Chapter 24

Ron held hands with Cho as he prepared to participate in the wedding of one of his best friends. He sincerely hoped that when they continued seeing each other-she would say yes when he asked her to marry him. He looked over at his young sister Ginny- who was snogging with Draco Malfoy. That idiot had finally reformed himself enough to be with someone- his sister. He had hoped that she and Harry would stay together so they would be brothers in law, but Harry had found another witch named Ariel.

He watched Harry standing in the middle of the hallway, hands wrapped around Ariel's beautiful waist, looking deep into her brown eyes and rubbing his nose slightly against hers. He whispered to her, "You look so beautiful today. I might have a problem containing myself." She moved her silky brown hair out of her eyes, so she could see him fully. She found that her eyes were lost in his again. "You don't have to contain yourself." She smiled at him.

Their bodies moved closer and they tasted each other in a kiss, it start out small but they deepened the kiss even further. Even Ron had to admit that what they were doing no longer looked like snogging, but some sort of presexual dance.

"ENOUGH!" Snape argued as he pulled the two apart. "This is MY wedding. Be sure that you treat it that way."

Ariel smiled up at Harry, "Save all of your dances for me"

"You're the only witch I would save my dances for." He kissed her hand as she turned to leave and join the wedding party. Harry thought that if things continued the way they were going with Ariel, this wouldn't be the last time that they came together to a wedding, although it just might be theirs the next time. With that, Harry looked up a Snape who looked horrified.

"Why are you so nervous?" Harry asked.

"What if she changed her mind, what if she doesn't show? What then?" he asked as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"She'll show." Ron laughed. "Hermione will be here. Just wait. Oh, it's almost time- are you ready guys?"


The great hall was beautifully decorated all around, beautiful sparkling stars and hearts hung from the ceiling, and music was played by a very nice wizarding symphony. Each table had white candles and clear marbles that surrounded the candles. Also placed at each table was a cauldron with a notes card for people to leave messages for the happy couple.

Molly Weasley turned around and smiled at Fred, "Isn't this just beautiful? And everything represents their love for one another. It's just so cute."

"Ok, mum, are you seriously going to cry before the wedding even starts?" he teased her.

"I just might. I feel like she is my own daughter."

Molly watched and waved at Hermione's parents as they entered the great hall. Molly could see the tears in Mrs. Granger's eyes. It was always hard for your children to grow up and marry, and since Hermione was their only child Molly realized that they must be feeling an empty burrow syndrome.

Molly had always pictured Ron and Hermione getting married, but with the way that things had seriously heated up with Cho Chang and how much Ron truly loved her- she doubted that Hermione would have had much of a chance.

She watched Minerva walk in and carry the portrait with Albus into the great hall. She hung it to the left side of the altar. She knew that Dumbledore and Snape were very close, so close in fact that he used his portrait of him as his best man. Molly pulled a tissue from her purse as she felt a few tears escape from her eyes.

With Dumbledore's portrait installed, Minerva glanced at him and smiled deeply. "I love you." She said.

His face beamed with excitement and he was so very excited to be present at such an event. He felt so honored.

Mrs. Weasley watched as Ron and Harry entered the great hall- they both looked exquisite. She had hoped that Harry would be marrying her daughter someday, but Ginny had moved on to a new guy and Harry was now preparing to propose to the witch of his dreams, Ariel. She thought about never really being able to predict who would fall in love with.

She certainly had known she would marry Arthur, but honestly the wizarding world was shocked that Hermione and Severus had become a couple in the first place, but perhaps even more surprising was the fact that Severus Snape was getting married at all. No one ever thought after he had lost Lily that he would find someone else, and yet he had and they were so truly in love. Another tear escaped her eye.

She waved at Ron who looked so grown up and handsome in his dress robes that matched Harry's and Dumbledore's. She couldn't believe that Ron and Harry had been asked to take part in such a lovely event as Snape's groomsmen. She hoped that they would continue their friendships after the wedding. She believed that they would.

It was at that moment of being lost in her thoughts that she saw Severus Snape for the first time in his life acting nervously. He eyed every person that was seated as he made his way to the front to stand next to his groomsmen. He looked extremely handsome in his green dress robes- she guessed that he was going for the Slytherin look.

The eyes of every witch in the room looked at him in disbelief that he was actually getting married. Once he reached the front he was greeted by high fives by two of the golden trio, and a smile from Albus.

Did anyone know how incredibly nervous he was? He desperately wanted to marry Hermione, so he wasn't nervous about that- what he WAS worried about was that she might have changed her mind and would stand him up. How embarrassing would that be? He eyed all of her friends and family, and his friends and saw Sam waving at him.

She winked and mouthed, "I told you so." He noticed the wizard she was with and was happy the newly married couple had made time to come see he and Hermione united. Speaking of Hermione, where was she?

Music began to play, and he looked anxiously at the door waiting for her to walk in and instead found her bridesmaids.

Luna Lovegood led the procession as she was the maid of honor, she was wearing a blue colored dress that signified the house Ravenclaw. She had truly been so kind to both of them in the midst of the hell they had been through- it was easy to see why Hermione had chosen her as the maid of honor.

As he continued to look on he watched Pansy Parkinson soon to be Pansy Zabini in a cool, crisp green maternity dress. He smiled and almost laughed as he never imagined Hermione and Pansy ever being friends in the first place, and she truly did waddle down the aisle. The green of her dress represented her ties to Slytherin.

She was followed in by Ginerva Weasley who carried herself in a happy stance as she followed after Pansy. She was wearing a red dress to match her house of Gryffindors. She smiled up and him and he smirked back at her.

Where the hell was Hermione? He had seen everyone else in the world but her. Where was she?

Laura ran after Ginny, smiling and clearly out of place- she was supposed to follow right in after Ginny but as Severus looked more at her, realized that she had to have been doing something else as there were hickey marks on her neck. It was then that he noticed Justin following in after her.

This was it, this was time. The flower girl, and then Hermione. He hoped she would be there.


Hermione adjusted the flower petal holder on Crookshanks. She encouraged Crookshanks to walk into the great hall- and as she opened the door she caught sight of the big crowd and looked up to see Severus. She thought she might faint- she loved him so much and seeing him on their wedding day was just amazing. She noticed her friends on the groom's side, and she noticed her own bridesmaids smiling happily. Everyone was waiting for her- so with Hagrid she pushed Crookshanks into the door and began to follow shortly after.


Everyone smiled as they saw Crookshanks running up the aisle and dropping petals in a run. What a cute flower girl. Everyone had to repress a laugh as it was obviously Hermione's idea for her companion to take such a huge part of the wedding.

Severus looked impatiently for Hermione, and as the music began to play- the bridal march- she began to walk into the great hall as Hagrid led her.

"You look beautiful Hermione." Hagrid smiled as he began to walk her down the aisle.

Severus saw her enter with Hagrid, and he struggled to breathe- so this was it- this is what it felt like to be in love forever. 'Gods you're beautiful.' He told her. 'My wife, you're going to be my wife. I'm so lucky.'

She heard him within her mind. 'I love you. Look at me. I'm a mess, I hope I don't trip.'

He heard her, 'You are the most beautiful witch I've ever seen. Just look into my eyes, focus on me and you'll make it up here just fine.'

She looked into his eyes and as she saw her mom she mouthed, 'I love you mom and dad.' She saw the tears freely flowing from her parents' eyes. Tears of happiness- and she smiled at Severus waiting for her at the front.

Hagrid continued to bring Hermione with him up towards her soon to be husband.

She could do nothing but look deep into Severus's eyes.

He couldn't believe how lucky he was that this witch had come into his life, he loved her so very much and couldn't wait to bring her happiness unmatched to that of any she had ever known. Professor Snape would soon have another Professor Snape in the female version. He felt a tears clinging to his eyes that threatened to come out as he gazed at her, forgetting that the rest of the world was there.

Here she was, presenting herself in a beautiful silver strapless wedding gown, which trailed behind her. She was beaming with excitement at him, for him. He just couldn't wait to get his hands on her. Hagrid passed Hermione off to Severus. He kissed her cheek and let go.

Hermione felt Severus holding on to her hand and she felt as though her life had finally been made perfect. She closed her eyes and took in the true beauty of the moment. When she opened her eyes she smiled at him.

He could no longer take the anticipation, he pulled her body into his and said "Gods, I love you Hermione." And started kissing her passionately, she kissed him back. They had both clearly forgotten that others were around.

Ahem, Ahem. Was heard from around the hall. Severus held up his finger in a 'wait just a minute' motion. Then he broke the kiss with Hermione and they both smiled even deeper than before.

The wizard marrying them smiled at them, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two people, Ms. Hermione Granger and Mr. Severus Snape. They have decided that today they would use the forever bind and they would share their own vows. First we'll use the rings."

Severus looked down sweetly at Hermione's hand as he slid the ring over her finger and kissed it.

Then Hermione gently placed his ring over his finger and kissed his finger.

Severus and Hermione grabbed onto one another's arms.

The minister cast a spell over them and moved away.

"Now in order to accept the forever bind, each person must be fully willing. Ms. Granger?"

"I will love you, forever, Severus." She exclaimed as her end of the bind was sealed. His ring began to glow a bright white color.

"And I will love YOU forever Hermione." He smiled at her as the ring on her finger glowed with that same white heat.

Instantly the bind took place and the rings quit emitting a glow.

The minister moved their arms apart and said, "You are now, forever bound to one another."

Hermione smiled and felt the tears coming down her eyes.

Severus looked at her and started to kiss her again.

"NOW," the minister barked loudly enough for them to hear, so that they broke apart, "Although this is highly unusual, they have requested to do their vows in the form of truth or dares, much more truths. So we'll begin with Severus."

"Hermione, truth- do you love me wholly?"

"Gods, yes Severus." She smiled at him. "Severus, truth- do you love me wholly?"

"Yes, and I always will Hermione." He answered. "Hermione, will you be the mother of my children someday?"

She grinned at him, "Yes, yes, I will Severus. Severus- truth- did you know that it was me who sent the letter from Lena?"

He smiled at her, "But of course I knew! Hermione, truth. Do you know the truth about Sam?"

"That you broke up with her?"

"Hermione, we were never together- I paid her to act as my girlfriend- to find- to find you. The love of my life."

She smirked at him, "You DID that to be with me?"

"I had a feeling it was you. Truth, Hermione- will you stay true to me?"

"For always Severus, and truth- will you stay true to me?"

"Yes." He answered. "Hermione, truth- do you want to be my wife?"

"OF COURSE! And you Severus, truth? Do you want to be my husband?"

"Yes, yes I do."

The minister looked at both of their beaming faces.

"Then, with the power invested in me through the ministry of magic- I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

He pulled her into his body- she pulled him into her body and they kissed so passionately that it was almost like they were flying.

"Witches, Wizards, Muggles, and everyone else. I would like to now present to you- Mr. and Mrs. Severus Snape."

Hermione and Severus continued to kiss. People stood up and clapped their hands in excitement of this new couple, this new union, and a much brighter future for Hogwarts.

THE END for now

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