Chapter 6

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged, Part One

"Where's Anise?" Jacob asked as he entered the hotel lobby surprised to see the rest of SG-1 waiting there.

"We do not know." Teal'c replied. "We thought she was with you."

"Jack, we have to find her." Sam said concerned.

O'Neill shook his head. "Com'n Carter, Anise is a big girl." He replied admonishing his second in command. "She can take care of herself."

"Not against what we just ran into." Sam told the colonel.

"Carter, I know gangs on PCP might seem frightening but they're still human." O'Neill said. "We've faced worse."

"Jack, that's as believable as you working at Deep Space Telemetry." Jacob retorted.

"Sir, nothing we've faced before burst into dust when you shove a wooden stake through its heart." Sam informed him.

With a confused look on his face, O'Neill asked. "You sure?"

"Jack, I think they're talking about vampires." Daniel told him.

"Vampires?" Teal'c asked.

"Remember when we took you to see Dracula?" Daniel asked.

"Indeed." Teal'c said. "Frank Langella played the role quite well."

"Trust me, Bram Stoker was a hack." Jacob said to him. "Garlic doesn't work."

Jack glared at his team. "Look, maybe I believe you." He said. "How the hell are we suppose to find her?"

"We could ask the girl we're tracking for help." Sam suggested.

"Carter, are you out of your mind?" O'Neill asked. "I doubt a Goa'uld would be willing to help."

"O'Neill, I don't know if she will want to help or not but we need to ask." Jacob said. "I don't know what might happen if a vampire drinks a host's blood or even worse."

"What would be worse, Dad?" Sam asked her father.

"What if they try to turn her?" Jacob asked his daughter.


Angel shoved the Judge's arm back into the box and shut the lid. He placed a hand on Buffy's shoulder as the Slayer tried to regain her breath.

"Buffy, are you okay?" He asked.

"Yah." She answered.

A noise caused the Scooby Gang to turn around and see Willow walk in. She had a smile on her face.

"So, what did we miss?" She asked.

"Not much, unless you discount the demon arm that just tried to strangle Buffy." Cordelia said.

"Angel, you should get you and the arm outta here." Buffy suggested and the vampire complied heading out with the box.

Willow walked over and hugged Oz. She smiled and let go of him. "Iamsogladthatyoucameandweren'tweirdedoutbythefactthatIhaveasuperintelligentaliensnakeusingmybodylikeatimeshareand..." She babbled.

Xander put a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Willow, breathe." He reminded her.

Oz raised an eyebrow. "I don't have any problems with it." He told her. "It's not exactly the weirdest thing in this town."

This got a chuckle out of the gang and Xander looked Oz right in the eyes. "Hurt her and I'll beat you to death with a shovel." He informed her.

Willow's eyes flashed silver and a smile formed on her face. Anara said. "Hurt her and I get imaginative."

Willow walked over to the cake and picked up a prepared plate. She picked the piece up with one hand and began to devour it. While this was going on, Xander walked over to Oz.

"That was creepy." Xander said to his new friend.

"What do you think she meant by imaginative?" Oz asked.

"Well, Anara has her knowledge as well as the Ancient knowledge that some little gray alien guy downloaded into Willow's brain apparently years ago." Xander told him. "I'd be wondering what she knew."

Everyone quit speaking when a column of light encompassed Willow and she vanished from the club.


Willow found herself onboard a strange ship and she turned around quickly to see an Asgard at a command console. The Asgard walked over to her.

"Greetings, I am Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet." Thor said introducing himself.

"I'm Willow." Willow replied before her eyes flashed. "I'm Anara and I want to know why you beamed my host and I up inside a crowded room."

"My apologies." Thor said. "I've gotten use to it over the years dealing with the humans who run the Stargate program."

Stargate? Could he be talking about the Chappa'ai? Willow asked Anara.

Probably. Anara replied.

"What business do you have with us?" Anara asked. "Willow would like to get back to her sister's birthday party."

"Many years ago, an Asgard by the name of Loki experimented on Willow." Thor began to explain. "Somehow, Willow had been born with the genetic code identical to the Ancients."

"You mean the actual builders of the Stargates?" Anara asked in disbelief.

"You are most unusual for a Tok'ra." Thor noted. "Most Tok'ra would have said the Goa'uld word."

"True but considering my past, I prefer not to use either." Anara replied before Willow spoke. "Please continue, Commander Thor."

"The experiments that Loki performed on you involved the complete download of a rather detailed Ancient database." Thor continued. "I believe your symbiote may have somehow began to unlock it."

"She has and this has only increased our curiosity about it." Willow replied. "Why was the database hidden as it was?"

"Loki had been recalled before he could finish his experiment. According to the recovered data, he could not delete the data in the time he had available without causing you severe brain damage." Thor explained. "He chose to bury the data within your subconscious which under the circumstances common to your world; you would not have recovered that knowledge. I am perplexed as to how you came into contact with a symbiote when you have never been involved with the Stargate Program."

"I do not know if you believe it but there is a force present in the universe that humans of this world refer to as magic." Anara began to explain. "A human on this world who specializes in a branch of magic classified as chaos cast a spell on the costumes he sold in his shop that were being sold to commemorate a holiday known as Halloween. Willow dressed accurately enough as my prior host to cause myself to be resurrected by the magic involved."

"After the spell was ended, I didn't want Anara to die so I decided to let her stay." Willow continued. "My bio-chemistry was altered by the spell and I now have naquadah-based hemoglobin instead of the standard iron-based hemoglobin. Anara and I decided that we'd combine our knowledge to better defend the Hellmouth."

"This was not without considerable cost." Anara continued. "A vampire named Spike not only killed Willow's parents but also turned them into vampires as well. When we encountered them on a patrol, Willow was unable to defeat them but I was. Unexpectedly, a friend's mother chose to adopt Willow. We were at her sister's birthday party when you chose to bring us up here."

"And we aren't exactly happy." Willow finished. "Now, why are you so interested in me?"

"My race is dying." Thor replied. "Not only are we at war with the Replicators but we are also suffering from a genetic degradation because of our constant cloning."

"You must have been hoping that Willow would be willing to help you." Anara said.

"I know that humans tend to hate presuming but in this instance, I had been forced to take more creative means of enlisting your help." Thor said before they were beamed to another Asgard-style lab. "Using a few resources, the structure known as the CRD building was purchased under my human pseudonym. I converted the lower levels into a laboratory for your use."

"Effective bribe you mean." Willow said. She could feel the inner techno-geek in Anara shaking in anticipation.

"It is yours to use as you see fit." Thor said. "This would not violate the treaty that protects the Earth from a Goa'uld attack since I'm giving this technology to another alien."

What do you think, Anara? Willow asked.

When I was alive, the first time anyway, the Asgard are quite trustworthy. Anara replied. I believe we can trust him.

"Okay, we'll help." Willow said. "I'm assuming you left everything I could possibly need."

"Indeed." Thor replied. "I have to be going. A Replicator attack is occurring on another world. Sub Commander Baldur will arrive in one Earth month to check on your progress. We do not wish to risk subspace communication as it may alert the Replicators." He handed her a silver bracer like what he wore. "You may use this to return to where you were."

"Let me guess." Anara said. "Preprogrammed coordinates set on a cycle. This rune, I'm guessing, beams us back to the Bronze and this rune will beam us to the facility you set up."

"An astute observation." Thor commented before Anara slipped the bracer on.

"Well then, your Supreme Commandership," Willow said with a smile on her face. "I've always wanted to say this. Energize."

Willow touched the bracer and beamed off the Asgard ship.


Willow beamed back into the Bronze with the gang pointing crossbows at her. She raised her hands up.

"I give up." She said as they lowered the crossbows.

"Where the hell did you go?" Cordelia asked to which Willow simply pointed up into the air.

Haha, very funny. Anara told Willow. Confuse the cheerleader.

It's the truth. Willow replied.

"I think she means a more accurate description, young lady." Giles said rubbing the bridge of his nose. He swore that since that blasted alien had joined with Willow that she started to act more and more like Xander.

"I was beamed up to an Asgard vessel and met Thor." Willow replied to Giles.

"Thor?" Xander asked. "As in son of Odin, Norse God of Thunder, don't fuck with me or I'll shove my hammer up your ass, Thor?"

"The one and only." Anara replied with a grin. "Except he looked like those pictures you see of the Roswell Greys, all skinny and short."

"What did he want?" Buffy asked.

"Well, Loki put an Ancient database in my head when I was an infant and then made it so that I couldn't access it consciously." Willow started to explain.

"I think you did access it somewhat, Wills." Xander said interrupting his friend. "Some of the things I've seen you do on a computer are unreal."

"He may be right, Willow." Giles replied.

Willow frowned at the thought. "So the reason that I'm so smart is because some Asgard decided to shove an entire Ancient database into my head?" She said questioningly. "That just sucks."

Do not put yourself down like that, Willow. Anara told her.

But, I've always prided myself on my intelligence. Willow replied. If it's all because of what Loki did to me, then I've been living a lie.

Willow, there is a difference in having knowledge and knowing how to use it. A caveman could have all the secrets of the universe before him but he'd be unable to use it. Anara said trying to ease her friend. You are very intelligent, Willow, and I believe the results that you've had over the years would have been the same whether or not Loki had done what he did.

Thank you, Anara. Willow said as a tear fell from her eye.

I speak merely from personal experience. Anara replied. Both yours and mine.

"Willow, you okay?" Xander asked.

"Sorry, just had a bit of a conversation with Anara." Willow replied. "That's all."

"Perhaps we should get back to what Thor wanted." Giles suggested.

"Since Anara shown up, I've been able to access the database and the reason that my brain isn't crashing and giving me the blue screen of death in the literal sense is that I was born genetically Ancient." Willow explained to the group.

"Genetically Ancient." Xander said. "Why am I sensing a capital A when you say Ancient?"

"Because part of Giles' speech about how the world began is full of crap." Anara replied. "The human race as you know it is actually the second evolution of humans in this galaxy. The Ancients were the first. They were extremely advanced and seeded this galaxy with devices known as Stargates. A Stargate is capable of creating an artificial wormhole between itself and another Stargate on another planet."

"Can we skip to where Giles is wrong?" Buffy asked.

"Well, the Ancients learned how to shed their physical forms and exist as pure energy in a higher plane of existence. When they did, something they didn't expect to happen did. Because a majority of them ascended on Earth, the weak dimensional boundaries that already existed ended up opening the very portals that allowed demons to enter our world." Anara said. "When they realized what had occurred, the Ascended assembled a team to try to end the demon's reign over this world. Your texts may refer to them as the Four Horsemen."

Xander looked like he was about to say something but Willow cut him off. "Please, no Highlander jokes." Willow said to her friend. "Methos was not one of the Ancient."

Xander looked back at her a bit sheepish and Anara continued. "The Four Horsemen tore through the demon ranks and sent them back through but of course not before a certain event occurred that the Horsemen were unable to prevent."

"When the last of the demons to leave our dimension mixed its blood with a human creating the first vampire." Giles said understanding what the alien was talking about.

"Precisely, the Horsemen then split up to find different ways of helping the humans defend against the demonic forces now on your world." Anara said. "One of the Horsemen began to teach those humans who were capable of it magic. Another began to teach humans how to survive. Another chose to teach the ways of war. It was the fourth that was the most important as he was the one that was the most responsible for creating the First Slayer."

"You mean that it was done through some sort of advanced technology?" Giles asked her intrigued about the new information about the origins of the First Slayer.

"Though he had to train a few others in the ritual that he designed, he was the most responsible for creating her. His ritual was actually a mix of magic and technology." Anara explained. "The ritual itself was twofold. The first was the actual creation of the First Slayer. He was able to do this because she had been born with the same gene the Ancients used as a sort of failsafe against anyone but them using it. The second part was a nanite-based virus which attach sought out girls with certain genetic characteristics and created the Potential Slayers that would follow later on to accept the Slayer Essence."

"The Essence itself is a non-corporeal artificial intelligence that can only exist within the girls that have those same characteristics. As the Slayer learns, so to does the Essence. This is why Buffy is able to learn how to fight so easily. It's because the Essence is being tapped into and augmenting her abilities." Anara continued to explain. "When Buffy was brought back to life when Xander performed CPR on her, it caused a sort of backup Essence to assert itself within Buffy. This was why Buffy felt strong when she fought the Master the second time around. The backup Essence was fully charged because it was like she was made into a Slayer all over again."

Giles rubbed the bridge of his nose. "But how does that explain the difference between a regular human and an Ancient, Anara?" He asked.

"Evolutionarily speaking, Willow is several million years more advanced than the standard human of this world." Anara explained. "Her developing neural pathways were able to adapt to the database being placed within her mind."

Everyone watched as Willow seemed to twitch and a zat seemed to appear in each of her hands. She turned around and fired at the door and they saw a blonde woman fall to the ground. They heard four more bodies hit the floor and Willow opened the door to see the brown-haired man that she had seen in the library earlier.

"Nice shot." Jenny commented.

"Well, I better take these four somewhere secure." Willow replied. "Maybe that lab has somewhere I can secure them."

Jenny walked over to her student. "You mean the lab that contains highly advanced alien technology?" She asked. "The lab with a computer so powerful that it could hack through anything on this planet."

"Do you want to come along, Miss Calender?" Anara asked with a smile.

Jenny nodded and Willow began to adjust the controls on her bracer. In a moment, Jenny and Willow along with the four captured individuals beamed away from the Bronze.

"This birthday sucks." Buffy said to herself sitting down.

To Be Continued...