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WARNING: What you are about to see is 73 percent classified. The names of all involved were attempted and failed to be removed. If you are caught and tracked to your location while accessing the following documentation, may whatever deities that are watching over you have mercy on your soul. Leaving a review may or may not incent them to protect you...

Subject: Aqualad

Time: Classified.

Web Address: Classified.

Clothing Assortment: ... Classified.

Weight: Uhhh...

Height: ???

Connecting... Connecting... Connecting...

?: Okay, people, I've started to notice a common "trend" among these fan-ficcers, especially the ones circulating a certain area of the "Teen Titans" criteria. I have no idea when I noticed it, but then a certain episode's reviews on Youtube started ticcing me off for some reason.

??: Will you get to the point already, sir?

?: I'm getting there Number 2, hold your friggin' eyepatch. Here it is; why the heck does everyone think this "Aqualad" is so friggin' "hot"?

#2: Don't do that.

?: Don't do what?

#2: That whole "air/finger quote" thing, it's stupid.

?: What is this "stupid" of which you speak, Number 2?

#2: That.

?: What?

#2: You know what, screw it, nevermind. What was your question again, Dr. Evil?

Dr. E: Why the heck does everyone think this "Aqualad" is so friggin' "hot"?

?: I think it's because he's "bizarro".

Dr. E: Austin Powers! When did you get here?!

ShagMan01: About seven seconds ago, really.

Dr. E: Oh.

#2: Wait, how did you even get in here?!

ShagMan01: Walked in the back door.

#2: Oh.

Dr. E: I told you he's magic! I told you!

#2: Dammit Dr. Evil, focus! What the hell does bizarro mean, anyway?

ShagMan01: Not bizarro, "bizarro".

#2: What's the goddamn difference?

Dr. E: It's the friggin' "stupid" air/finger quote thingy, I tell you!

#2: Not his again...

Dr. E: Yes, this again.

#2: ... What does "bizarro" mean, then?

ShagMan01: Something so completely and utterly nutty that everyone starts freaking out for no apparent reason. Like Fat Bastard's poo, for example.

Dr. E: ... What he said.

#2: Fine, then, what's so "bizarro" about this Aqualad, then?

Dr. E: That's what I wanna know!

?: I think it's because he can hold his breath for so long.

ShagMan01: Mini-Me! When did you get here?!

Dr. E: And why can you talk now?!

#2: And why is your voice so goddamn deep?!

M&M: About ten minutes ago, why shouldn't I, and why shouldn't it be? Ya'll got something against little people?

ShagMan01: No, not really.

#2: Screw that, what does Aqualad being able to hold his breath a long time have to do with anything?

Dr. E: ...

ShagMan01: ...

M&M: Obviously you've never been to Singapore.

#2: ... Touche. Your got a point?

M&M: Do I really have to say it? There could be kids watching this, you know.

Dr.E: Watching what?

M&M: My point exactly.

ShagMan01: Maybe it's because he wears so much blue?

#2: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

ShagMan01: Hey, ladies dig the blue, baby, yeah!

M&M: Seriously?

ShagMan01: Of course, why do you think I'm always wearing so much blue?

Dr. E: I thought you were just trying to be a friggin' pimp?

#2: He is a friggin' pimp.

ShagMan01: Wearing this shade of blue, being a pimp, what's the difference, really?

Dr. E: So, what ya'll are saying to me is, everyone seems to think Aqualad is "hot" because he's a "bizarro" pimp and because he can hold his breath for a really long time?

ShagMan01: ...

#2: ...

M&M: ...

Dr. E: Well?

?: Eh, sure, why not?

M&M: ... Yeah.

Dr. E: So... until next time, then?

#2: Sure. Later.

#2 has logged out.

M&M: Okay.

M&M has logged out.

ShagMan01: If I'm not caught shagging again, fine.

ShagMan01 has logged out.

Dr. E: Alrighty, then, for anyone still here; bring me five reviews by... Next week, and I will spare your planet.

?: What?

Dr. E: Gentlemen, you have my demands, peace out.

Dr. E has logged out.

?: ... Dammit, I did it again.

Robn'sGrl has logged out.

Connection has been lost