And Sam Slept

Drabble Challenge Word: Collapse

Disclaimer: Sometimes in a Nyquil induced haze I convince myself I own them. Imagine my disappointment in the morning.

A/N: This one's for IheartSam7 who needed a bit of sick Sam after all our Dean-centric challenges.


Sam braced himself against the Impala's hood. Forced the falling feeling down.

Opened his eyes to see Dean exit the gas station.

And if he bruised his hip against the mirror, listed a bit to the side, had to steady himself against the roof getting in, no one had to know.

"Take this," Dean threw him Nyquil, turned into the nearest motel.


"Yeah, tell me that when you're speaking in sentences. Get into bed before you collapse."

Dean swiped his forehead with a damp cloth, followed it with his palm. Tipped cool water past his parched lips.

Sam slept.