((Plot Bunny Take 2. My first Dæmonic Superhero story I'm liking so much that I'm making a second! Disclaimer: I do not own Spiderman, The Golden Compass/Northern Lights or the concept of dæmons. However, I do own all dæmons name/form/ect. so herein this tale.))



Angel Arrival

It was the noise that first woke him. Slamming, screeching, swearing. Nothing at all like the normal twittering of the birds and gentle call of Aunt May for him to wake up.

Peter Parker rolled over in his bed, trying to see down the alley to the street outside, without any luck.

"We're just going to have to go downstairs, Petey." Azmina told him, her furry tiger cub turning swiftly to a dinosaur to bump him out of bed, before reverting to their preferred feline form. The six year old stumbled on landing, but swiftly caught himself, pulling play clothes out of his drawers to change. One nagging tiger-cub's attempts at combing his hair for him later, he was thumping down the stairs, too excited to go down gently, like Aunt May and Uncle Ben always wanted him to.

"Good Morning, little elephant. What's the plan for today?" Uncle Ben turned from his place at the table, Akiha regarding the pair with dancing eyes, like her human.

"Unca Ben, what's the noise outside?" Peter asked as he climbed into his booster-seat at the kitchen table. He couldn't quite reach the table-top otherwise. Aunt May placed a plate full of his favorite, chocolate chip pancakes in front of him, already cut up and covered in syrup, just the way he liked them. Yum!

It was Aunt May who answered, pouring him a glass of milk. "That's our new neighbors. Don't worry, we'll all go say hello after breakfast and brushing our teeth. Our neighbors aren't even here yet, the sounds are the moving men who are moving things in for them. Ok?"

Peter nodded in agreement, glugging down his milk with gusto. His pancakes were finished in record time, as was the cantaloupe Aunt May convinced him to eat. He chafed at having to go upstairs and brush his teeth, but he did so, silently sighing as Aunt May tagged behind him to comb down his fly-away hair.

Within the hour, the three Parkers were standing outside the house, watching the movers. Peter was busy with Azmina, looking at the ant colony in the sidewalk. A grumble and sputter caused him to look up when a car rumbled up to park in the driveway of the house next door. His sky-blue eyes widened at the red-headed vision that exited the back of the car, followed by a sulking puppy who had to be her dæmon.

He ran over to Aunt May and tugged on her hand, interrupting the woman's quiet conversation with her husband. "Aunt May, Aunt May!" Peter blushed when his aunt turned to him, blurting out, "Is that an angel?" May turned to where he was pointing, letting out a little chuckle. Swithin gave Azmina an indulgent look, as if telling the younger dæmon it was alright for her to be embarrassed at her human's words.

"No, honey. That's our new neighbor. Why don't you go over and say hi? She looks like she could need a friend." Peter did as May urged, not noticing his aunt's perceptive looks at the new family next door. She had already assessed that the little girl was going to need a friend, but for more reasons than Peter would be able to tell at his age. The girl's father didn't look like good business. May's heart broke for the girl, who was standing in the middle of the driveway forlornly, hugging her dæmon close but staying deliberately away from her parents. This was not a girl who was just scared of moving to a new place, evidenced by her startled look when her father shouted at her mother; the poor thing looked terrified.

Like a kind avenging angel, May stepped in to welcome the new family, providing her nephew with a screen to talk to the girl, and for her husband to hopefully calm the other man down before he did something he would regret to either of the women in his family, both of whom looked remarkably cowed.

"Hi," Peter said to the girl shyly, rubbing one ankle on the other, Azmina comforting as a tiger cub beside him, "I'm Peter Parker and Azmina, we're going to be neighbors. What's your name?"

The green-eyed angel's eyes broke away from where they'd been staring apprehensively at her father and Uncle Ben to look at Peter, a blush gracing her features, giving life to the statue. "I'm Mary Jane Watson and Khalon. You're nice."

"Thank you," Peter said, remembering his manners, "Do you wanna go play? I've got a swing-set!"

"Ok! I'll race you, Tiger!" Peter stared at her new nickname for him, until she clarified by pointing at the still cub-formed Azmina. He grinned and she grinned back, then they took off running to his backyard.

Mommy, Daddy, today I met an angel. Her name is Mary Jane or MJ, and she calls me Tiger. I love her.