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Chapter 1

The owl waited impatiently outside of the window. Waiting for someone to come and take the very important package that she had to deliver. The very important parcel that within it held a somewhat secret part of Hogwarts history. The game was truth or dare and it was one of the ways that the houses kept track of their own points without help from the professors each year.

The way it was played was that the house with the most house points would send the truth or dare to the house with the least amount of points- asking them for either a truth or a dare which meant acting upon something. If a house decided not to act upon the truth or the dare, then a point was lost.

Each truth was one point and each dare was worth two points. In the end, the house with the largest amount of points was the most revered amongst the houses. Of course since this was a long running tradition, most houses wanted to be in that coveted position of winning truth or dare.

School had already been in sessions for a few weeks and several truth or dares had been placed in the grips of owls only to be sent off to the next house. Sometimes it was fun to play truth or dare, such as when you received a dare to kiss someone, and at other times it was ridiculous- for example to admit to cheating on a test when in fact you did not.

So within that owl's talons, within her very talon's held Gryffindor's fate. A fate so important to Gryffindor because although they had high points with the truth or dare game, in total house points- they were well behind everyone else. They had to make up for this in some way and as most students in the house of Gryffindor decided, playing truth or dare hard core until they won would be a way to redeem themselves.

The current score was Ravenclaws 2, Slytherins 4, Hufflepuffs 1, and Gryffindors 5. They just had to take this dare which was why this particular owl was so insistent upon giving them the parchment. She tapped her beak furiously on the window when Harry Potter 'the boy who lived' ran up to the window.

He recognized right away that it was a truth or dare parchment because he could see the small t/d printed on the bottom right hand side of the envelope.

'So this is it' Harry thought to himself. Smiling to himself, Harry wondered what devious plan the Slytherins had thought of this time.

This was the paper that could put them just enough ahead of Slytherin that they could lead, and they had no option but to take the dare. As Harry unrolled the parchment; Ron walked up behind him.

"Boo." He shouted as Harry about jumped out of his robes.

"Ron!" Harry smiled as he turned around to his friend and then continued, "Guess what I've gotten?"

"What is it?" Ron requested eager to know.

"It's our truth or dare from Slytherin. And as you know, we have to take the dare. Let's just keep this between you and I for now and earn points for our house. That way no one else will have to worry about getting into trouble."

"You are bloody magnificent Harry!" Ron said as he tapped Harry on the back of the head. "What's the dare?"

As Harry began to unroll the parchment he read out loud to Ron.

"We Slytherins challenge you to a game of truth or dare-

Truth (1 point) - Tell Snape that you hate him.

Dare (2 points) - Write Snape a love note from a pretend witch named Lena professing your love for him. You must include something sexual in nature in the letter. You have one hour to complete this dare."

"Oh," Harry blushed. "This could be a lot of fun."

Ron looked mischievous thinking of all the ways that they could both mess with Professor Snape. And he deserved all of those ways- from making them do potions homework on the weekend, to taking points away from Gryffindor for absolutely no reason when Slytherin had just done the same exact thing. He was an evil man and obviously favored the Slytherins in his classes, and why shouldn't he? He was the head of Slytherin. But, as some people put it, 'payback was a bitch.'

"So," Harry began. "What should we tell our dear Professor Snape from Lena?"

Thoughts began to take form in Ron's mind and as they did, he motioned Harry over to sit down beside him as he began to write. For five minutes he scribbled and scratched and worked harder at this letter than he had ever at any potions assignment before.

Finally when he was satisfied with the letter he gave Harry thumbs up.

"I've got it. Listen to this..." he began as Hermione entered the room.

"What are we listening to?" she questioned Ron.

"Oh, we're doing something great for the truth or dare. We're writing a letter to Snape from this lovely pretend witch named Lena. We are going to write a letter that will make him think that she is in love with him. This will be bloody hilarious to see as he starts searching for a witch named Lena." Ron began to laugh.

"Ok, I'll listen to it strictly from a girl's point of view and let you know what I think. Who wrote this thing by the way?" Hermione asked primly.

"I wrote it Hermione. Now listen to how great it sounds." Ron replied.

Dear Severus Snape:

You are a bloody brilliant wizard. I would very much like to meet you. I think you are (Ron gulped) sexy and I very much want to be your witch. Let me show you the best sex of your life.


Harry fell onto the floor laughing so hard that he almost snorted.

"Ron, that was amazing- how did you ever think of that? I think you are sexy, gods that's disgusting." Harry continued to laugh.

"Hermione, what did you think?" Ron asked seeking her approval.

"I thought it was horribly disgusting." Hermione said telling them exactly what she thought about the letter.

Ron and Harry laughed. "I know, Ron did such a great job with it. Didn't he?"

"I didn't mean it in a good way, I meant it sounded TERRIBLE. Snape will know immediately that there is no witch named Lena and will figure out VERY quickly that YOU are the two who sent the note." Hermione huffed.

Harry looked at Hermione as though she had lost her mind. The letter was brilliant well at least he and Ron thought so.

Harry decided to challenge her-

"Ok, Hermione- if you didn't like that letter then write your own. What would you say if you were Lena?"

"Fine, I WILL do that and not because you two are ordering me around." Hermione closed her eyes and looked within her heart. She began to speak remembering exactly how she felt when she dreamed of Professor Snape again last night.

"Now take this down Ron.

Dear Severus,

I have noticed the way that you walk, as though you are always in a hurry to get someplace. I see that you pass me by quite frequently and I must say that I am hurt by the way that you ignore me. I truly wish there was a way in your heart that you would be able to stop and take notice of the feelings I have for you. Sometimes I want to stop you, to reach for your hand and feel it in mine. I wish that we could stop for one moment to recognize the passion that we could have between each other. If only you were aware of how I felt for you, it might be scary at first but then we could know more together. I never see you smile, but when you smirk it warms my heart with pleasure because it makes me think that there just might be happiness buried deep within. I long to find that happiness and explore it with you- to make you happy for the rest of your life and for mine. I wish you knew how much I cared about you and how often I think and dream about you. But you cannot know, for you always pass me by. I'm right under your nose, yet you never notice me. In my heart I wish you would look my way and give us a chance. Even though others may disagree about us being together, I think we should give it a chance. For I sometimes think that I might love you. I would give anything to have the opportunity to sexually please you. Please, just take a moment to recognize me and maybe we can be together someday.

Love, Lena"

Both Harry and Ron sat shocked as they looked up at Hermione.

"Hermione, now THAT was brilliant." Ron exclaimed. "That is much better than my letter."

"Yes, well now you can see that girls truly are better at writing these things Ron." Harry laughed. "Let's send it. Where are you going so fast Hermione?"

Hermione had gotten up to leave the room when she was stopped by Harry.

"I have a lot of studying to do for my classes. So I will be busy. Send the letter see if I care. Earn us those two points." Hermione turned and left the room.

"She's a great friend Harry- how else would we pull off this stunt of driving Snape crazy looking for a witch named Lena?"

They both fell into laughter again and went to owl their professor.


Hermione ran to her room as quickly as possible to run through the feelings she was having as she was composing that letter. Now, in her room of peace and quiet she began to wonder why she had been dreaming and feeling this way about her dear professor.

It was as if the letter had come directly from her heart, for she secretly longed to be with him. No, the letter wasn't easy for her to write because she was a girl- it was easy for her to write because she had some serious feelings for her professor that she would never allow anyone to know about.

She had tried for many years to hide the admiration she had for him, but now after writing that letter it was beginning to be too much. She feared that she might actually be in love with him.


Snape closed the shutters in his classroom and rushed to his office. He had received a letter from an owl and was interested to know if it was in response to his request for special potions ingredients to be added to his stores for the next semester.

He sat down, propped up his feet on his desk and began to read something- no- this wasn't a request confirmed note- this was a heartfelt love letter from some witch he was supposed to know.

In fact it was so very heartfelt that he was surprised that he didn't recognize the dear witches' name, Lena.

He didn't know of a Lena. Maybe he didn't know of her because he had passed her by too many times. He began to wonder, Lena... Lena... who in the world was Lena? When he read the words something seemed familiar about the words and he felt a warming sensation in his heart. It was amazing that someone felt this way enough about him to write such a letter.

'It would seem as though this, Lena, has it bad for me.' He thought smugly.

This was a big surprise to receive a letter like this because he knew of no one that even remotely had feelings this deep for him. As he reread the words that were written, he desired very much to meet Lena. The very fact that she wanted to reach out and hold his hand was amazing. He must find out who she is, and go to her immediately.


Hermione made a decision and after a lot of thinking, and she decided that she didn't want that letter to be sent after all. It was like a private journal from her heart would be released, but how would she tell Ron without being obvious that she had meant those words towards Snape?

She rushed into Ron's room to encourage him to cancel the letter and replace it with his own. After all, she truly didn't want Professor Snape to think that her feelings for him were from another witch.

"Hello Hermione." Ron smiled.

"Hello Ron. Listen, about this truth or dare thing."

"Yes Hermione?"

"I don't think we should send it." She said trying not to look too unsure of herself or her feelings.

"Well Hermione- it's kind of too late for that. Harry and I sent it over an hour ago. Snape should be reading it right now as we speak." Ron explained.

"Well, aren't you afraid that he might figure out that it was one of us?" Hermione felt serious concern.

"He won't figure it out. What would it matter if he did? It was just a prank- we've been playing truth or dare for years at Hogwarts. Surely he remembers playing the game himself. Plus, the Slytherins are going to check it out to make sure he got it. He'll probably realize that it is a truth or dare then. So don't worry dear Hermione." He smiled at her. "You know, your seventh year of school might be a lot more fun if you were willing to kick back and live a little."

"Well, I have to go back to work. Let's just hope that we aren't found out with this." She commented s she secretly hoped that Snape would find out that it was her.

"Goody two shoes Hermione Granger always worried about getting into trouble. Can't you take a break for once?" Ron requested. He was SO glad that he had written the dare that he sent on to the next house.

"Goodbye Ron." She said as she slammed his door in his face.

'It wasn't so much that I am afraid of getting into trouble, I'm more afraid of Snape finding out that it's me and not wanting it to be.' She thought sadly as she walked back to her room.