EPILOGUE it's really really rediculously short. i warned you, don't leave reviews complaining about it.


They woke up about the same time like they usually did. Naruto smiled and kissed Sasuke gently, still sore from the previous day.

"Morning, Sasu." He said against Sasuke's lips.

"Morning, Naru." Sasuke smiled and kissed Naruto back.

"What time is it?" Naruto yawned as he broke the kiss. Sasuke looked over Naruto's shoulder at the clock on the nightstand.

"Almost noon." He said before he saw the Easter basket. He smiled at the untouched condoms and wondered why he had even bothered buying them. He then saw the Easter egg he had put in there but forgotten about. "Oh hey, I forgot to give this to you yesterday." He said reaching across Naruto to get the egg and handing it to him. But Naruto was already half asleep.

"What is it?" He mumbled.

"You have to open it." Sasuke sighed with a soft laugh.

"Too tired. You open it for me and tell me what it is." Naruto said pressing his face into Sasuke's chest. Sasuke laughed and Naruto felt a ring being put on his finger.

"It's proof of how committed to you I am." Sasuke said.

"You got me a wedding ring?" Naruto smiled but still hadn't opened his eyes.

"Yeah, it's just plain gold with our initials engraved on the inside." Sasuke said.

"It's beautiful." Naruto mumbled.

"You haven't even opened your eyes to look at it." Sasuke snapped.

"Yeah, but you wouldn't give me something ugly to represent something so important to me, would you?" Naruto smiled. Sasuke sighed and kissed the blonde.

"Also, I was thinking of looking into adoption. I mean I know you always wanted kids and since neither of us can actually have them, then," Sasuke started but was interrupted when Naruto kissed him. Sasuke looked up into sparkling blue.

"You'd really do that for me?" Naruto smiled.

"Well yeah, any time you want just say the word and I'd do anything for you." Sasuke smiled. Naruto giggled.

"You're such a romantic." He smiled and kissed Sasuke again.

"But you like the idea?" Sasuke asked. Naruto smiled.

"Maybe in a couple of years I'll be ready for something like that, but right now the only future I'm thinking about is the next two weeks that I'm gonna spend right here in this bed with the love of my life." Naruto smiled.

"We're gonna spend the next two weeks in bed?" Sasuke asked.

"Not moving from this spot." Naruto said cuddling into Sasuke's side.

"What about when we need to eat?" Sasuke asked with a laugh. Naruto thought for a second.

"We'll just make someone bring us food." Naruto answered.

"And when you have to go to the bathroom?" Sasuke asked again. Naruto sighed.

"Damn." THE END.

it's over. again, don't leave reviews complaining about the shortness of this chapter. i know it's short. it's the epilogue, it's not supposed to be long.