((Attack of the plotbunny. My take on a crossover between Batman and The Golden Compass/Northern Lights, known collectively as the His Dark Materials series. Basically, what would things be like if everyone had dæmons. Dæmons are for all intents and purposes, one's soul or concience, manifested outside the body in a corporeal (touchable) animal form. The form will change during childhood, "settling", or staying in one form when a person's personality has stablized...I don't believe in the falderall about it being your first sex act, or only when you're with your one true love. I'll stop the rant now, and say, enjoy, constructive criticism appreciated! Multiple short "chapters" have already been written, will post all I have already done as fast as I can.))

The First Batcave

It was dark down in the hole. Bruce tried not to cry out, but he was so scared. It was so dark, and, and, and-"Shh, Bruce. We're going to be ok."

"Are you sure, Sezja? Daddy did say to not come here, and we did, and now look!" Bruce gestured to the cavern they were in, accidentally shifting his bad leg. He screamed, and then the world grew even blacker. Blacker not with his fainting, but from a multitude of bodies, wheeling in and out and around. They were everywhere! Sezja tried to defend him, but the small dragon she changed to was ruthlessly beat down by the bats.

"Sezja, to me! Sezja!" Bruce cried as phantom bruises appeared and faded on his face and hands where his dæmon was getting hit. She relented, and shifted to a foxhound puppy to better sit in his lap. The pair cowered in the dark as the bats flew up and out, as scared of the pair as the pair were of them. Bruce ran a hand down Sezja's back, trying to calm the both of them.

"Daddy's coming, I know it. Rachel and Alfred went to get him." Bruce said, trying to be brave. The pair cringed as there was another rush of wings, but it was only a dæmon coming to settle on the floor next to them.

"Your father and the grey-haired one are coming. Mine is up at the top, looking at you…she is worried." The chaffinch hopped nervously from foot to foot. Craning his neck, Bruce was barely able to make out Rachel's head.

"We are injured, but we will be fine. A broken leg, some bruises and scrapes. And a lot of stupidity." Sezja said, ignoring Bruce's glare at the last. It was the truth, after all. A gruff, accent-tinged bark and the sound of wings again announced that the adults were there.

The peregrine took a moment to glare at the chaffinch, who fled back topside. "We are very worried about you, what you did was very foolish. Do not do such a thing again."

Sezja turned into a mouse and curled up tighter in Bruce's palm. "Sorry."

"You are forgiven. To be young is to be foolish, after all." The falcon flew over and gently took mouse-Sezja from Bruce's hand, bringing her out of the hole.

Sejza! Yes, it was only twenty or so feet, but it was still so much further than they had ever separated before.

"Bruce, it's ok, it'll be ok. Sezja can join you down here if she wishes." The gruff barking made the voice pause, and continue a bit in laughter, "Unfortunately, Cardea's…being Cardea. Sezja will probably be back down here soon. Now let's get you back up to the sun, eh, son?" Bruce looked up to see his father staring down at him. He hadn't even heard the man approach; he'd been so consumed with twinges of pain from his heart, greater pain from his leg and a fair amount of self-loathing. Bruce lifted his arms and let his father pick him up, holding him like he was a little boy. He was eight, he wasn't little anymore! At the moment he found he didn't really care. Having his Daddy hold him made everything feel better.

Those bats had been really scary.