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After a quick phone call from Esme and Carlisle, it was decided that there would be a family dinner at their house to meet Edward's new love interest. Of course, Alice and Jasper would be there, a nice mediator for conversation, but Bella was still extremely nervous. She felt as if her secret, even accidentally, would get out. She didn't want to cause any issues between Edward and his family, so she hoped that the dinner would go well.

She had gotten ready an hour beforehand, and spent the extra time she had reading The Awakening to keep her mind off of the impending trip.

"I love that look you get when you're intensely interested in a novel." Edward said, leaning against the door frame.

She looked up from her book to admire the view in front of her. There he stood, khaki pants, a casual button up, rolled up at the elbows, his coppery hair standing up at every direction, and that devilish grin on his face that made her heart melt. Everything about the way her looked excited her, made her want to grab him and suck him away from the world where they could just… be. But alas, there are things to be done.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked her, sauntering over to where she lay on the bed.

"If we must." She replied, rolling onto her back and stretching. His eyes flared when he noticed a patch of skin showing where her shirt had ridden up.

"Or we can just stay here." He leaned down and kissed her, running his hand across her stomach.

He usually was not very forward during their make out sessions, so when he was, it pleased Bella to no end. His hand, cold, felt like fire sliding across her abdomen. She slid her hand put his arm, rubbing his forearm, while the other hand brushed the nape of his neck. Things started to get more heated, and she started to tug at his hand, urging him on.

Unfortunately, it had the opposite outcome, as it had reminded Edward that now was not the time or place for this.

She opened her eyes to see him gazing down at her, his eyes black, his mouth panting. Wordlessly, he slid off the bed, and pulled Bella up with him.

"To answer your question earlier, yes, now that I have been thoroughly kissed, I am ready to go."

When they arrived at Edward's parent's house, she couldn't believe the sight before her. The house was gorgeous, and secluded.

"You grew up here?" She asked, peering out the window.

"In a sense. I lived here during my newborn years with my 'siblings', and had moved out twice."

"Were you still living here when you met me?"

Edward blanched at how bluntly she brought up their past, his crime.

"Sort of. I can't go into much detail until you meet everyone, but at least I can tell you some things. Since you've met Alice, I can tell you that she and her husband are vampires, with unique abilities. Alice can see the future, and Jasper can somewhat alter emotions. Alice had told me that I would meet you, and that you would change my life. So, I planned ahead."

"You bought that house because you knew you were going to meet me?" Bella asked, shocked.

"Well, yeah," Edward ran his fingers through his hair, "I was told that if I did, that my life would change in wonderful ways, and who was I to turn that down?"

"What did Alice see in the vision?"

"I don't want to go into vivid detail. She just saw us…together, a couple. She saw you transform form a child into a beautiful young lady, and then she saw you become my other half."

Bella sat back and thought for a few minutes about what this truly meant. If Alice had seen a vision about them together, did this mean they were destined to be together? That this was fate? Did this mean that she would become Edward's mate, and that she would be turned?

"What does this mean for us then?" She asked, "Are we soul mates?"

Edward smiled at the words.

"Yes, love, I believe that we are each other's missing piece."

She went to ask him another question but they had already pulled into the driveway, and by the time she had gained her composure, he was opening her car door.

Before they reached the porch, Alice flung open the front door to greet them.

"I'm so glad you're finally here!" She hugged Bella first, before throwing her arms around Edward. "Come on in, let's get you introduced to the family!"

They were ushered into a large beige room, where Bella was greeted to the sight of five breathtakingly gorgeous vampires. Vampires who didn't know that she knew their big secret, and who in return didn't know her secret as well.

The night shall be interesting.


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