Author's notice: Yes, this chapter has a cheesy title and may contain slight Van/Polly. Oh and for those of you who want to know how old the characters are they are supposed to be the age they were in the first book.

Bitter Sweet Truth Chapter 3: The Arts Of Ancient Attraction.

Percy was sitting on his bed listening to Van. He could not comprehend the fact that he was getting advice on how to attract a woman from his younger brother. Van noted that Percy sat with a slouch.

"There in lies your problem, Percy, Better posture betters your chances." Said Van in a voice far friendlier than Percy had ever recalled Van speaking in.

"Remind me why I came to you again." Percy mumbled.

"Because people like you just don't have my charm." Van declared dramatically.

"It won't work when you are my age." Said Percy. He could only hope Van would not catch that lie. Even when he was Van's age he had never been charming what so ever. He wished he had been.

"Hmm. You are terrible at lying." Van taunted his older brother.

"Well. At least I can interact with women."

"That is a lie. You came to me because you are socially akward. Watch and learn."

(This is where my writing gets suckish to the degree that I hate publishing it.)

"Polly. My you look stunning. Going anywhere in particular that you got all dolled up for." Saide Van smiling politely looking at Polly with big eyes that made him look so innocent and not angry with everything.

"No. But thank you. I never knew you had such a polite nature." Said Polly smiling back.

"Not many people ever see this side of me.
said Van.

"Well I have to leave but I'll see you soon." Said Polly.

"I'll be seeing you." Said Van. Van walked casually back to his bedroom.

"Well. I…Um…have to say good work." Said Percy.

"I told you I was good at this whole romancing business." Said Van.

Yes I know this chapter sucked. Not enough description to much talking not enough character interaction. I made the chapter out to be better than it was. But I will try to keep improving.