A/N: I read a pretty good Harry/Albus fic a while ago that got me curious. I went looking for an even more detailed and realistic version of this pairing and found myself disappointed. Thusly, I decided to write my own for the fun of it. Because of improbability of this pairing, this fic has resulted in a different angle on the overly used dimension travelling crap that I love so much. :)

Disclaimer: JKRowling owns all, as you very well know. I'm just buggering it all up for fun. (grins) Which means, some things will be utterly disregarded from the series.

Summary: Have you ever wondered if a realistic Harry/Albus pairing exists? So did I. So I wrote it. AU. Dimension travel. Vampire. Magical creatures politics. Warning: Slash. Duh. M/M. Yaoi. So NOT chan. Harry is an adult.

If you think this idea is grotesque, please do not read it just to tell me so. Thank you.

Lemon Drops and Blood Pops


Chapter One:


He'd always thought the science fiction novels that he'd snuck from Dudley's second room during his childhood contained the oddest collection of ideas he'd ever heard of. Hermione had passionately argued that they were in a magical world and therefore anything was possible, even though she could never find any proof, and had scoffed at him for refusing to be open minded about it. He'd stuck to the motto 'I see it, I believe it'. After all, living in the wizarding world certainly let you think outside the box, but if he believed that everything muggles made up in books could happen, he'd never be able to sleep at night.

This stringent belief on his part, however, did not change the fact that he was now well and truly fucked.


"Harry! Harry!" Hermione ran towards him with a huge grin on her face, nearly knocking him over when she hugged him.

"Whoa, Hermione!" Harry laughed. "What's got you all excited, Professor?" He kept his face perfectly straight.

She smacked the back of his head gently. "Enough of that, Agent." They managed to keep their expressions serious for about a second before breaking out into comfortable grins. "How's the job going? I wish you wouldn't have moved so far away! We barely get together anymore," she complained, leading him from the entrance hall and towards her quarters.

Harry rolled his eyes. They had this conversation every time he came back from America for a visit. "I like it over there! I don't have to worry about all that pining crap at the Ministry. Americans are far more blasé about the whole thing. They didn't have a Dark Lord in their backyard for nearly forty years, after all. You know I hate all that hero worship."

Hermione frowned. "Are you still getting mobbed in Diagon Alley?"

"I don't know." He grinned. "I haven't stepped foot in it in ten years."

She gently slapped his arm. "You're such a wuss. You could just wear a glamour, you know."

Harry shrugged. "There's no reason to. There are plenty of hidden wizarding communities in America where I can buy my groceries."

She rolled her eyes and muttered the password to her portrait guardian. The lady in the painting waved flirtatiously at Harry before disappearing behind the back of her frame.

"What were you overly excited about when I first got here?" Harry asked, taking the glass of firewhisky she poured for him out of habit.

Her face lit up in delight. "You won't believe what was discovered in a recent archaeological dig in Brazil! You know how I've been following a bunch of recent discoveries for that pet project of mine, right?"

Harry just stared, pasting a smile on his face. Oh yeah. He knew all about her 'little' pet project. After the Final Battle at Hogwarts ten years ago, when most of the ghost population had been exorcised by invading Death Eaters during a night raid (so they couldn't sound the alarm), Hermione had accepted the position of History Professor, as Binns had been one of the 'unfortunate' victims. She'd completely reworked the curriculum, using the class to educate students on past wars (not just Goblin wars), and more recent ones, as well as to impart the culture of the past and current magical societies.

Although the inflammatory legislation against the existence and rights of magical creatures had been abolished in the British Ministry of Magic after the war, there were still mixed emotions among the people. It had helped that their precious 'Boy-Who-Lived' was a botched half-vampire unafraid of using his fame for the benefit of magical creatures all across Britain. So Hermione had taken it upon herself to educate the new generation on these cultures in order to help prevent such prejudice in the future.

Once her curriculum was set, she'd found herself with extra time on her hands. Being Hermione, she went looking for something scholarly and interesting to latch onto. As she was a History teacher, she was fascinated with the discovery of the past, so she followed multiple archaeological digs and research groups to keep herself entertained. Her more recent 'project' had been the discovery of an ancient temple buried in Brazil that had once belonged to an order of monks intent on preserving knowledge of old. Some of the manuscripts found were now the oldest pieces of magical knowledge blah blah blah. Harry himself couldn't give a rat's arse, but he showed polite interest because it was Hermione.

She needed him. He knew that. She needed someone who would politely listen to her ramblings about whatever thing she was currently smothering herself with, because if she didn't get that contact, she wouldn't be able to force herself out of bed in the morning. Harry remembered the last time he had failed to visit Hermione due to a job he'd been on. It had taken him his two weeks time off to get her speaking again without bursting into tears.

The war hadn't been easy on them. Everyone suffered, but it always hit the children the hardest. Ron's death had hit Hermione the hardest. And so Harry did his best to remain her support, to listen, and to remind her that she still had people in this world who loved her. She'd been doing a lot better since the first relapse, but he didn't want to take any chances.

He'd refused long term assignments after that incident.

"Yeah? What did they find that's got you so excited?"

She smirked, pulling something off her bookshelf. "Proof."

Harry blinked. Trust her to remember some little thing he'd probably said fifteen years ago. "Proof of what?"

"It's a copy of a manuscript found at the Brazilian dig. Read it."

Harry carefully pulled the new parchment apart, stretching it out to read. His eyebrows rose at the sight of many italic scribbles on the left in a column, and what appeared to be a translation on the right. His eyebrows went even higher when he read what appeared to be the description of a spell.

"See! I told you it's a possibility! It's magic." She smiled happily, nearly bouncing in her chair. When Harry looked up at her and stared, she continued. "We now have proof that alternate dimensions exist, and that people have travelled to them!"

Harry vaguely remembered rebuking Hermione one night in the library when they were sixteen, but he was amazed that she cared enough to remember it and throw it in his face. A smile quirked his lips. Reliable Hermione.

"What do you think? We know it's a possibility, but many people are curious about what's in these other dimensions. Does time pass at the same speed? Are those worlds bound by the same rules as ours? Do they have the same people? It's all very fascinating. They've managed to translate the entire spell because of a dictionary found near it, but no one quite knows how to pronounce the dead language, so we can't cast it to test it."

Harry hummed thoughtfully under his breath, staring at the dead language. When the symbols began to shift under his eyes, he blinked in surprise. They stilled. He stared a bit longer and they began to shift again, almost like snakes on the page. Without knowing it, his mouth opened and began to hiss as the language sparked the genetic knowledge that came with his parselmouth abilities. In a trance, and to the horror of Hermione, he finished the spell and disappeared in a flash of light.

-Toki Mirage-

Hope you guys like the intro. I made it short on purpose, so we can jump right into the good stuff.

Also, I made Harry a sort-of-vampire because Dumbledore is well known for his acceptance of magical creatures, and I needed to give Harry something to do in the new dimension besides fight a war. So don't comment on that if you don't like it.

If you think this idea is grotesque, please do not read it just to tell me so. Thank you.