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A strong scent wafted up to my nose, an unfamiliar smell, like honey. My nose followed the scent like a command. My mind told me otherwise, and my instincts spiked, taking on a protective stance as I ran. I could sense the danger with every nerve of my body.

Suddenly, something hard slammed into me, and I was knocked to the ground. I was met with piercing fiery red eyes the moment I looked up. They weren't mine, but they did look a lot like mine. I gasped at the sudden recognition. He was like me; he had to have been, for his eyes were red like mine. His skin was a pale white, but not ghostly like mine, and he was abnormally beautiful. I wasn't though; I was a monster.

His lips turned up into a smile, not a friendly smile though, no, this was a murderous grin. "What is a young girl like you doing hanging around this late at night?" It rolled off his tongue like a playful growl.

I hesitated a moment. I was too shocked at the sight of another one like me. "W-Who are you?" I had trouble speaking. How his eyes stared indignantly upon me, how his scent wafted to my nose, how his mouth no longer plastered a grin, but now turned down into a frown. He glared at me longer, and I was almost completely hypnotized by his mere presence.

"That's not important, my sweet." He purred, a noise I had only heard from cats, but was now shocked to find it had an entrancing effect on me, much like his face had.

Our faces were almost close enough to be kissing, I heard the heavy breathing in my chest and quickly turned my face away; I would not do this, I couldn't.

His hand pulled my face back to his effortlessly, however I was trying to be resistant, but it proved no luck in my case. I noticed how his hand was much cooler than mine. My skin was cool, but not frozen, as his.

"What do you think you're doing?" He sounded humored.

"What happened Bella?" She was angry, but trying to be as patient as she could.

I was overcome by bloodlust. I don't know what happened to me. I'm sorry.

I wish I could've told them, but I was pulled out of myself to face reality and the monster that I truly was.

I went for the neck and draining was so easily accomplished. It was so good, but I hated myself for that. It was too good, and I tried to stop, but the second the blood touched my lips I was gone and replaced with the raging monster inside.

My dad tried pushing me off, but it only caused my mom's neck to break and her blood to spill out over the floor. I'm sorry.

His face was stern, wondering why it had taken me so long to answer, and why I had been stuck in my own memories instead of facing reality. The last part was not in his mind; however it was all over mine. Why couldn't I just face it? They hate me and that's all to prove. Why me? Why them?

"Must I repeat myself?" He was annoyed, that I was sure of.

"I'm sorry." The two words I've always wanted to say, but never had the courage to, had decided to finally escape my lips.

My eyes burned with pain. This was all too much. I didn't want to remember, but it was the only way to punish myself.

"Come with me." He purred again. I was too much of a masochist to deny him.

"Okay." I whispered, but I was sure he heard me.

I followed him deeper and deeper into the woods I called home. We walked farther and farther away from where my old house was, thicker and thicker into the trees, until finally he stopped. I wasn't sure how long we'd been walking, and I really didn't care either. I was in no mood to care.

I looked up to see a giant tower. He walked in and I automatically followed like a lost puppy.

It was dark inside, but with my vampire vision, I could see everything clearly. There were doors everywhere. We walked to the end of the hall and he opened one of the doors. I followed inside, but if I'd been smart I wouldn't have come here in the first place. There were chains all over the walls and dangling from the ceiling.

"Welcome to hell." He suddenly growled down my ear. For some reason I was giddy; that's where being a masochist comes in I guess.

He grabbed my shoulders and dragged me to a wall where he shackled me and threw me down on the ground. "Stay there." He growled before walking out of the room and shutting the door.

I didn't even try to break the shackles. There was no use in it. I wanted to be chained, and treated like a slave. I didn't deserve any better. This was the perfect punishment.

I drained her completely dry and let her lifeless body drop to the floor.

I was horrified at the sight of my dead sister on the floor, covered in her own blood.

This was definitely hell.

All the times we'd play together and share secrets, to this.

What has life come to?

"My one and only true fear is I."

"I am a monster."

"I am what no one desires to meet."

"I am death."

The door creaked open and I looked over to the noise as a reflex reaction. He'd come back.

His shirt was gone and he walked, well, more like stalked, over to me.

It was like a predator stalking its prey before the attack, in this case I'm the prey. Nice role change for once. I've always felt like the prey, even when I'm out hunting, because everything I've ever loved has been taken away from me.

His finger curled under my chin turning my face up to meet his eyes. They were a pitch black, dripping with lust.

"Let's go over what you'll be doing here my pet." He chuckled a little at a private joke, and then became serious again.

"You'll be cleaning up this whole room before we can play. Then we can enjoy our time together. You will also learn what you've become. First, clean this room." He smiled, turned, and left.

I broke the shackles and began to work. This would be how I spent my life from now on.

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