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Epilogue – Harry – 18 months later

I couldn't believe it, even as I read the words in front of me over again. Accepted. "Congratulations, Mr. Potter. You've been accepted into the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Auror Training Program," I read aloud; finally it began to feel real. I was excited. Thrilled. But, it was just another cherry because I had my cake already.

Speaking of my cake, I was already five minutes late to meet him at Madam Malkins. I checked my watch again – make that six minutes late – and I grabbed my coat from the hall closet. Draco and I had moved into our new flat only three weeks ago after we graduated from Hogwarts. I was happy staying at Malfoy Manor, but I still felt uncomfortable with his parents so close by. They had accepted our relationship, and blessed our impending union, but I still felt like they would have preferred Draco to end up with a pretty, pureblood witch who could provide them with an heir in the usual fashion. Instead, Lucius Malfoy had Snape looking into the development of a potion that would allow my DNA to merge with Draco's so that we might be able to provide a legitimate Malfoy heir through surrogacy. Personally, I would have preferred to discuss this with Draco alone, to make our own decision on the matter of children.

I supposed it was just as Mrs. Weasley said, 'you don't just marry your partner, Harry, you marry their family too.'

Despite being just as eager to wed Draco as I had been before I killed Voldemort, we talked about it and decided to wait. It would have been difficult to be married while still at Hogwarts and Draco and I had enough media attention to deal with already after the fall of Lord Voldemort.

I smiled as I relived some of my favourite memories of the last twenty months, I valued every second I got with Draco. I swallowed the last of my pumpkin juice and Apparated straight out of my kitchen to the usual spot behind a large dumpster near the Leaky Cauldron.

The world hadn't even stopped spinning when I suddenly found myself Silenced and blindfolded. I heard someone whisper a spell and ropes wound themselves tightly around my wrists and ankles. Fuck.

I'd been caught. There were a number of Death Eaters still on the loose, even now, more than a year later, and they were all gunning for me. A few times I'd been put under strict surveillance when rumours arose about an imminent attack, but nothing ever came of it, and it was extremely frustrating being watched all the time. For the last ten months I had ignored all rumours and blatantly refused to be babysat. I had never felt safer, I was always with Draco, or Hermione and Ron, or the entire Weasley clan, Remus and Tonks – who were expecting their first child; there was nothing to worry about.

Or perhaps there was. I struggled against my bindings and tried to scream. Nothing helped.

Several pairs of hands restrained me and only seconds passed before I felt the familiar hook behind my navel. They were Apparating me somewhere…loud?

Music blasted around me and I became even more disoriented. Where had they taken me? Were they going to kill me in a nightclub?

I was unceremoniously dumped on the floor and I heard someone grunt a protest, but surely it wasn't about my treatment. After all, what were a few bruises if they were going to murder me? I began to struggle in vain, writhing pathetically on the floor, and soon strong, gentle hands began to caress me. Instant confusion followed. Strong, gentle hands caressing my back and thighs?

"So this is the groom, is it?" a deep voice questioned. Someone must have confirmed it because he seemed pleased. "Excellent," he said. His hands moved down to rub circles around my arse and I started to think that maybe they were going to fuck me before they killed me. Please no, I silently begged.

"Where's the other groom?" a second man questioned. "I hope he's as hot as this one."

Those words struck me harder than anything else because I knew then that they had Draco here too. I thrashed violently on the floor, hoping to strike at whoever had me here, hoping to loosen these damn ropes, hoping someone would hear me scream and cry my pain at the prospect of Draco getting hurt again. I'd sworn to myself it would never happen under my watch.

"Whoa, calm down, gorgeous," the man exclaimed, my sudden movements must have shocked him. "I'm not going to hurt you, and Bobby isn't going to touch your man unless he wants to be touched." I struck again, trying to kick this man.

Fuck you, I thought. Fuck you. Don't even look at him!

"What is going on!" I heard someone shriek and I could have cried. I'd know that shriek anywhere!

Very quickly my restraints and blindfold were dispatched and I saw the worried and angry chocolate brown eyes of Hermione Granger. "Hermione!" I gasped, stepping towards her protectively as I took in my surroundings.

Hermione. A naked man – correction, two very hot, muscled naked men. Ron looking worried and sheepish behind Hermione. The Weasley brothers, and several blokes from Hogwarts in the background gratefully admiring about six either naked or scantily clad women.

Forgive my language but, "what the fuck?"

"It was the twins' idea, they did it for Lee when he married a few months ago and they said it was great!" Ron choked out, looking a bit ill. "They kidnapped him and brought him to their warehouse." Ron gestured to the room they were in; Weasley's Wizard Wheezes warehouse. "They decked it out for strip shows and there's a bar running all night. They said Lee had a ball! I thought you would too."

"What!" I gaped, still unsure about what this was. Kidnapped by my friends and surprised with strippers? And with a strike of intelligence I realised. "My bachelor party."

"Remus came to get me when he realised what Ron had planned - you're an idiot by the way, Ron, Harry could have killed you! Don't you realise what he would have thought was happening!" she shouted as Ron's face became more and more like a shiny red tomato. "He would have assumed you were Death Eaters! He would have thought you planned to kill him! And Draco-!"

"Draco?" I blurted, suddenly getting over my complete surprise to remember he was here with me somewhere. I scanned the room and found him blindfolded, bound, silenced, and being molested by a very sexy, naked stripper. "Get your fucking hands off him?" I snarled and the stripper stepped back immediately.

I freed a very relieved and abused looking Draco who launched himself into his favourite place, my arms, and stayed there. I shot a glare at the stripper who looked rather disappointed. "I hate your friends," Draco grumbled, and I chuckled while stroking his hair.

"Me too," I sighed, kissing his neck.

"Mate, I'm so sorry," Ron said sheepishly, as he came over to us. "Fred and George were telling me all about Lee's bucks night and it sounded brilliant! I thought it'd be great fun, I'm so sorry if I scared you."

"Being kidnapped is not fun," I growled. "Get me a Firewhiskey-" Draco made a noise. "-make that two Firewhiskeys, and tell your strippers to keep their hands off my future husband, and all will be forgiven."

I took Draco's hand and led him into the fray. We were greeted by the others with excited cheers, whoops, and jeers.

"Aye! Harry!" Oliver Wood cried out as he fondled a pair of particularly pert breasts. "Relinquishing your freedom, eh?" As I remembered it Oliver's long-term girlfriend was about to deliver their first child together; I cringed as he leaned in to suck at the blonde's nipple. Disgusting.

"Harry! Malfoy!" Seamus pushed between Draco and I and flung an arm around each of our shoulders. "About fucking time! So when are you going to make an honest man out of Malfoy?"

Dean, who wasn't far behind, scoffed in the background; I glared at him. "The wedding is in six weeks," I answered. "We were supposed to be going in for our final fitting of the wedding robes today, but I suppose that will have to wait until tomorrow."

"Not if I have anything to say about it," Seamus commented, calling over a blushing waitress to provide us with drinks. "Tomorrow you shall be nursing an extremely nasty hangover!"

I took the drink and, after a few very short conversations and acknowledgement of several congratulations and suggestive comments, finally managed to escape to a private table with Draco.

"Are you alright?" I asked him. "If you don't want to stay, we can sneak off."

He shook his head. "No, this is nice. We're supposed to have a bucks night anyway. It's traditional."

"You think this is nice?" I laughed, hardly believing it, and Draco joined in.

"No, you're right, this is bloody awful, but it's still traditional," he replied. "We should stay at least for a little while."

Hermione, who had evidently decided to stay for the evening, and Ron were quick to join us. The two of them were still as deeply in love as ever and my friendship with them grew stronger every day, but the scars of their betrayal were still present. It was most obvious in the strained moments when we talked about our time apart and in the desperate apologies of my friends each time they upset me. It was as though they were expecting me to kick them to the curb any day now.

"I'm truly sorry, guys," Ron said again, and inwardly I groaned. Draco could tell exactly how I was feeling, he understood me completely, and he immediately smoothed it over.

"You're an idiot, Weasley," Draco said, then casually took a sip of his whiskey. We had two drinks each now as Ron had brought with him our promised beverages. "Nobody expects anything less of you really."

Ron turned a bit pink, but didn't say any more about it. I was eager to change the subject. "How is Tuck going?" I asked. Ginny had birthed a very healthy little boy who for some reason she named Tucker; he celebrated his first birthday the weekend before and Hermione and Ron had attended.

While things with Ginny were very much 'water under the bridge' and I had forgiven her for manipulating me and orchestrating my social isolation from Gryffindor – because, after all, I may have never fallen for Draco if she hadn't – she still declined to speak to me. It had annoyed me greatly at first that she continued to behave like I had ruined her life, but now I simply felt sorry for her. Her family loved her only because she was family, none of them really liked who she was, and little Tuck, who I had spent some time with when Nott came to visit Draco, was the only good part of her.

Nott and Draco had never been particularly close at Hogwarts, but their mutual displacement in the Weasley family had them striking up a belated friendship. Nott had continued with us at Hogwarts and was permitted weekends at the Burrow to be with Ginny and Tuck. Ginny had left school as soon as she had begun to show her pregnancy. They were married quietly as soon as Ginny turned sixteen and it was legal for her to do so. The bonding magic was performed without ceremony with only the Bonder, Ginny's parents, and Nott's father present.

Nott's friendship with Draco didn't extend to me. We were friendly, but if he dropped around and Draco wasn't home, he wouldn't stay. Since the war ended, many who were destined to join Voldemort – like Nott – simply slipped back into a normal life, and while I believe Nott was glad Voldemort could not force him down the unpleasant path of servitude, befriending me was still too much of a traitorous act. I didn't mind him though, he loved his son and for that I respected him greatly; he was an excellent father.

"He's great!" Ron gushed, very proud of his nephew. "He loved the party. Fred and George put on a real big bash for him, it's a shame you couldn't make it."

I nodded. I had chosen not to be there; one day I hoped things might be different, but I wasn't about to ruin Tuck's first birthday for everybody by showing up. Ginny would have made a scene if I had and it would have only ended in tears.

"He's a real mover and a shaker," Hermione added, her eyes lighting up. I smiled; she will make an excellent mother one day. Maybe even soon. It was only two weeks ago that Ron had proudly showed me a beautiful diamond ring, bashfully seeking my opinion and my approval, that he planned to give Hermione in a few months time on her birthday. If he could wait that long, I secretly believed he might get too excited and just blurt it out without meaning to. Part of me hoped it would happen that way, it would be 'Ron Weasley' all over if it did. "Tuck is right into everything now, Ginny has had to lock everything in cupboards or bring it all up high just so he won't hurt himself."

I smiled. I had noticed Ron's parents' house baby proofed when I was last invited to dinner a few weeks ago, and I had gone straight home and done the same to our living room for when Tucker came to visit again.

"Theo should be coming tonight actually," Ron commented with a chuckle. "I think he's going to be here a little late, he wants to put Tuck to bed first. He reckons he doesn't sleep right if he doesn't read him his favourite story. Talk about having Daddy wrapped around his cute little finger."

"Oh please, that boy has his Daddy, all his uncles, his grandparents, and you two-" Hermione nodded to Draco and I "-wrapped around his cute little finger. He is well looked after."

Everybody laughed, but only because it was true.

By the time Ron got up to make his speech, Theo had arrived and Fred and Seamus had each disappeared with two of the female strippers. Most of the other blokes had lost count of their drinks and were generously tipping the girls who had shown me a whole new way of using magic. It was very erotic and I was keen to learn some of it myself to entertain Draco with on our honeymoon.

"May I have your attention for just a few seconds," Ron requested, amplifying his voice to reach around the room. The music has been turned low and the girls had stopped dancing. "Apparently I'm making this speech for Nott as well who is standing next to Draco in a few weeks time when he marries my best friend, so thanks for that brother. I now know you have always got my back when it comes to public speaking." Ron nodded to Nott who raised his glass and the whole room cheered. "If someone had told me in first year that Harry would one day be marrying Draco Malfoy I would have hexed them into oblivion. But then in first year I also thought that one day I would marry Gabriella Harvey, the Captain of the Chudley Cannons, and I would never have believed that I would find someone leagues better than her who miraculously would love me back." Ron winked to Hermione who blushed, then glared at a few men who made comments about her even being allowed here.

"Harry is probably the best man I know and better than I could ever hope to be. I am blessed to be his best friend and for him to love me and forgive me of all my faults. Draco Malfoy is a very lucky man, but from what I have seen of him, he is worthy and I know he will take the very best care of my mate." Ron raised his glass. "To Harry and Draco!"

The room cheered. "To Harry and Draco!" Everybody drank.

Ron came over to join us and I didn't know what to say to him. I thought his speech was beautiful and very sincere. He had been extremely hard on himself for our rift and even though it had been nearly two years ago, he hadn't forgiven himself. "Thanks, man," I said eventually, pulling him into a hug. "One day you are going to realise that it doesn't help that you are still punishing yourself for what happened in sixth year. I forgave you a long time ago and when you stand up next to me at my wedding as my best man, I don't want you to bring your past mistakes with you. Leave them behind with your sixteen year old self, where they belong." Ron nodded, looking a little tipsy and a little emotional. "Promise?"

"I promise," he agreed and we hugged again.

"Oi, what's with all this hugging?" Draco teased, pinching my bum. "Where's my action?"

"I'll leave you to it," Ron coughed and was quick to disappear.

"Finally a moment alone with you," I sighed, stealing a small kiss. I hadn't had one since I rescued him from his binds. "I have something to tell you. I want you to know first, before anyone else."

"Merlin," he whispered in awe, "you're pregnant?" He cracked a smile and I punched him lightly in the arm.

"Shut up, this is exciting and I want to tell you!"

"So tell me already!"

"I got into the Auror Program!" I exclaimed with a little bounce and Draco's face lit up.

"My little law enforcer!" he gushed. His arms looped around my waist and he peppered my face with kisses. "Congratulations! I knew they'd accept you. How could they not?"

"I know, but still," I smiled modestly.

"I have news for you, too," he grinned. "I went to see Snape this morning and he has agreed to take me on as his apprentice. He'll still be teaching full time, but he will work with me on Saturday mornings, during school breaks, and he has found me a job in an apothecary for two days a week while I study."

Pride burst like fireworks in my chest. This was exactly what Draco had hoped for. Snape had given him a glowing recommendation to Graides, Britain's top wizarding tertiary learning institution, and he had received his acceptance letter only a few days ago. He had mentioned briefly how much he would like to work with Snape while he studied, and it seemed as though his godfather had come through for him. But I knew Snape would never have agreed if he didn't think Draco was up to the task, and I knew he was.

"My little Potions Master," I whispered, repeating his words to me. I leaned in and touched the tip of my nose with his. "My beautiful, clever soon-to-be-husband," I said and he chuckled. I tilted my chin and he tilted to match me and our lips met in a tender kiss. I never tired of his soft pink lips, I never failed to find new delight in the way he tasted and the way he loved to suck on my bottom lip. It seemed with each kiss he drew me deeper into his heart and I drew him deeper into mine.

"Get out of it, guys!" Theo protested and we pulled apart. "Quit with all the lovey dovey shit, its time to have some fun!"

Theo pulled Draco and I over to two matching chairs sitting in the middle of the parted crowd. My insides immediately clenched. I looked ominously over at Draco who seemed to look more pale than usual. We both knew what was coming.

We were sat down and again we were both blindfolded. Then the music started. It was a recording of a cheesy, burlesque, stripper tune, one your body seemed to naturally want to swing your hips and grind into. I was terrified.

I felt the presence of someone come close to me and then familiar strong, gentle hands gripped my wrists and placed my hands on the gyrating hips of a very naked man. I just knew that this man's cock would be swinging seductively in front of my face and I felt a little ill. I heard hoots and laughs from the crowd and uncomfortable whimpers from my fiancé. He must have been getting the same treatment. I leaned back as far as I could away from the swinging dick, but the man just seemed to get closer. His hands moved my hands around his arse and as soon as he freed them, obviously hoping I'd keep rubbing of my own accord, I pulled away. He reclaimed my hands and continued the rubbing. He let me go and I pulled away. We continued this game until Draco ripped his blindfold off in huff.

Theo protested at Draco 'ruining the show' and Draco said something nobody was expecting. "I want a show I can enjoy with Harry," he announced, getting up and moving his chair over to me. "Off," he said to my stripper. "Give us a show and dance together!"

The display that followed was much more to my taste. I was able to cling to Draco when their cocks got too close, but was very much enjoying the men when they teased one another. They shimmied away to the music, bopping and grinding into each other, sometimes into us and sometimes into the crowd. At one stage a very drunk Dean got sandwiched between the two men and was effectively cocked on both sides.

My own cock was definitely enjoying the show. It came up for a look early on in the piece and didn't die down. By the closing bars of the last song I was squeezing Draco's thigh so tightly I must have cut off his circulation. Silently I was telling him, we need to leave NOW, and apparently he got the message.

"Thanks for a good night, Weasley," Draco called out to Ron. "Next time just send an invite, you don't need to kidnap us!"

"You're leaving?" he asked, a little surprised. It seemed he had just ordered us all a new round of drinks.

"I think its time we did," I answered and Draco nodded, literally pulling me towards the door.

"But we have a few more games planned and it's only just past midnight!" George added.

"Look boys, I need to go home and fuck Harry's brains out, so are you going to let us go or am I going to have to hurt you?" Draco asked in a deadpan tone. I think my face turned purple.

"Go. Please," George conceded and Ron just looked horrified and scurried away.

All things considered it had been a good party. My arrival wasn't fun and the strippers…well, they served their purpose – humiliate the grooms. But I supposed, ultimately, bachelor parties weren't exactly for the bachelor, but for the enjoyment of all their sadistic friends. I should be grateful I'm being allowed home rather than being dumped drunk, naked, and abused on the front lawn of Hogwarts.

Instead, I'm much preferably being dumped by my fiancé, naked and a little tipsy, on to our bed in preparation of my being abused.

Draco's hands and mouth were all over my body. He was frantic, but it didn't matter because tomorrow morning I knew he would seduce me slowly, taking care as he woke me from my slumber with gentle kisses. For now, my body burned as much as his seemed to, his flesh was as hot as mine and I knew neither of us would last very long. His hands pressed my hip into the mattress and his face was buried in my neck, marking it. My cock was fiercely hard, it had been paying attention to the two strippers at the party, but now it was screaming.

"Merlin, Draco," I whispered, urging him along and hoping he might take mercy on me and move his hand just a little over to grip my shaft. He did. His fingers caressed me lightly and I shivered.

He gripped me tightly and squeezed deliciously for a moment before loosening his grip and sweeping his circled fingers up and down my cock. A strike of pleasure shot up my spine and arched my back, a long deep moan escaped my throat and Draco knew I needed more.

"Talk to me, Harry," he whispered, and my lips curled into a lazy smile. He loved encouraging dirty talk out of me, particularly when I was so drunk with lust I'd say almost anything. "Tell me what you want."

I looked directly into his molten grey eyes and locked our gaze; sometimes I felt like simply the intensity of his stare was enough to bring me off. "I want you to fuck me," I told him, and he smiled.

"I fucked you last night," he reminded me, pinching my nipple tightly between his index finger and his thumb. "Isn't it my turn to be fucked?"

I nearly whined; I loved feeling Draco's muscles squeezing around my cock, but I didn't love it quite as much as being filled by him. There was something about the way he sank right into me that made me nearly explode every time. He knew this, and while he was content with both positions, he didn't want our sex life to be prescribed as 'top' and 'bottom'. "Tomorrow morning," I promised, although it sounded more like begging, "I'll fuck you until you can't walk, I promise, but tonight I need to feel you inside me."

I saw hesitation flick through his eyes, and I could tell he still wanted it to be me on top tonight; how could I deny him?

I hooked my leg around his and rolled us over so my body was draped over his and he made a noise of surprise. I wriggled down his body and as he opened his mouth to question me I licked a strip from the base of his cock to the tip, and all that he could do was moan. I took him slowly and teasingly into my mouth, licking and kissing and sucking on the tip, then working him all the way down my throat before starting again. Once I had him quivering, when I could feel his muscles clenching in his efforts to force his climax back, I relented.

"Baby," he gasped, once I'd come back up to claim a kiss, "I'm never going to last now." He still thought I expected him to be the one to enter me and not the other way around.

"I rather hope you don't, you have no idea how beautiful it is to see you come all over yourself while I fuck you, or how good it feels to have you clench around me," I whispered, and I could see him realise what I had planned since I placed the first kiss on the head of his beautiful member.

"I think I know exactly how that feels," he replied and he handed over my wand to prepare him.

I cast the spell to stretch and relax him and slick my cock and his entrance. Usually I would take the time to tease him with my fingers, but tonight I could wait no longer to feel him around me, and from the look on his face, neither could he. He lifted his hips for me and I lined myself up and pushed.

A deep guttural groan escaped his throat and I could tell immediately how much he had needed this. I felt pressure on all sides of me and it was like coming home. My beautiful lover, my soul mate, my future husband, lying beneath me, moaning for me, crying out for more, and my life was perfect in that moment. I knew as long as I had him, my life would always be perfect because there was nothing better than this, and no one better for me than him.

At his insistence I pulled myself from my awe at the sight of him and began to move, focusing not on myself, but on the small noises he made and the way he bucked against me. I found a smooth rhythm in and out of him and a fog of pleasure invaded my every cell. My sack smacked erotically against his tailbone and I couldn't stop the grunts that forced out of my mouth. Still, it wasn't enough, I needed to be close to him, to kiss him and feel his panting on my neck.

When I pulled out, he almost swore and I could see his cock throbbing as it demanded attention. "Need to be closer," I said as I sat up straight, leaning against the head of the bed for support. "Jump on," I requested, and Draco climbed onto my lap and lowered himself back onto my cock.

I secured him there with my hands on his hips and then he began to move. Just as I'd hoped, his lips were within easy reach of mine and I was able to pull him in close to me. Draco pumped himself up and down, working us both into a shivering mass of lust and want. He drew closer and closer to his limit and he dropped his head into my neck, crying out and biting into my flesh as he came. The combined sensations of Draco's tightening muscles and the erotic sting of his teeth bruising my skin pushed me quickly over the edge and I emptied myself into him.

We both collapsed back on to the mattress lost in a state of satisfied exhaustion and snuggled in close together. "Can we do that again tomorrow?" I asked, and he burbled an incoherent reply.

I chuckled, and then followed him into sleep.

"Weasley, you're supposed to be out at the front," Lucius snapped as he swirled into my tiny dressing room in his usual way.

Ron glared, but didn't dare argue. "See you down there, mate," he said to me, and then disappeared.

Remus frowned at Lucius, he still didn't quite trust him, and came over to fuss with my collar again. I tried to bat him away. "Don't you want to look nice?" he asked, and I begrudgingly let him straighten my robes.

"How's Draco?" I asked, glancing over to Lucius who looked unimpressed at my still-untamed hair.

"He's ready when you are," he replied, and flicked his wand to straighten out a small crease in my robes where I'd sat down.

"Sir, I was ready a year and a half ago," I smiled, and I tucked my wand into my sleeve. "Let's go."

Remus had been suspicious of Draco at first, but after seeing us together and hearing about the events leading up to the fall of the Dark Lord, he began to accept our relationship and grew to trust Draco. Lucius, on the other hand, Remus would never trust. As far as Remus was concerned, Lucius nearly killed me and that was all he needed to know. When the war finished and Remus was no longer away on missions for Dumbledore, he became a constant figure in my life, filling the role he felt duty bound to fill in the absence of my father. Today, he would escort me to Draco.

When I heard music resonate through the large white tent that was filled to the brim with our family and friends, my heart skipped in excitement and I had to stop myself from running down to meet Draco. I stepped out of my dressing room with Remus beside me and together we walked down the aisle created through the crowd. I saw Draco up ahead with Lucius, walking down to meet me, and again, all I wanted to do was run to him. Remus gripped my elbow to restrain me, and we walked calmly across the grass.

Draco grinned at me unrestrained, and I smiled back. We met in the middle and, flanked on either side by Remus and Lucius, we continued our journey, hand in hand, towards the altar where Dumbledore was waiting to wed us. Ron was there with Nott who held Tuck in his arms. Tuck had our rings in a small pouch tied around his wrist, but he only had eyes for his mum in the front row. Hermione and all the Weasleys sat in the front, my cousin Dudley had accepted my invitation and he sat bravely next to them, my Aunt and Uncle had declined to attend. Also at the front was Narcissa Malfoy, her sister Andi, and Draco's cousin Tonks, who was also Remus' heavily pregnant wife.

I was glad they were here, the day would be a perfect celebration, but truthfully, all I cared about was the soft squeeze and release of Draco's hand in mine. That small action explained to me his excitement, his nerves, and above all, his love.

Softly, I squeezed his hand back. I love you too.

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