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The Digital World

The woods were quiet; the only noise was the rustling of leaves as a small creature marched through the woods. The creature, which could best be described as a pink blob with four stubby legs and long, jagged ears, carried the name Tokomon, and was a creature known as a Digimon, a digital monster. The young Digimon was alone and frightened; its only goal was to find its friends. Earlier they had been separated by a loud explosion a few miles away.

Tokomon had fled in panic, not thinking about the others. Now it was really worried. They were defenseless in these woods; the Elecmon who was supposed to take care of them ran off to find some food for the group and never returned. His friend Nyaromon said that Elecmon was probably captured by the humans, but another friend, Koromon, had reassured him otherwise.

Just as Tokomon began to gather himself, he heard a branch breaking a few feet to his left. He quickly turned around and saw a sight that horrified him; Guardromon, a metal Digimon best described as a squat submarine with arms, legs, and eyes, was staring down at him. A thin human boy, dressed in a black t-shirt and a visor blocking Tokomon's view of his short brown hair, was leaning against a tree next to his partner Digimon.

"Get him, Guardromon", the human said as he stared emotionlessly at the small creature. Tokomon tried to flee, but the Guardromon was too fast for him. He quickly snatched the small Digimon with his cold, steel hand and refused to let go. Tokomon struggled violently, but he knew it was hopeless. Guardromon then opened his right fist and revealed a thin, dark needle. It was so short that had Tokomon never seen it before, he might think it was harmless.

However he knew the destructive nature of this needle, and what it did to the humans who were stuck by it. He remembered the humans that had come to the digital world, they and their Digimon partners who had tried so valiantly to protect him, his friends, and the entire island, until each of them fell to the power of the dark needle. The boy whose partner had just captured him was one of those digidestined.

A crash suddenly rocked the forest. Guardromon had been knocked to his knees. Tokomon was being swept up by some majestic creature, but the stress of the situation was overwhelming to Tokomon. "Thank you." Was the only thing he could mutter before blacking out from exhaustion. Meanwhile the wolf-like creature dashed through the forest, his comrade weak in his arms. I need to correct this, he thought to himself. I need to stop this destruction. I need the Digidestined.

The Digimon Omnibus: Piedmon's Absolution

Chapter One: The Road Less Travelled

Shiokaze Park

Odaiba, Koto Ward: Tokyo Japan

Sunday, May 16th, 2006

"Watch Out!" Taichi Kamiya screamed to his sister, warning her of the projectile speeding towards her. Fortunately Kari dodged in time. The soccer ball that Tai had kicked so ferociously whizzed by her hair and slammed into the tree behind her, instead of smashing into her face due to Tai's eccentricity.

"Sorry about that Kari," Tai said embarrassed, "I guess I got a little excited".

"That's okay Tai," Kari said empathetically, "I know you're just really excited about the finals next week. Just try not to hit me next time, okay?" she laughed. Kari, a young girl with brown hair and a whistle and small pink scarf draped around her neck, was helping her brother practice for the Junior High Soccer finals, in which her older brother by four years, Tai, was the star player on one of the teams. 12 year old Tai, a brown spiky haired boy with large blue goggles snapped onto his forehead, had been too nervous to just sit around the house doing his homework, so he roped his little sister into helping him practice at the local park.

Kari kicked the ball back to Tai and continued the practice. As the ball was heading towards him, Tai rushed forward and kicked the ball with his heel. The ball flew past Kari by a few feet and dove into the trees beyond the field. "Aw crap," he sighed, "I'm too nervous. On Saturday five people are going to go home with broken noses and I'm going to jail for armed assault with a soccer ball."

"Calm down, Tai, you're never going to get any good practice in if you keep psyching yourself out. Come on, let's go find the ball".

"Yeah, yeah," Tai grumbled as the pair started walking into the woods. As they searched for the ball, Kari suddenly stopped. "What's wrong, Kari?" Tai questioned.

"You hear something, Tai?"

"Hear what?"

"It sounds like, water. Like the ocean."

"That's ridiculous; we're miles away from the nearest river. I think you're hearing things Kari." Tai started walking again but suddenly heard a whooshing noise. "What the…" He never finished his sentence. He turned around only in time to catch a glimpse of blue as a wave of water swallowed him and his sister.

Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi was waiting patiently for the next train. With his laptop to entertain him, he was completely preoccupied by his new computer program to notice the events around him. With his spiky red hair hanging partially over the short boy's face, he failed to notice that suddenly all of the people in the station decided to leave. Nor did he notice the girl in a white t-shirt and blue jeans that pushed through the departing crowd and took a seat next to him; and if she hadn't snapped him out of his trance he wouldn't have noticed the train pulling into the terminal either.

"Hey!" The red head ponytailed girl called, causing Izzy to snap his computer shut and shoot his head up in attention, "Is this your train?" She asked.

"Yeah, thanks." Izzy thanked her as he packed up his computer and marched onto the train.

"Whatever." The girl shrugged and entered the compartment, with Izzy close behind. Izzy took a seat on the opposite side of the car from the ponytailed girl as the rest of the passengers exited. The doors then closed and the vehicle was off, down the subway corridors towards downtown Kyoto.

"Do you hear something" Izzy heard the girl ask. He lifted his head up in time to see a wall of blue suddenly materialize in the car, which proceeded to engulf the girl and then rage towards him. He screamed in panic, but it was only a few seconds before the volatile waters captured him as well.

"Hey Matt, what's a PCU?" Takeru Ishida, or T.K., a short 8 year old with blond hair and covered head to toe in green clothes (including a green hat), asked his 12 year old brother. Yamoto Ishida, or Matt, another spiky headed boy with blond hair and a sleeveless green shirt, was walking along side him on their way home.

"It's just another word for computer, T.K., why?" Matt responded.

"I heard my teacher talking about it." T.K. replied.

"Hey you see that?" Matt asked, indicating to a glowing light in the trees next to the sidewalk. The pair was walking through a fairly wooded area that had a large dried riverbed running through it. The riverbed contained the light Matt was pointing to. "I'll go check it out; you stay here, okay T.K."

"Alright, but hurry up; I think I saw those bullies a few minutes back."

"Don't worry, I just want to make sure no one's hurt down there, I'll be right back." Matt said to T.K. before heading off into the woods. T.K. then sat down and began to wait. He sat for 10 minutes before beginning to wonder what was taking his brother so long. He thought about waiting so longer, but then thought about the school bullies that were probably walking his way now, so he decided to head off towards his brother.

T.K. stomped through the woods for a few minutes, looking for Matt. Suddenly he stepped on a ledge and fell into the riverbed below. He was mostly unharmed, aside from a small pain in his backside, so he got up and restarted the search for his brother. Before he could continue, however, a wall of blue water appeared in the riverbed and swallowed him.

The Digital World

"Hey, hey, can you hear me?" Tai heard a faint voice as he slowly drifted out of his slumber. As he opened his eyes, he saw the outline of a young boy dressed in green. "Are you ok?" he asked.

"K-Kari?" he muttered.

"Who's Kari?"

As Tai regained consciousness, he began to notice his surroundings. He was in a tropical jungle, yet it was quite spacious. Next to him was the young boy who raised him out of his slumber. "Who are you?" Tai said inquisitively.

"My name's T.K. What's yours?"

"Tai: where are we?"

"Some kind of jungle I guess, who's Kari?"

"Oh no, Kari, where is she?" Tai asked as he jumped up in fear. "I've got to find her, I've got to find my sister."

"Your sister?"

"Yeah, have you seen her? She's probably as tall as you, and she has a pink scarf around her neck."

"No, I haven't, I've been looking for my brother. He went off into the woods and when I went to look for him, and the next thing I knew I was here.

"That's the same thing that happened to me and Kari. We were looking for our soccer ball in the woods, and we heard what sounded like water, and then I woke up here."

"Maybe we should look for Matt and Kari together." T.K. suggested.

"That's a good idea, especially since we don't know where we are, and you're just a young kid."

"Hey I can take care of myself!" T.K. said angrily. "On second thought I don't think I need your help."

"Hey calm down, little guy, I was agreeing with you."

"Yeah, whatever, let's go look. I'm sure my brother and your sister are around here somewhere. I hope."

Tai and T.K. set off into the woods, searching for their lost siblings. After an hour of searching, they decided to take a rest. Before they stopped, however, they heard a groan from the depths of the forest. They forced their way into the thicket the sound came from, hoping it was Kari or Matt, but what they found was even more surprising. Lying on the ground was a boy lying on the ground, but he wasn't Japanese. This boy had blonde hair and tanned skin.

"Are we in Europe?" Tai questioned.

"Maybe that water washed us to California." T.K. answered.

"That's ridiculous, T.K."

"Oh, and Europe made so much more sense, huh?"

"Enough with the sarcasm we need to make sure that kid is ok." Tai then jumped into the clearing the boy was passed out in, but was in startled as suddenly a pink blob with long ears and a face dropped down onto Tai's head. Tai flew back in surprise and backed into a tree. As he fell to the ground the pink blob looked up at him, having falling onto the ground itself.

"Hi, I'm Koromon." It spoke.

"Ayah!" Tai screamed in fright. "What are you, and… you talk? No, what are you?" Tai was frantic, but his curiosity was getting the better of him, and he began to calm down.

"You're silly," the pink head replied," but I told you, I'm Koromon."

"What's a Koromon?" Tai asked. Before the creature could answer T.K. walked into the clearing.

"Whoa, what's that?" T.K. exclaimed in amazement.

"I'm Koromon," it replied.

"What are you?" Tai asked in disbelief.

"I'm a Digimon of course." Koromon answered.

"A Digi-what?" The two humans asked.

"A Digimon," Koromon sighed, "A digital monster."

"Huh, so are you an animal or… what?" Tai questioned the Koromon.

"I told you, I'm a Digimon. What's so hard to understand about that?" The creature mouthed off. Suddenly the other kid began to awaken from the commotion. Grasping the back of his head in pain, he opened his eyes and looked upon the arguing trio.

"Where am I?" He asked in English. Koromon replied, speaking his name, but the two humans stared at him with confused gazes. Realizing his mistake (but confused about the pink puff ball), he began to speak in Japanese. "Where am I?" He asked this time.

"Uh, we're not exactly sure, I was just hanging out with my little sister, and then we heard what sounded like a wave of water and I ended up here." Tai replied.

"I was looking for my brother Matt, and I heard something like that too," T.K. added, "Did you get hit by a wave?"

"No," the kid replied," I was leaning on a rail, and it broke and I fell into a stream, but I passed out for some reason and woke up with you three. By the way, what's the pink thing?"

"How many times have I got to tell you," Koromon snapped," I'm Koromon, a Digimon. I'm really glad I found you people, though. I thought I was going to be lost in these woods forever."

"What do you mean?" Tai inquired.

"Well I got separated from my friends, and this big metal Digimon named Guardromon was chasing me and I had to hide from him, then I found you guys."

"So there's other Digimon like you?"

"Yeah, but Guardromon's a lot bigger and scarier than me. Oh, I hope he doesn't have my friends."

"Who are your friends?" T.K. asked curiously.

"Well there's Viximon and Gummymon, Motimon, Tokomon, and Nyaromon." They all ran away when we heard this big explosion."

"I don't know what those are, but I'm sorry little guy," Tai empathized, "I can't find my little sister, and T.K. here is looking for his big brother. You haven't seen any other humans around have you?"

"The only humans here are the evil ones."

"What are you talking about-" Tai was cut off by a loud scream deep in the forest. "Oh, no, I think that's Kari!" Tai panicked, "We have to go find her, come on!" Tai leaped from his spot on the ground and dashed off into the forest. T.K. and Koromon chased after him. Realizing he had to figure out where he was, the third kid followed.

"Kari, Kari, where are you!" Tai screamed in panic. The group dashed through the forest for ten minutes before finally stopping from exhaustion. "Kari, please answer me Kari! Kari!"

"Hey, guy!" The third kid addressed Tai, "Who are you looking for?"

"My little sister," Tai answered in a panic, "She got lost in this forest too, I have to find her!"

"Alright just calm down, we'll find her but we just have to think for a second, ok?"

"Don't tell me to calm down, I need to find her." Tai said violently, "She's all alone, and she could be hurt."

"I understand, but if you want to find her we have to act smart. I think I saw a cliff a while back. We can retrace our steps and get up onto that cliff. We'll have a better vantage point to find your sister."

"Right, that sounds like a good idea, I'm just really worried. I can't let anything happen to her."

"It's all right, let's just go back to the cliff and see if we can spot her." The four then began to climb up the slope that led to the cliff. Along the way, the three humans introduced themselves. The third kid was Eric Carter, a 13 year old American living on a U.S. military base in Japan with his parents. They forgot, however, the nonhuman creature hopping along at their heels, until it decided it was being ignored.

"Hey, you three forget about me?" Koromon asked from behind the group. Eric turned around and let out a short scream.

"Ayah! What's that?" Eric panicked.

"That's Koromon, remember?" Tai answered.

"It didn't register with me before that that thing was alive, I was too disoriented."

"Hey I'm not a thing, ok; I'm a Koromon, a Digimon."

"I remember. So do you know where we are, uh, Koromon?"

"Yeah, we're on File Island."

"And where is that?"

"It's in the digiworld, of course."

"The Digiworld?" Tai asked.

"I've never heard of Digiworld." T.K. responded.

"Is it somewhere on Earth?" Eric inquired.

"What's Earth?"

"Uh, it's uh, is that a serious question?"

"Well why wouldn't it be?"

"What is going on here?" Eric said rhetorically.

"Oh yeah, that Earth," Koromon whispered to himself. The group was interrupted by an excited voice farther in the woods.

"Koromon, Koromon, is that you?" A small voice piped out of the brush.

"Ha ha, Motimon, it's you!" Koromon bounced up and down excitedly. Then another small pink Digimon (this one with two small hands instead of ears) rushed out of the bushes.

"Koromon, hey!" The Digimon said excitedly before suddenly shrinking back in horror. "Oh, no humans: Koromon, run!"

"Motimon, it is okay, these ones aren't evil. They're just looking for some friends of theirs."

"Do you think they're digidestined?"

"Well they don't have digivices so I doubt it."


"What are they talking about?" Tai said confused.

"Let's find out," Eric responded, "Hey, Digimon, what are you talking about?"

"Uh, it's nothing important." Koromon smiled. Tai scratched his head for a second, and then returned his hand to his side. When he did so, however, his hand brushed against a bulge in his pocket.

"What the-" Tai reached into his pocket and pulled out a small device that looked like a digital watch without a belt. "What's this thing?"

"No way!" Koromon said excitedly," That's a digivice, which means you're a digidestined.

"A digi-destined?"

"Yeah, that means you're one of the chosen ones. You must be here to save us from Devimon."

"I think you've got the wrong idea; Kari and I were just playing soccer, and then we got knocked out and woke up here. We aren't destined for anything."

Before Koromon could object a girl in jeans and a ponytail ran past them with a small yellow Digimon by its side. "You guy's better run." She stated before fleeing.

"Care to elaborate?" Tai screamed to her as she dashed away. They soon found out on their own, however, as suddenly a red bug two stories tall started smashing through the forest right towards them. After a group scream, the party of five ran off after the girl.

"What is that thing?" Tai screamed as he ran.

"That's, (puff) Kuwagamon, he's a (puff) Digimon that belongs to one of the evil digidestined." Koromon tried to reply. He and Motimon were having a hard time catching up with the rest of the group. Tai and Eric then slowed down and grabbed Koromon and Motimon, respectively, and continued running.

"Alright after we get out of this you're going to have to tell me what's going on." Tai said.

"That's if we get out of this." T.K. said worriedly.

"It will be alright, okay, you just keep running." Eric said, pushing T.K. along. The five hurried along, but suddenly they spotted the girl a few yards ahead of them. She suddenly leaped at a tree, and was gone.

"What just happened?" Tai inquired.

"That's a hiding tree, we can escape in there." Koromon said nervously. The three then leaped into the tree after the girl. They suddenly found themselves in a huge space ten feet in diameter. The girl and the small digimon were waiting in there as well.

"Why did you follow me in here? If he sees us we're dead."

"Well what were we supposed to do?" Tai said angrily.

"You should have sacrificed yourselves so that I could live." She growled.

"Will you shut up, it'll here us." Eric snapped.

"They can't hear us in here, we're totally safe." Motimon assured the group. "By the way, thanks for saving me back there."

"Yeah, no problem; so you two want to tell us what's going on?"

"Yeah, you said that bug was the partner of an evil digidestined. But you called me a digidestined. Are you saying that we're evil?" Tai addressed Koromon.

"No, let me explain." Koromon began, "See, a couple years ago, before me or my friends were born, this really evil Digimon named Devimon took over the island and started enslaving the Digimon here with these weird black gears. Then all of a sudden these humans appeared and partnered with some Digimon. They came to save us. But then before the Digidestined could do anything Devimon made these things called Dark Needles, and when one of them touched a human, it made them evil. Then the Digidestined started attacking us."

"So, can they do that to us, too?" Tai asked.

"Yeah, Devimon can infect any human or Digimon with a Dark Needle, and make them one of his army. But according to Elecmon, if a Digidestined can digivolve their partner to the Champion level, then the Dark Needles become useless."

"Digivolution? What's that?"

"It's when a Digimon gains energy, sometimes by sharing it with a human, and the Digimon changes shape and gets stronger. All of the original Digidestined were hit with Dark Needles before they could get their Digimon to digivolve to Champion."

"So, even if I was a Digidestined, and I'm not saying I am, how would I find this partner Digimon?"

"Would you too just shut up already?" The girl grumbled, "I want to make sure no one is out there."

"Hey, I wanna know about this Digimon stuff. Something weird is going on and I want to find out what. And I need to find my little sister so anything that might help me find her I'm willing to do; even if that means listening to this crap."

"Hey, it's not crap." Koromon complained.

"Sorry, didn't mean it like that."

"Did you say Kari?" Rika suddenly said calmly.

"Yeah, have you seen her?" Tai said excitedly.

"I met a girl named Kari, but we got separated when that Kuwagamon attacked."

"What, we have to go after her!" Tai began to leave the tree.

"Tai, wait, you can't go out there alone." T.K. warned.

"I have to find her, if that bug got her than-" Suddenly the top of the tree exploded into pieces.

"Oh, no, they found us!" The girl cried. "Let's get out of here, now! Come on, Viximon!" She grabbed the Digimon by her side and bolted out the tree. The other three ran after her. Right after they fled the tree it blew to shreds. Standing behind the wreckage was a tall metallic Digimon, with a skinny human dressed in black by his side.

"Agh, it's Guardromon!" Koromon panicked. "He's the one who attacked us before."

"Ayah!" The boys screamed. They didn't notice but the girl had already fled.

"Kill them, Guardromon." The evil digidestined hissed.

"Right." The robot replied.

"Run!" Eric yelled, but before they could move Guardromon blasted away the trees around them and created a dam, blocking their exit.

"What are we going to do?" T.K. said frightened.

"I, I don't know T.K." Tai replied. Guardromon then lifted his arm, complete with cannon, and aimed at the group.

"Goodbye." He said calmly. Suddenly the digivice in Tai's pocket began to glow, and then a light in Eric's pocket began to glow as well. Both Guardromon and the evil digidestined were startled, but before they could react, Koromon and Motimon began glowing, and then leaped out of Tai and Eric's hands.

"What the-" the two said simultaneously. Koromon and Motimon then began to grow, and when they stopped glowing, a small yellow raptor-like dinosaur and a large red beetle appeared in their place.

"No, They digivolved!" The evil kid said in a partially shocked voice.

"Don't worry," Koromon, now a yellow raptor with an oversized head, said to the kids behind them, "Me and Tentomon will take care of this now. Pepper Breath!" Koromon announced as he launched a fireball from his jaws. The flames crashed into Guardromon's face and temporarily immobilized him.

"Let's get out of here, now!" Tentomon exclaimed. Realizing they should run first and ask questions later, the humans bolted from the scene.

"Get yourself together, Guardromon, we need to catch them!" the evil human said calmly to his partner as the group fled the scene.

"He blinded me. I can't see a thing." The Guardromon whined.


"Did you guys hear that?" Kari asked the two boys walking in front of her.

"Yeah," Joe, a lanky 13 year old with short blue hair, responded, "Do you think that could have been your brother over there?"

"I hope it isn't." Kari said worriedly.

"It's going to be okay, Kari, I'm sure we'll find your brother and my friends soon." Said the small yellow head with a tail clutched in her arms.

"I'd like to believe you Nyaromon, but after what you told me about those Dark Needles, I can't help but be worried."

"Hey, from what you told us about your brother, I'm sure he wouldn't allow anyone to take control of him." Izzy reassured her.

"Yeah, don't worry about it," said the Gummymon, a green blob with eyes, that was in his arms.

"I know, I know, you're right. Hey thanks for helping me find my brother, you guys. I'd be lost without you."

"It's no problem, Kari," Izzy began, "we're all lost here, so we need to stick together to find your brother and a way out of here."

"You sure you can't find any clue of where we are with that laptop of yours, Izzy?"Joe inquired.

"No, I'm not getting any internet access, so I can't get any idea of where we are. If I had to guess though, I'd say we were on one of the Pacific Islands."

"Though that doesn't explain how a wave of water came at you through the subway system." Joe reasoned.

"Hey guys! There's something behind us!" Kari yelled. The two boys turned around in time to see three large Digimon chasing after them: a human sized living tree trunk, a massive sea snake, and a humanoid beetle.

"Now would be a good time to run!" Joe yelled. The three started running as fast as they could, and eventually ran into a girl with a tall, bipedal, yellow fox by her side.

"Rika!" Kari piped.

"You have to help us!" Joe screamed. "Those Digimon are back and trying to kill us."

"I don't think I'm gonna be much help!" She announced, and then they noticed the cocoon-like creature with spider legs chasing after her. The four started running again, dashing through the bushes and steams of the forest, until they ran into a cliff ledge with raging waters smashing into the rocks below.

"Keep running, go-go-go!" Tai yelled to T.K. as the trio ran from the rampaging Guardromon. Now blind, it was relying on the human riding on its back to direct it; and it wasn't worrying too much about what was in front of it as it blasted everything in its path. Tai, T.K., Eric, Koromon, and Tentomon were now running for their lives, but Guardromon was closing the gap. As they ran they spotted another group of kids standing at the edge of a cliff a few yards away. Tai recognized the little girl in the group. "Kari!" He yelled. He turned towards the group and the others followed.

"Turn back!" Kari yelled, but it was too late. The other two groups met up as the evil digimon surrounded them.

"What's going on?" Tai asked panicky.

"You just led yourselves right into a trap." Rika said angrily. Around them the tree, whose name they would learn to be Woodmon, the sea snake named Seadramon, the beetle named Stingmon, the cocoon named Chrysalimon, the giant red bug named Kuwagamon, and Guardromon, had surrounded the group. Behind them were six kids assumed to be the evil digidestined.

"Tai, do something!" Kari screamed.

"There's nothing you can do." One of the evil digidestined spoke calmly. He walked forward and revealed himself; slick hair, a bowl cut, and a tan suit, he seemed to be in command of the other digidestined. "Hello, my name's Ken." He said with a smug smile on his face. "Now listen, you've got two choices, I can either have these Digimon kill you, or you can join us to serve the great Devimon."

"I'd never help you losers!" Tai yelled, getting in between the evil Digimon and Kari.

"Oh, well, I thought you would be smarter than that. Stingmon, kill the stupid one!" He commanded. Before Stingmon could do anything, however, Eric launched himself off of the ground and stabbed Stingmon in the eye with a twig he had palmed. Then Tentomon attacked Kuwagamon with a "Super Shocker!" bolt of electricity, and the pair fled.

"Ayah, someone get them!" Ken yelled. Guardromon and Kuwagamon then began chasing the two with their human partners.

"Why'd he do that?" Tai asked.

"Because he's a coward, that's why!" Rika said angrily.

"No, he tried to save us!" Izzy responded.

"Alright, somebody deal with them right now!" Ken yelled. The remaining evil Digimon moved in, but suddenly a dark humanoid wolf creature crashed down from the sky and knocked the evil Digimon to their knees.

"Run, get away now!" The creature exclaimed. He didn't need to say it twice. The six kids and the Digimon fled.