Author's note: If I have something italicized it means its music lyrics that I think fit the situation.

Bitter sweet truth.

By Weird Al Rocks.

Jasper smiled through most of the day after finding out how close Polly and him were. Cousins it blew Jasper's mind. Later Jasper stormed out onto the front lawn. He flopped down to the ground he looked to the sky. He wondered why God did the things he does. Polly had seen him leave she worried.

"Jasper come inside it's late. Your not even wearing a" said Polly until she was cut off.

"You don't get it do you Polly I love you." Said Jasper. Polly looked stunned.

"Jasper you haven't known me that long you can't judge" said Polly again being cut off.

"Yes I have Polly. I have known you long enough. I'm going inside!" said Jasper. He walked away he slammed the door on entering. Polly just sat outside she began sobbing. She was confused. Confusion. The very idea. It was not a feeling she felt often.

Van strolled up the hall

"Well grandfather said he'd find a way to keep you and your family here who knew I'd find out I'm your cousin." He said Strolling past Polly. He grinned evilly. Joel reached for some of the cotton Van had left out earlier. Van greedily snatched it up.

Joel gave Van a quizzical look. Van cackled. He was plotting something. Joel could tell.

"Jasper!" said Polly she dashed to Jasper as she finally found him. Jasper looked at her. As she drew closer Jasper leaned in and kissed her. Van who was watching from the staircase gasped.

"Well well well. Joel will love this." He whispered to himself creeping off.

Joel was walking down the hallway a hand reached out from the room he shared with Van. The hand grabbed Joel by the neck of his shirt and pulled him in.

"Joel listen I saw Jasper kissing your sister." Said Van. Joel was taken back by the whole situation.

"Whoa take a step back but" said Joel he was cutoff by Van.

"Listen to me Jasper kissed Polly." Said Van

"Whoa. What!? Hold on Polly wouldn't Jasper he" said Joel again getting cutoff by Van again.

"I know what you think about Jasper but he's someone you just can't trust." Said Van whom proceeded to shove Joel out.

"JASPER!!" yelled Polly. Jasper gazed at her in a confused look.

"What?" he said

"This is wrong. We shouldn't have been doing this." Said Polly.

"Hello. You both zoned out I saw it all." Said Percy.

"Don't tell anyone what you just saw or I vow you'll be sorry." Said Jasper.

"Hmm. You're not that frightening Jasper." Said a sharp voice from the stairs. Jasper swung his head in the direction of the sound. Van grinned.