Nothing was making sense anymore.

Taking care of all the Espada was bad enough already; now there was even more trouble? Uryu didn't even know what was going on up beyond the sky of Hueco Mundo between Ichigo and Ulquiorra.

No, wait, that wasn't the actual sky. That didn't make sense at all. What was beyond that?

It was nothing Kurosaki couldn't handle….

That's what Uryu always told himself before every fight that Ichigo was in. He was right most of the time. Ichigo always came out on top, no matter the situation.

This time though, he wasn't sure. Ulquiorra was amazingly strong. Even Ichigo's Getsuga seemed to be doing nothing at all; the Espada didn't even have a scratch! What if it actually was too much for Ichigo…?

He looked over to his side to glance at Orihime. The whole reason they came to Hueco Mundo. His eyes softened as he read the vexed expression on her face.

"…Inoue" He said, looking away nervously at first. She turned to him after she heard her name.

"I'm glad you're safe…" Uryu thought as the two of them stared at each other, "…No… I shouldn't say that yet." He knew that here, anything could happen. Though he would die before letting Orihime get hurt.

A smirk suddenly crossed his features, "Don't worry," He reassured her, "Kurosaki will win."

Orihime smiled weakly, traces of hope showing in her eyes. She nodded in agreement with Uryu.

He started back up at the hole that had been made only moments before. His brow creased with worry and determination, "I'll only be able to say that for real when you've defeated him, Kurosaki!"

Yes, Ichigo would win. He'd better win. If he didn't it would mean pure suffering for Orihime, and Uryu wouldn't allow that. But also, it would mean Uryu would defeat Ulquiorra. There was no question about that.

He would personally destroy ANYONE who took that idiot's life.

Author's Note:

I thought of this story idea when reading the latest chapter of the BLEACH manga. Uryu had comforted Orihime about Ichigo's situation, but I could tell he was still really worried.

I personally love the nakamaship thing going on with Ichigo and Uryu, (Though I don't approve of yaoi!) and wanted to make a story reflecting Uryu's thoughts. I also threw in some of his affection for Orihime.

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