet."