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The Halloween Snake


Digimon Lantern 1

Chapter 1

Halloween And The Aftereffects

Willow was shocked when the eager young trick-or-treaters suddenly attacked her. She was even more shocked when her own body seemed to be taken away from her control and grabbed the snake ornament part of her costume. The snake ornament activated and shot some kind of electrical blasts at each of the now monster children causing them to collapse and fall to the sidewalk. Xander pointed his toy M-16 at her and the shocking developments of this night continued as the gold colored gauntlet thing that she had that Ethan guy help make sent a pulse of kinetic energy at Xander who wound up hitting a tree. She walked over and checked his pulse but it wasn't her that was controlling her body.

I'm sorry about this, Willow. The voice said to her. They surprised me.

Who the hell or what the hell are you? She asked this presence.

Both are fair questions. I am Anara, of the Tok'ra. Anara said to her.

Tok-What? She asked.

Okay, by what I'm guessing, it's been about five thousand years since the time of the Pharaohs. Anara said. At the time, your very distant ancestors were enslaved by a parasite race called the Gou'ald. At around the same time, my "mother", Egeria; the Queen of that birthed all Tok'ra, realized how wrong it was the force ourselves onto sentient beings and this became the start of the Tok'ra. My previous host was an Egyptian princess who...

Had been executed by the Gods for siding with a fallen one. Willow finished. I had read the story and based my costume on her. I sort of admired her confidence and determination.

Actually, that was me. Anara said. She was rather humble and left me in almost complete control.

Obviously, some kind of powerful magic must have taken place. Willow replied trying to make sense of the situation.

Agreed, but we should move your friend into one of these homes so that he will be safe from some of Sunnyhell's most infamous residents. Anara stated.

How do you know about...we're sharing each other's thoughts, aren't we? Willow asked.

Quite perceptive, young one. Anara answered her. At the moment, we're blended as a host and symbiote are normally.

Willow dragged Xander into Buffy's house and was surprised at her newfound strength which Anara told her was a side effect of the blending. She left him on the couch and left the small house in time to see Buffy running in the middle of the street.

"DEMON!" She yelled.

I believe that is a car. Anara said.

Buffy had dressed like a eighteenth century noblewoman and it seemed as though she was possessed by her costume. Willow ran out and tackled the Lady Buffy to the ground before the car could hit her.

Don't worry, you merely rendered her unconscious. Anara told her.

"Willow, what the hell is going on?" Angel asked.

Please let me handle this? Willow asked the Tok'ra.

"Idon'tknowwhatthehellisgoingonbecausesuddenlythosekidsbecamemonstersandXandertriedto shootmeandIdon'tknowwhat'sgoingon!" Willow said in one quick burst.

"Okay." Angel said. "How about I take Buffy back to her house and you go see Giles?"

That's not exactly a bad idea, Willow. Anara said. This librarian may be useful in finding out what in the hell is going on.

Angel picked up Buffy and carried her away and Willow ran down the street. She had ran a few blocks before a vampire jumped her. The vamp had its game face on and went in immediately for the kill. Anara took control and brought the hand device over its heart and fired. The vampire dusted on top of her and she coughed as she had some in her mouth.

Sorry, I had to do something. Anara said apologetically.

It's okay just warn me. Willow said. Vamp dust doesn't taste all that great.

I know. Anara said. I feel and taste everything you do.

She ran all the way to the school without getting winded. Having Anara wrapped around her spine was proving rather beneficial. She opened the doors to the library to find Giles in some kind of medieval armor swinging a broadsword. Willow brought up the zat up and fired it at the possessed librarian.

Damn, I was hoping he'd be of help in this. Willow said.

Yes, Giles seemed to be the guy who might realize what was happening. Anara said walking over to Giles' desk.The Tok'ra picked up a piece of paper from the desk and read it.

Anara, it's him. That costume shop guy, Ethan, must have cast a spell on the costumes that came into his shop. Buffy, Xander, and Giles all got their costumes there. Willow said. I even had his help with my costume.

Then, it would seem as though we need to pay Mr. Rayne a visit. Anara replied.

They took off for Ethan's shop but before they got there, they were jumped again but this time by more vampires than before at a local gas station. Spike and Dru were looking at Willow as though she was their next meal. Two male minion vampires ran at her and Willow fired away. The zat proved to be as effective to vampires in stunning them as it did normal humans and the ribbon device (aka hand device) dusted the other. Anara took over her body for a moment.

"You do not realize who you're dealing with, vampire." Anara said.

Spike stepped forward as if he was going to respond to the challenge but Dru placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Pet, we shouldn't worry about her." She said to the bleached blonde vampire. "Once this spell ends, she'll be back to being the Slayer's little friend."

Spike signaled the other two vampiresand the undead quartet went off into the night. Willow looked at the hand device.

That vampire said that I'd disappear if we stop this spell. Anara said. I'm a little scared.

I know you are, Anara. Willow replied. We have a rather rare advantage over those who got costumes there. We know what's going on.

And we can't let the others suffer for my survival. Anara said.

Willow found her way to Ethan's costume shop. She felt a little regret having used the snake gun, what Anara kept referring to as a zat'nik'tiel, on the possessed trick-or-treaters. Anara made her feel better after she was told about how many hits it took to kill someone. Ethan popped his head from the back and he seemed like he was in a good mood.

"Something I can do to help you?" He asked.

Allow me? Anara asked.

Of course. Willow said knowing that Anara's voice was a bit more intimidating.

"You can tell me how to end the spell you cast, Tau'ri." Anara said to him.

"And if I don't?" Ethan asked with a bit of bravado.

Anara fired a kinetic blast at a few of the displays. Ethan stepped back a bit as the Tok'ra pointed the hand device at him. He pointed towards a statue in the back.

"Just destroy the statue." He said.

"Thank you." Anara said lowering and powering down the hand device. Ethan began to walk away when Anara shot him from behind with the zat.

What did you do that for? Willow asked.

I don't know. Anara answered. It felt good.

Willow took control and pointed the zat at the statue. She began to fire.

"One." Willow said.

Two. Anara continued.

"Three." Willow finished.

Three. Anara finished.

The statue disintegrated and a wave of magical energy was sent out. Willow seemed to glow slightly as the wave passed through her. She looked around the shop.

"I guess it's over." Willow said.

Nope. Anara replied.

Willow's eyes glowed as the Tok'ra realized that it was still around despite the fact that the statue was destroyed.

Maybe, he lied. Anara said to her. Maybe there is more to the spell than he let us know.

Well, maybe if you hadn't zatted him, we'd be able to question him. Willow said to her partner.

Let's not fight. Janus is a Chaos God if I'm understanding you correctly. Anara replied. We should check outside to see if anyone else is still effected by the spell.

They walked outside to see many of the costumed individuals were back to normal. Willow checked the zat that was part of the costume. It extended out on its own after it was activated.

Okay, it would appear that the Gou'ald technology still is in working order. Anara stated.

Let's go check on Buffy. Willow said.

It's late, Willow. Anara said to her. You left her at her house and you know she'll be safe there. But look, I should leave.

Willow stopped jogging. What are you saying? Willow asked the symbiote.

You were nice enough to work with me to end the spell but for whatever reason, I'm still here. Anara told her. I should get out of your life.

But without another willing host, you'll die. Willow said.

I did not think you would want to continue this little relationship. Anara said to her. I was merely going to do as Tok'ra normally do. We don't like to take a host against their will.

Well, this isn't against my will. I'm willing to share my body with you and I'm not going to let you die if there is something I can do to prevent it. Willow told the symbiote.

What about your friends? Anara asked. Buffy might try something to slay me thinking I'm some kind of demon. Who knows what else might happen?

They don't have to know right away. Willow told Anara. Besides, this was my choice.


What was the princess like? Willow asked Anara.

She had returned home and went to bed. The hand device, which also still worked, and the zat were in a dresser drawer.

Hesila was very beautiful but also a very shy, humble, introverted individual. Anara told her.

Really, history said that she was a confident, prideful person as well as outspoken in her beliefs. Willow said.

That was my influence. Anara told her.

Anything else I should know? Willow asked with a smile on her face.

Using your natural vernacular, Hesila was a lesbian. Anara told her.

Willow's eyes went wide. Really? She asked.

I could show you. Anara replied.


"The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was check my closet for petticoats." Buffy said laughing.

It was the day after Halloween and the Scoobies were gathered in the library. Xander was sitting at a table with Willow. Buffy was standing up talking and Giles was buried in a book.

"At least you didn't get into with something, my back is extremely sore from whatever hit me last night." Xander said grabbing his back but still smiling.

Probably that oak. Anara said.

Willow smiled at what Anara had said. Xander glanced over at Willow.

"So Willow, how was being an Egyptian princess?" He asked.

He just had to ask. Willow said. What am I going to do?

You have access to all of my knowledge, Willow. Anara reassured her. Use it.

"Well, it seemed to be a bit of a hassle." Willow lied to them. "All I've got left is proper Egyptian royal court protocal."

"At least your costume was light to take off, I woke up here in a heavy suit of armor." Giles said not taking his gaze from his book.

"Whatcha reading, G-Man?" Xander asked.

"A book Ethan left me on Chaos magic." Giles answered. "I find this little bit in here about how the magic itself can't kill those effected by its spell when it ends."

That explains why I'm still here. Anara said.

Okay, but how should we handle this? Willow asked the symbiote.

I would say we should play it by ear. Anara said. What's the worst that could happen?