Thousands of kids a year get abducted. They are lured in by captivating lies, much to their downfall. Sometimes they are raped, and brutally beaten. Other times they are locked away for many years, without the proper care they desire. Police can search day and night to find the missing child, but have no luck in doing so. This one act of kidnapping changes the course of more than just the child and the abductor's lives; everyone around them is affected. This is the story of Isabella Marie Swan's abduction, and how different it was from any other child abduction.

It was January 18, 2000 when her life had changed forever. She was only eight years old at the time. Her and her mother were shopping in Wal-mart. Whenever they would come here, her mom would always let her look at the dolls in the toy aisle by herself, not wanting to put up with the annoyances of such trite things as those. Bella had never touched a doll in her life, and couldn't bare to think of all the fun the other girls her age were having when she was stuck at home. She longed to play with a doll, to be considered normal by the other children.

Her parents had gotten divorced when she was barely a toddler. Every once in a while, her father would call and check up on her. It wasn't the same, though. Her mom, Renee, remarried to a man named Phil, who constantly blamed Bella for his problems. There were a few cases in which he got violent, but her mother never cared; she got what she deserved. This was no house for a young girl to grow up in.

The only friend she really had was a boy named Jacob. She met him in first grade when he sat by her at lunch, noticing that she was alone. He was nice to her, and made her laugh when she was upset. He truly was one of the only people who cared about her.

For now, she was content to leave her mother's side, and go look at the dolls that she had been pining over since she could speak. When she reached the toy aisle, she had to stop and admire every doll in sight. There were so many of them! Polly Pockets, Barbie, Bratz, and even the generic ones were all gorgeous in their own way. She subconsciously reached for the box of an exceptional doll, with flowing blonde hair and a magestic violet gown. She smiled as she imagined bringing it to life, twirling it around her room.

"Excuse me." A glorious sound from behind her said, bringing her out of her daze. She turned around, only to be welcomed by the sight of the most handsome being she had ever seen. Even the lovely Ken doll was incomparable to him.

He paused, before continuing what he was going to say.

"I have a niece that I'm buying a gift for, and I'm just useless at picking out dolls. Can you help me?" He asked. She knew that she shouldn't talk to him, that was what they learned in kindergarten, but for some reason, she just couldn't deny him.

"Sure." She replied, much to his pleasure. He smiled a wonderful crooked grin, before introducing himself.

"I'm Edward." He said, sticking his hand out.

She laughed at his formality.

"I'm Isabella Marie Swan." She put her tiny hand in his, it getting lost in his massive grip. His hands were cold, but not too uncomfortable in temperature. "Why are you getting your niece a doll? Is it her birthday?"

"No, I just wanted to get her something because I love her."

If only Bella had been born into his family, she thought, maybe then she would be happy.

"Well, if I were you, I'd buy her the princess Barbie." She said, and upon spotting another doll added, "But Sasha is really pretty too." She just couldn't pick between the two.

"Do you have any of the Bratz dolls at your home?" Edward asked.

"My mom doesn't buy me dolls. She thinks they're a waste of money." She mumbled. "This is the closest I ever get to dolls."

"That's not right. I'm very sorry to hear that. Why don't you pick out a doll that you would like?" He urged her, rubbing his large hand on her back. It sent tingles through her, making her whole body warm.

She did as he had asked, and picked up the doll that she had first touched upon reaching the aisle; the one she'd been looking at every time she went to look at the dolls. It was pretty, and had many different accessories. This was the one doll that she wanted more than anything in the world.

"Is that the one you want?" He asked her.

She blushed and nodded her head.

"Then that's the doll I'm going to buy you." Edward smiled, making her heart soar.

"You're going to buy me a doll?" She didn't want to get her hopes up, but she knew that she couldn't help thinking that everything she finally wanted was going to happen.

"Of course. A cute little girl such as yourself deserves it." He told her as if it was the most logical thing in the world. He crouched down as she flung herself at him, squeezing her arms around his neck.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She exclaimed, causing him to laugh. His arms were comfortable around her, holding her to his chest. She was sure that if he didn't have a hoodie on, that she might have been too cold in his grip. After a few seconds, he released his hold on her, standing up properly.

"Let's go to the checkout." He said cheerfully, holding his hand out for her. She took it, smiling broadly at him. The thought never occurred to her that maybe she shouldn't go with him. He had an aura that made her calm and at ease with him.

There was an old lady at the cash register, ringing them up. In total, Edward bought three dolls, seeing as Bella couldn't decide on which one she liked the best. It seemed to take much too long for the lady to ring up the dolls. Finally, she handed the two bags to Edward and bid them a good day. He led her over to a bench, where he proceeded to sit down, and pat the spot next to him.

"Here you go." He handed her the doll once she was situated on the bench.

She had to fight the desire to open it right then in there; she wanted to be very careful with this doll. After only a few seconds, she realized something.

"I can't accept this." She told him, giving it back to him with a downcast look.

"Of course you can. I want you to have this." Edward told her, refusing to take it back.

"I really can't. What would I tell my mommy when I see her? She can't know that you bought this for me. I'll get in major trouble." Her face paled as she said this.

"If you want, I have some of my niece's dolls at my house, and we could keep your dolls there too so that you could come play with them whenever you want." He compromised.

"Can I come over now?" She asked, praying that he'd say yes.

He nodded his head. Her smile was contagious as she hopped off of the bench, and grabbed his hand.

"Well, what are you waiting for, let's go!" Bella pulled as hard as she could to get him to stand up; he wasn't fighting her at all.

This was just the start of their sick, twisted relationship.

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