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"Destroy him!" Daniel repeatedas he continued to writhe in pain, battling Dan for control of their shared body. Danny felt as though the bottom had dropped out of his stomach. What was going on?

"W-what?" he stuttered. The being before him lurched violently, its skin changing back and forth between pale green and peach colors, its fiery hair dying and rising up again randomly, its eyes flashing between green and red. Danny could see Sam and his allies standing ramrod stiff, frozen in terror.

"I'm taking control for as long as I can!" Daniels voice shrieked from his shared mouth. A hand flicked forward, a pulse of energy bursting from its fingers, sending the sword of unity skidding across the rock floor, coming to a stop at Danny's feet. "Take it!" Daniel cried as he reached a violently shaking hand to his chest, peeling back the black armor plates to reveal pale colorless flesh.

"You think he can do it?!" Dan's voice echoed from his open mouth. "He is weak, you honestly believe that he'll kill you?!"

"He'd kill you!" Daniel's voice replied as his shared head jerked to the side, as if he were arguing with the angel and devil on his shoulders. "Kill me!" he begged as he jerked his head back to face Danny.

"I-I cant kill you!" Danny cried desperately, eyes flashing back and forth between the being before him and the sword at his feet. How could he possibly be expected to kill Daniel, even if it destroyed Dan? He was the greatest mentor he'd ever had.

"I told you he was weak!" Dan's voice shouted triumphantly. "You cannot hold me forever!" The two spirited body continued to shake as the two halves fought for control.

"Do it!" Daniel screamed as a horn erupted from the top of his head and the red in his eyes began to dominate the green. Danny looked down at the sword of unity, the most powerful weapon in existence. He sank to one knee, and took the sword into his hands.

The effect was instantaneous as golden light enveloped Danny. He felt his hazmat suit being stripped away and ghostly metal forming in its place, and he could feel the power of the blade flow through him as it accepted him as its wielder. The light cleared, and Danny stood there sword in hand, now covered in Daniels armor.

He slowly raised the blade as he looked into two sets of eyes in one, half good, half evil. And for one to die, the other must as well.

"I'm….I'm sorry…." Danny choked out as tears came into his glowing eyes. And with that he thrust the blade forward. The voices of Dan and Daniel screamed as the sacred metal pierced their shared fleshed, screamed as limitless power poured into them, as every one of their molecules was set aflame.

Suddenly the conjoint phantom launched into the air, punching clean through the energy barrier that surrounded the floating rock, which sealed itself immediately. They rose higher, eclipsing the sun as they roared in agony, shaking the universe to its core. And then their head craned backward, and they gave off a final cry….and exploded.

The group within the barrier screamed as white light engulfed them, the explosions magnitude rivaling that of the big bang. Then there was nothing but silence.


Danny lay on flat cool surface. His head hurt, and he'd never before felt so tired. His eyes fluttered open as he pushed himself off the ground. The teenage halfa was on a white plane, completely devoid of anything, and anyone. Spinning around in all directions, he looked for any sign of life, any sign of anything.

Where was he? Had he died? Is this what happens in the end, you simply fell off the plane of existence entirely?

"Hello Danny" a familiar voice said behind him, taking him so much by surprise he nearly leapt out of his skin. Danny spun on his heel see Clockwork floating beside him in his adult form, his staff firmly within his right hand. For along moment Danny just stared at him, not having a clue what to say, eventually deciding on the first thing he could think of.

"Where the hell am I?" the master of time chuckled lightly.

"Nowhere in particular" Clockwork answered flatly, snickering at Danny's dumbfounded expression. "I just needed a place to explain things to you before I set things right."

"What do you mean, set things right?" Danny asked.

"Dan has been destroyed, utterly and completely" he replied. "Now the earth can be set back to normal, and all those who suffered by Dan's hand will forget."

"Forget!" Danny exploded in anger. "So you're telling me you could have done this all along, that you let Daniel sacrifice himself for nothing!"

"Nothing?" Clockwork said, his voice becoming deathly serious. "Dan has been destroyed and cannot come back in any way, shape, or form. He did what he was destined to do. He travelled through time to prevent a horrible future, not for himself, but for you, so that you and the ones you love will never have to experience it."

There was a long pause.

"So, everyone will forget any of this happened?"

"Not everyone" Clockwork answered. "If you wish you, your family and friends may remember, and Vladimir will be permitted to move on to the afterlife, as he will be rejected in the world of the living" Danny nodded, but his gaze fell to the ground.

"Do not feel guilt about the death of Daniel, he gave his life by his own freewill, nothing you could have done could have prevented it".

"So that's what the prophecy meant, huh?" Danny asked looking up into the eternal ghosts eyes. "He was always going to die, and I was always going to be the one to do it." Clockwork nodded. Danny's gaze fell once again in grief and guilt. It had been fate that he was to destroy his greatest teacher, and everything he had ever hoped to become.

"But the prophecy also stated that 'the boy would become the man" Clockwork said sagely. "You are the Danny Phantom of the true timeline, of the true universe. It was Daniels purpose to mold into the hero you were destined to become." Clockwork gave a rare smile. "And in all my years, I've never met a better one".

He raised the staff above his head, and gears and clocks formed around them as he manipulated time and space.


Danny opened his eyes, and nearly fainted. He was standing behind the podium in the center of Amity park stadium, half a dozen microphones before him, and thousands of people waiting intently for him to speak. In the audience Sam, the Fenton's, Manson's, Foley's, and Valerie were stricken in their seats looking around frantically to see how they had gotten there.

Danny spluttered through his speech, and rushed out the stadium as fast as he could. In the limo home everyone demanded answers, and he told them all that he had seen. They believed him, and wanted to know more, but did not question him further.

The limo pulled up to the Fenton's home, and the Manson's agreed that given the circumstances, it was okay that Sam stay the night. Danny and Sam retreated to his bedroom, and lay in each others arms.

"It just feels weird" Danny confessed after remaining silent for a long while. "It's as if none of it ever happened at all"

"I know" Sam agreed, nuzzling her head into his chin. "But it seemed so real, I remember it all so clearly".

"I guess that's Clockworks doing" Danny said. "But it feels like I did nothing, like all the fighting, and Daniels sacrifice meant nothing. He's the real hero here, and no one but us can even remember him".

They fell silent once again, and before long they had fallen fast asleep.

It felt like only moments later that Danny was prodded asleep. He eyes creaked open to see a glowing blue orb about the size of a tennis ball floating above him, bouncing against his forehead in an attempt to wake him up. It seemed to notice he was awake, and flew straight at the bedroom window, phasing right through it.

Danny phased himself out of Sam's embrace, and flew after it. He followed it over the town before it led him to a familiar hilltop. He landed, and the orb stopped at his chest level. He raised a hand to catch it, but it disappeared with a pop.

"A lot of memories here, huh?" a voice said behind him. His battle instincts kicked in and he spun around energy blazing in his fists, but the face he saw illuminated in their light made his jaw drop. Standing before him, completely unharmed, was Daniel, dressed in armor, not of black technoforming plates, but of shining gold.

"B-but your-"

"Dead?" Daniel finished with a grin. "You know that's a really lose term". And then Danny gasped as huge, shining wings of pure light expanded themselves on Daniels back, giving him the full appearance of the angel he was.

"Y-you're a celestial, aren't you?" Danny asked, it was the only thing he could be. Daniel smiled.

"They gave me an offer I couldn't refuse, my timelines gone, and with them I can have all the adventures I want". He placed a gloved hand upon Danny's shoulder. "You did good kid".

"But I killed you"

"It had to be done, now Dan's gone, and you're free to live your life, you've got so much good going for you Danny". Danny looked up into his own green eyes, and smiled as the celestial phantom rose into the sky and disappeared in the sunrise. Now the future lay before him, and he was not afraid, because he knew he had a guardian angel watching out for him. And whatever happened, he'd be okay.

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