AA WARNiNG!!!!!!!!!!Q!!!!

I've been avoiding this due to it's stupidity, but I had to do it eventually. Ironically, this is one of my mom's favorite songs, but she won't let me listen to songs half as bad as this.

To the tune of "Fuck Her Gently" by Tenacious D

http://www . youtube . com/watch?v=fB1cObZUt00

PS: Just saw the official video. OMG WTF! I encourage you to watch that first, then read this.

This is a song for vampires

But humans

It involves you

You can't ever fuck your human hard

Because if you do, she will die, ya know

You gotta go slow and careful

And fucking watch your hands as you go

Beware of what you squeeze

Remember who you wanna please

Listen to me as I say

You've gotta fuck her softly

You've gotta screw her gently

You've gotta bang her carefully

You've gotta pound her cautiously

You've gotta say "Am I hurting you, girl?"

Because screaming means more than one thing

And figure out what you're gonna bite

Cause you can't control the urge

When you cum in her

Choose a careful "posish"

I know it may suck, but remember that this isn't for you

What's her favorite dish?

Humans have to eat so take a few trips to Pizza Hut

Make sure that you have sexy attire

It feels like that your dick is on fire

And then turn her into a vampire

Cause then

You get to fuck her hard


Another PS: This song has just made me raise the rating on this playlist. Just another gimmick to get more views.