The Dark Avatar

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The world is home to humans, mystical animals, and spirits. Human civilization is divided into four nations: the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Air Nomads and the Fire Nation. Each nation has its own natural element, on which it bases its society. Within each nation exists an order called "Benders" who have the ability to manipulate the element of their nation. They Four nations lived in harmony but that balance was destroyed when the Fire nation attacked. In a devastating wave, they ascended upon the mountains to wipe up the Air Nomads. The young Avatar was all but twelve when they attacked. This is their story.

Southern Air Temple

Aang sat back as he enjoyed the peaceful tranquility that only the Southern Air Temple could provide. He crossed his hands and leaned back, observing the flying sky bisons. On the outside, it looked like he was enjoying the warmth of the sun but in reality, he was deeply disturbed by the events that just had transpired.


Flash back

Aang stared at the elder monks in disbelief, hoping he heard wrong.

"Aang, you are the next Avatar."

Fuck formality. "Are you guys getting senile in sync? If this is a joke it isn't a funny one. Me, Avatar? Hah." Aang protested.

"No my young pupil, you are indeed the avatar. And I'd die before I go senile anyway" his mentor Monk Gyatso said brightly, his perfect white teeth sparkling.

Aang groaned and starting banging his head on the floor. "Let me wake up from this dream already."

End Flashback



Aang checked everything in his backpack. Clothes check. Dried fruits check. Tooth brush check. Air bending staff check. Okay. He was ready to go. The elders had explained to him that dark times were coming ahead.

A war that would spread to every corner of the earth and the skies above, and it was up to the avatar to stop it and maintain peace. It was too harsh of a burden to accept. Only yesterday, he was training his air bending with his friends and today, he was told that he needed to save the world. It was too much for the twelve year old to comphrehend in such a short amount of time, so he did the next sanest thing. Run away from it all.

Just as his hand touch the knob, memories came flooding back. Images of Gyatso playing with him, making cakes with him, and mentoring him. Gyatso stood behind him all the time, supporting him and helping. Aang wiped away the tears that threatened to fall. He would NOT disappoint Gyatso, who practically raised him, by running away. He put down the backpack and sat on his bed in lotus position. He meditated himself to sleep, preparing himself to embrace his destiny. After all, he was The Avatar.


Next Day

Aang woke up to the sound of the Bison bellowing. He rubbed his eyes exhausted. It was along night. The idea of being The Avatar had kept him from getting any good sleep. He pulled on his traditional Air temple robe, grabbed his staff, and headed to the sanctuary.

There he met up with Gyatso. Aang took it his mentor's radiant smile and backed away slowly.

"Errr... Why are you smiling like that?" he ask apprehensively. That smile was too bright.. to cheerful, too Evil.

"Because my boy, you have passed the test!" He beamed widely, handing Aang a cookie.

Aang took the cookie grudgingly and ate it, treating it as a consolation prize.

Gyatso continued, "It's not a well known fact but every time the Avatar is informed that he is indeed the Avatar, they either run away or embrace their fate. For Air benders, running away is very easy. In fact, out of all the Airbender Avatars, only two had embraced their fate without a fuss, you are the third one."

"Um Yay?" Aang cheered, deadpanned. "So now that I'm Avatar, I need to MASTER all FOUR Elements. This is crazy because I am far from mastery when it comes to air bending. I may be proficient but Mastery is impossible for me.

Gyatso laughed so hard at that statement. "Oh Aang, that's why we're stepping up your training. Starting today, we'll be learning Wind bending. I have one request."

Aang gulped nervously. "What?"

"Don't die please"

Aang had a look on horror on his face as he backed away.



Two weeks later

Aang collapsed on the floor, sweat pouring off him in rivulets. "What is this Aang? Tired already? Your opponent isn't going to be waiting for you you know" With that Gyatso prodded Aang in the stomach with a little bit more force than necessary. By a little, I meant rib breaking force. Aang gasped as he grabbed his stomach.

"Master.. could we stop for the day? I'm hurting in places where I didn't even know existed." Aang moaned.

Gyatso had a thoughtful look on his face as he pondered upon the situation. "Sure, why not? Get ready for your beatin- I mean "training" tomorrow." With that he merrily skipped out of the room.

Aang propped himself against the wall, feeling for injuries. The past two weeks have been brutal. It started off easy. Gyatso had him learn to bend wind, not air. When he asked what the difference was, he was given a long a winding speech.

"The art of wind bending is different from air bending. Air is all around us. We breath it, we feel it, but it does not harm us. Air is something already there and all you do is move it but what is wind? Wind is something we make. Wind is a dangerous element, harnessed properly, it can kill. That should always be a last resort though. Do you see our tattoos? It is a sign of our way of life. Every time we kill, the arrows recede, and when the arrows are all gone, it will be replaced for the kanji "Air". Only then, can one be called a true Air Warrior. Aang, I pray that you never become a true Air Warrior. Being an Air warrior is a sad destiny. You live a life where darkness is prevalent and the only way to die is in battle."

Aang looked down at his tattoos. Having grown up seeing them on his body, he simply cannot imagine himself without them. He picked up a leaf from the ground and focused. Imagine wind flowing in opposite directions rubbing against each other, shaper, faster, and more dangerous. He opened his eyes. The leaf he held shredded into pieces. The original goal was to cut it in half. Aang rubbed his smooth shaved head in frustration. Why was he damned with such proficiency in wind bending?

Most people have trouble generating the power to wind bend but understands the theory fairly well. It was the total opposite for him. Wind bending came to him too easily. Sometimes, it even got out of hand. Do you know how freaky it is to accidentally cut a tree in half when doing a LEAF CUTTING EXERCISE? Most of the time Aang had to hold back just to prevent such incidences from happening.

Gyatso had been most displeased with Aangs lack of control. As a result, he made Aang relearn Ba Gua, the martial art that was the origin of Air bending, again in three days. When Aang finished it in four days, Gyatso made him learn Ancient Ba Gua as punishment.

Ba Gua is a martial art form/air bending form for fighting off multiple enemies at once. It heavily emphasize the ability to flow in and out of the way of objects. This is where the theory of being able to fight multiple attackers came into view. One not very well known fact is Ba Gua allows one to wield extremely large weapons with ease. The art of air bending is a gentle one but it is also a dangerous one.

In the right hands, killing is made easy.

Aang learned about the weaponry aspect of A.B.G (Ancient Ba Gua) when Gyatso pulled out a "ceremonial sword" that was over six foot in length. It was a massive broad sword that you typically see statues holding. What he did not expect to see was a seemingly decrepit old man twirling the massive broad sword around in one hand while executing complex bending moves.

That day, he remembered how his mouth ran dry and how he cried out for his mommy, one which he had never even met before.

Aang repressed the horrible memories and picked up his staff again. He was currently learning the Southern staff style, Nan Gun, which is the art of staff done in southern style.

Unlike its northern counterpart, there is less emphasis on flashy movements. Instead, the practitioner concentrates on projecting sheer power through direct but devastating techniques. When performed, it is dazzling and daunting in style.

This style uses both ends of the staff for offense, and strikes from alternating ends of the staff are often delivered in succession. The major techniques are horizontal chopping, downward smashing, thrusting, and circular parrying. When you apply wind bending to it... someone is going to die for sure.

Aang started off on his daily goal a set of seven hundred repetition of each move. Seven hundred reps of horizontal chopping, smashing, thrusting and circular parrying. He spun the staff in his hand, feeling its familiarity, as if it was a part of his body, an extension of his will.

Sweat poured off his body as he swung his staff up and down. His muscles were nicely shredded and abused but he continued swinging. He could go faster! The staff was all but a blur to the untrained eye. Faster! A high pitch screech was slowly rising as the staff started to cut into the air. FASTER! With one last swing, he literally cut the air and generated a blade of wind which left a small cut in the wall. As fatigue overtook Aang, he wondered, "is this my limit?" Then his eyes closed and he collapsed.

Gyatso jumped down from the corner he was watching from. Aang had showed a disturbing amount of potential for the battle arts. The rate at which he was progressing was unheard of. Aang had just created a blade of wind from physical force alone, he did not even use wind bending to do so. Gyatso covered Aang with a blanket and walked away deep in thought. Maybe it was time for Aang to learn hand to hand combat.

In his sleep Aang shuddered, feeling a sense of impending doom.


Two months later

Aang tremble as the fatigue set in. "Gyatso can we please stop now? I can't feel my legs anymore"

Gyatso looked up the the scroll he was reading. "No Aang you have 45 more minutes! Now concentrate properly before you burn yourself.

Aang's leg were bent at a ninety degree angle, his back back straight, and he was holding two large jars of water by gripping the mouth of the jar. Underneath him in a small pot was a lit stick in incense. A leather strap with a curved blade was strapped to his bicep. Thus, if his arms lower by a certain degree, he would stab himself in the side of his chest. If his knees dipped below a certain point, he would get singed in the ass. Truly a torturous exercise.

After forty five minutes have passed, Aang was forced to run around the courtyard while Gyatos chased him... riding a wind orb and holding his spear. We all know that a normal humans speed compared to the speed of someone riding a wind orb is several times slower but Aang didn't have time to be slow. After fifty laps, Aang was given a 15 minute break.

"Aang, fear is an excellent thing. It is an excellent detector for danger. I will train you to the point where you will react to danger, even in your sleep. This will save your life one day and you will thank me for it" Gyatso said with a sagely impression.

The past two month was entirely about building inhuman endurance and speed. There is a saying to neither kill nor help the disciple. Aang worked harder than ever, increasing his speed, his form, and his strength. Gyatso had an odd theory. It is said that there are three different types of muscles. There is White Muscle, which has explosive power but no stamina. Then there is the opposite, red muscle which has a lot of stamina but little power, and in between there is a certain percentage of pink muscles which exhibits the property of both and is said not to change. Gyatso, ignoring all theory and common sense, went ahead and created a unique training exercise in which all muscles would be converted to pink muscle. It is the penultimate concentration of muscles! The unfortunate test subject, Aang, was slowly but surely being modified.

Then on one hot summer night, Aang went to sleep after a hard day of training. He woke up to the sound of breaking rocks and a earthshaking force. He looked out the window, noting the red glow near the edge of the compound. He found Gyatso who was peering over the mountain edge. "Gyatso, what is happening?" But before he received an answer, he saw them. Swarming up the mountain like ants. Fire nation soldiers...

Let the bodies hit the floor!


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