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Two tiny hands poking my cheeks cause me to open my eyes slowly. When my eyes finally focus I find myself staring into brown eyes I love.

"Momma says you gotta get up, or else."

My daughter's brown curly hair is sticking up and traces of sleepiness are still lingering around her eyes. I smile at my little girl and pull her down to cuddle next to me.

"Well maybe I don't want to get up. What's she gonna do? I'm not afraid of her!"

The tiny creature next to me gasps and looks at me with wide, scared eyes.

"You should be! Momma gives the hardest spankings!"

I bite my lip to hold back my laughter at her reaction.


Ripley dives under my blankets right as my beautiful wife barges into our room.

"Whoa honey I am getting up and uh I have no idea where your daughter is."

Ashley looks at me disbelievingly and I can feel myself starting to crumble.


My name comes out like a growl from her perfect mouth and I point to the space next to me. Ashley's face softens at the shaking lump next to me and launches herself at Ripley.

"NOOOO Momma don't tickle!"

Ashley's tickling drives the little girl from our bed and sends her running in the direction of her room. Ashley continues to lie in our bed trying to catch her breath.

"Seriously Spence you need to get up. We gotta be at the school in an hour and we still have to feed Rip, dress her, and drop her off at her school."

I smile warmly at her and lean down, pressing my lips to hers. I smile into the kiss when I feel Ashley's arms snake around my neck trying to pull me closer.


I groan and roll off of Ash. She gives me a quick kiss and gets off the bed.

"Spence you take care of the dog and I'll start breakfast."

I watch her hop off the bed and leave our room. I slip on sweat pants and go in search of our miniature dachshund, Heidi. I find her cowering behind the sofa in the living room and I put her outside before I clean up the immense amount of pee on the hallway floor. I jog upstairs to get dressed for work.

Those two years I spent away from Ashley I had gotten my degree and now I'm a counselor at Bradley College. After Ashley had Ripley she decided she wanted to go back to school so now she's in her senior year at Bradley. So basically things are a little hectic right now. We really rely heavily on Becky and Kyla to help us with Ripley.

Screams from downstairs cause me to run back down with my socks in my mouth and my heels dangling from my hands.

The socks stifle my laugh from the scene before me. Ripley is shirtless running from Heidi while Ashley trails behind them.


At Ashley's threat Ripley just runs faster and screams louder, sending Heidi into a fit of barking. As they rush past me I scoop a still screaming Ripley into my arms and Ashley comes to a screeching halt in front of me.

"Rip what do you have of your Momma's?"

Instead of Ripley answering my question Ashley does.

"She has my flash drive Spence and my final paper is on it. It's kinda important!"

This morning I get to be the peace keeper but I guarantee our roles will all be different tomorrow morning.

"Ashley quit whining and Rip give your Momma her computer thing back."

Ripley gives me the best puppy eyes in her three and a half year existence.

"But it's my necklace."

I look my daughter straight in the eyes praying to be strong enough not to give in to her pleading looks.

"Give it to your Momma now, I won't tell you again."

Her tiny brown saucers well up with tears as she hands Ashley her flash drive with shaky hands.

"Good girl."

I give her a kiss and Ashley sends her to finish getting dressed.

"Did I ever tell you how hot you are when you are authoritative?"

Ashley's eyes twinkle as she questions me and my stomach does a flip flop. Even after almost six years together she still has this effect over me.

"Oh really?"

I wiggle my eyebrows suggestively but Ashley just laughs as she pecks my cheek.

"We don't have time maybe later."

I watch her walk to the kitchen still clad in her booty shorts she wears to bed. I'm amazed at how fast Ashley bounced back from the pregnancy. When we had decided to have a child I was originally going to carry the child but after intense testing we found out that I was unable to have children. Ashley had been quick to step in.

We used an anonymous sperm donor to get Ash pregnant and we'd been ecstatic when we found out we were having a girl. As the months had worn on and Ashley had gotten bigger I'd never seen her so sexy. I was amazed that I could be even more attracted to her but her being pregnant did the trick.

I'm not saying it was an easy time, Ashley being pregnant and all. There was the horrible morning sickness, the rather intense mood swings that always ended badly for me, and her abnormal cravings in the late nights and early mornings. All of which caused both of us problems.

But all of that was forgotten when Ripley was born.

The loud scratching at the back door catches my attention and I let Heidi back into the house. Our little wiener dog looks at me with disgust for making her wait and prances upstairs to find Ashley's mini me. For some reason that dog loves that little girl to death.

I stroll into the kitchen to find Ashley working furiously to make us some scrambled eggs. I grab her from behind and kiss her neck.

"Let me finish. You go get dressed."

She lets out a sigh before nodding gratefully.

"Thanks Spence."

I finish breakfast and feed Ripley while Ash gets dressed. We now only have fifteen minutes before we both have to be at school.


I mutter under my breath as I glance at the clock. Ripley looks at me with questioning eyes.

"Mommy what does shit mean?"

I stare at her with wide eyes. What do I say to her?

"Uh baby it's a bad word, don't repeat it, ok? Especially to Momma."

She nods her head slowly and I grab her out of her seat. Ashley bounds down the stairs with all her books.

"So which one of us is going to be late today?"

I laugh at my wife's question and raise my hand.

"My turn babe, you go on ahead."

She kisses me quickly then rushes out the door. I grab Rip's bag and my briefcase then stride out the door with my little girl in tow.

As we drive to her preschool I give her instructions one more time.

"Now baby don't forget Aunt Kyla is picking you and Emma up together. Then you are spending the rest of the day with them until your Momma gets out of class. She'll pick you up and bring you back home."

Ok so I'm a little nervous, it is my baby girl's first day of preschool after all.

I stop the car out side the building and walk Ripley to her classroom.

"Mommy I'm going to be just fine."

She gives me a hug then waltzes into the classroom like she owns the place. She gets her sense of confidence from Ashley.

I glance at my watch again and curse inwardly, I'm going to be almost thirty minutes late, again.

I burst through the counseling center doors exactly thirty minutes after I'm supposed to arrive.

"Hey Eric."

I greet my secretary and ask for my messages and appointment updates.

"Hey Spencer. Hunny you look fab today."

I grin at my overly gay friend and walk into my office. The background picture of the three of us on my computer causes me to instantly miss my family.

I spend the day talking to various college students and anxiously await my lunch break. Every day at noon Ashley comes and has lunch with me.

Right at twelve there is a shy knock at my door followed by the arrival of my sexy wife.

"Hey gorgeous."

This is how she greets me every time and every time it causes me to grin.

"Hey baby, I've missed you all day."

For my confession I'm rewarded with her trademark nose crinkling smile.

After lunch Ashley has more class and I have more appointments. When a break finally rolls around I grab my phone and dial a familiar number. It rings three times before she picks up.

"Spence! I was just about to call you. What's up lover?"

I laugh at Becky's greeting and sit back in my chair, resting my feet up on my desk.

"How do you feel about a gathering at our place on Saturday? It'll include Glen, Kyla, and their girls too."

I feel bad mentioning kids around Becks because I know right now her and Christian are trying to get pregnant. She never lets it show that it bothers her that she doesn't have kids yet.

"Hell yeah we'll be there. Oh shit gotta go my boss is coming."

She hangs up abruptly and I roll my eyes. This is what my life has become; pure and utter chaos and I love every minute of it.

I really, really enjoyed writing this. Lemme know what you guys think! Thanks to you all.