Jasper drifted into the tiny diner near where the suburbs bled into the sticks. There weren't many people there, only an old couple in the far booth, and a snowy-pale girl with short, inky-black hair--

She turned from where she had been watching the clock, and he fell back in shock.

She was a vampire, too. It was unmistakable in the perfect planes of her face, the bruiselike shadows under her black eyes, the quickness with which she moved.

A huge smile split her face, and she launched herself across the diner to throw her arms around his neck.

"I've been waiting for you. I'm Alice. You're Jasper."

"Yes..." he said slowly, mystified. He pushed her back to arm's-length and stared at her. Alice looked slightly crestfallen, clearly expecting a better reception. She gazed right back at him, not seeming fazed as most vampires were as she took in the countless half-moon scars. Her tiny hand came up slowly to trace one just over his left eye.

A powerful shock surged through him, originating from the place where her hand had met his skin, and he realized how right this was. However strange it seemed, it was right.

Jasper pulled her back in, pressing her to his chest. He'd found her.

I think this'll be the end.