A/N: I wrote this part as the end of the original product, but cut it off sooner to portray more clearly Jane's feelings. But, upon request, I will add the rest. It's not long…but it gives Jane and Seth's relationship better…I don't want to say closure, but that's a good word for it, I guess.

He Loves Her: Part 2 - First

"I have to go," Jane says. "But will you come with me?"

He nods. "Where are we going?"

The thing is she doesn't really have anywhere to be; she just knows she can't stay at his small house any longer. It's too cramped, filled with his love for her, and she's not sure she can breathe.

She just shrugs. "Trust me."

She knows she's a hypocrite. How can she expect him to trust her when she doesn't trust him?

But she knows he trusts her—she can see that, too. He's first, again. He was the first to kiss her, the first to approach her, the first to fall in love. And now he'll trust first, too.

She'd like to be first, just once, but she knows she too cowardly. Still, it's a novel idea.

Outside, she slides her hand into his again, since she likes the warmth. It's easier when she has things to look at beside him. There's too much pain and love, clashing in his eyes. It's a terrible thing to see, but thrilling all the same. She hates causing him pain, but she hates enjoying it even more. She doesn't deserve it after everything she's done to him.

And yet, there it is again—he loves her.

He's kind of an idiot for that, she thinks.

Not really sure where she's going—and somehow, she's pretty certain he knows that—she walks down the walkway and onto the sidewalk. She walks aimlessly through the reservation, gazing at the gray sky and the green trees. She can't daydream while his hand is holding her down on earth. That kind of sucks, but it's nice to have a lifeline, too.

Eventually, they walk to the cliff overlooking First Beach, where she's seen Sam Uley and Jacob Black dive. She thinks she'd like to try it, but she's too afraid.

"Have you jumped?" she asks him when the reach the edge of the cliff.

He nods once. "Not from this high," he admits.

"I want to do it," she realizes. The words come out longingly, since she feels slightly afraid…but screw fear. She wants to.

"From here?" Seth asks doubtfully. His voice is disapproving.

He loves her. There's that proof again.

"Yeah," she says simply.

"Do you even know how to swim?"

"Of course," she mutters, pulling her pants off. She hears him suck in a breath, but she ignores him. She's not going to jump in to the water wearing jeans…that's suicide.

"Jane," he starts, but she's already throwing herself up into the air, and arcing down before he can say anything else.

Falling, she can't help but whoop as the wind slices through her hair, pushing it back from her face. At least she'll be first at this, she thinks.

The surface of the water hurts when she smacks into it, even though she dived. That's her last coherent thought as she plunges into the water. After that, it's too cold to think, and she mechanically pushes herself upward until she breaks the surface.

Awareness slowly returns, starting with a base of soft, quiet love. Maybe that's because the first thing she sees is Seth, popping his head up next to her.

He glares at her. "Idiot." But he helps her swim to shore, and pulls her out of the water.

He loves her.

He pulls her shuddering body against his, which, despite the frigid water, is still warm.

She doesn't force herself to say it; it comes as a surprise to both of them. Her lips part, as though to breathe, but instead, they speak. "I love you."

And they both freeze, because she makes it clear frequently that she doesn't. But this…sensation. It makes her heart…hurt. Her stomach is light, filled with butterflies. Almost nausea, yet it feels so right, so good.

"I love you, she repeats, this time with wonder. "Seth," she gasps, smiling widely. "I love you."

He doesn't have to say it back—she knows. He knows she knows.

He loves her. And finally, she loves him.

So this time, when they kiss, it's different. Loving. Tender. Not ferocious, the way she normally leads them.

And strangely, she likes this way better.

A/N: Much more positive than the first part, I guess. I subconsciously wanted a happy ending, apparently, because when I set out to write this, it was supposed to end like it did at first. Sort of depressing/angsty, but still hopeful. But when I wrote it, this is how it ended up. Since you guys deserve the fullest I can give...Here's the OG ending.