"Kairi was really here?!" the other boy asked excitedly.

"Yeah and she said she was looking for you," I replied, my eyes glancing over to the brunette girl sitting nearby who had said their story was romantic.

"Tell me where she is!" he demanded, ready to charge off after her, and I winced, because he wouldn't like what he was going to hear next.

"Well…" I began and he turned to me eagerly, his eyes full of hope. I began to tell him everything: how she had landed here, nearly giving us heart attacks, how she said she was looking for him; I glanced up at him to see he was blushing a little hearing this. Then I told him about the appearance of the red-haired man, and had to watch as the happiness drained out of his eyes. I told him how the man had come from a chasm of darkness which had formed in the wall, how he began dragging her towards it, and how we'd tried to stop him, but failed.

I still remembered the attempts of the girl beside me to help the princess after the rest of our group had failed, and how the man had shoved her aside as well; I'd feared she'd had a concussion, but she was fine now.

I cleared my head quickly before telling him how his girlfriend had gotten dragged through the portal despite her protests and dragging her feet.

"Kairi…" he called out softly to himself. I tried to imagine how he felt. I knew how I'd feel if she had been taken from me, something akin to the loss in his eyes, the hope dimming.

"Sorry," was all I could offer in response. I had failed. Failed in protecting his girl and the one I cared about too.

"Hey, it's not your fault. C'mon cheer up!" The absurdity of his saying that, of his ability to say that was shocking, and his face fell as he realized this. "Like I can even say that…" Depressed, he let out a sigh before deciding, "I gotta help Kairi."

He was different from the rest of us. He could accept failure… and move on. Maybe that was why he could remain hopeful, because one failure doesn't determine everything. And I would, we would, do our best to help him. To succeed.


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