Hi, I'm sorry if you thought this was a chapter.


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I am here to inform you that I have written yet another story!

Code Geass is my new obsession... Actually more like my re-newed obsession.

I wrote a new story, I think you would all like it.

Code Geass: Power of the Emperor

To those of you who have yet to watch the anime. WATCH IT! This is probably the best anime ever yet.

Here are some updates on my other stories.

I'm planning to re-write my first story, Rosario Tsukune. I feel it could have been written a lot better. Also I'm about seventy percent done with the next chapter. I haven't abandoned it yet!

30% done with the next chapter of God of the Third Sol.

Naruto fans are going to have to wait a bit. The manga is getting crazier and crazier...

And i just flat out forgot all about Avatar. I probably need to re-watch it for inspiration.

Any questions you have for The Dark Avatar/Strength of Dreams/Rosario Tsukune/God of the Third Sol should be posted in your review for Code Geass: Power of the Emperor

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Thank you for your patience