One Pineapple You Can't Eat

Summery: Lassiter knows how to get Shawn to say yes. SHASSIE! A short one shot.

Note: So here I am, waiting for this site to stop being annoying and let me upload because I promised to upload the next chapter of 'Only the Curious…' TODAY and it won'.! -roars in rage-

Ungh! Anyway, I actually drew this story (it had a lot less dialog as a drawing) as a comic about a month ago during the hell on earth that is my SAT prep course and since I'm just sitting here mindlessly waiting for the site to let me upload I decided to make it into a fic. Enjoy!


Shawn stood at the counter, happily cutting up a fresh pineapple for him and Lassiter to share once the older man got home. Lassiter had been out all morning running errands and Shawn wanted some bonding time, so what better than to share a pineapple with his lover?

"Lassie, is that you?" Shawn called, not even bothering to turn around when he heard the front door open and then close again. He stuffed a piece of pineapple in his mouth. "I really hope it is seeing as you're the only other person with a key besides Gus and seeing as he just called from his parent's house the only explanation is that you're a robber…hey, if you are a robber do you want some pineapple while you're stealing my stuff?"

"You ramble a lot for someone with their mouth full."

"Lassie! It is you!" Shawn playfully cried, stuffing another piece of pineapple in his mouth, still having yet to turn around. "How was your morning, shnookums?" He asked in a playfully mocking tone.

"Fine. I got you something."

"Really! For me?? What didja get?"

"Turn around."

Shawn dropped the knife and let go of the already half eaten pineapple and spun around. But Lassiter wasn't where he was expecting him to be, towering a good six inches above him, but instead was a good two feet below him, down on one knee. "Shawn?" He held a green velvet ring box in his hands.

"Lassie…" Shawn breathed out, just a whisper.

"Will you marry me?"

Lassiter opened the ring box to reveal the most beautiful ring Shawn had ever seen. It had a pure silver band that shined against the velvet. The gemstones were in such a special design that Shawn nearly dropped to his knees. The main part was made of yellow-dyed diamonds, each shimmering brightly, while sticking out of the top of that part were emeralds. Each part was shaped very specifically, and Shawn was speechless for a moment, but he suddenly found his voice again and cried, "Oh my GOD!" He dove forward, tackling the older man onto his back. "YOU GOT ME A PINEAPPLE RING?!"

Shawn sat a top him, his joy radiating off of him in tidal waves. Lassiter looked up into the eyes of his crazed looking lover, a smirk forming on his lips. "Is that a yes?"