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Oh, P.S., I am using everyone's full name, with the exception of Ducky and McGee. Timothy is being shortened to Tim, but other than that I will use everyone's full names (i.e. Abigail, Anthony, Jethro)

Chapter 1 - In the Beginning

Being a mob boss is not everything one would expect. It was hard work, keeping track of everyone, protecting everyone; but that was something Jethro Gibbs gladly did. Now, Gibbs might not sound like a very good mob name, but Jethro had not always been the head honcho. His best friend, Sal DiNozzo, had recently died, leaving him in charge of the business. His friend's son, Anthony DiNozzo, was his right hand man. He was a tough guy, who had been a cop until that it was discovered that he was the son of the famous mobster. Jethro also had a daughter, Abigail, who had faithfully stuck by her father no matter, what. Her mother had died as a result of Jethro and his involvement in the mob, but Abigail didn't hold that against him. She frequently helped her father attract business with her looks. She was tall, and dyed her hair black on a regular basis, and she was covered in tattoos', which men seemed to find attractive.

There was also another member of the mob who Jethro held very near and dear; the sensational Dr. Donald Mallard. Sal had hired him back when he started the mob as the doctor, because the injuries that the members of the mob sustained were too suspicious for them to go to the emergency room for. So various members would present themselves to the wise doctor and listen to his stories as he stitched them up.

In the main house, where practically everyone in the DiNozzo mob lived, there was a round table in the center of the foyer. Upon this table always stood a white vase that always housed red roses; every week the maid would switch out the roses for fresh ones, but there were always roses. Always, until one day, the vase was broken.

But we'll save that story for the end.

"Boss, we need a tech guy," were the first words out of Anthony DiNozzo's mouth when he approached his boss. Jethro looked up at him and frowned.

"Why?" Jethro asked as he went back to reading his paper.

"Well, let's face it. You and I are no good at the whole computer thing, and Abs isn't always around. I think we should hire a tech guy," Anthony stressed. Jethro looked at him over his newspaper.

"Tell you what, you and Jimmy go look. If you find one you think you can trust, you bring him back here so I can interview him," Jethro said.

"Interview who?" Abigail said as she walked out onto the veranda and leaned over to hug her father.

"Anthony thinks that we need a tech guy," Jethro said, kissing his daughter on her cheek. She sat down at the table next to Anthony and began picking fruit out of a bowl. Jethro glared at her, and she sighed and picked up a fork.

"Have you heard about the new mob that moved into town?" Abigail asked casually. This comment caused her father to put his paper down.

"Why?" Jethro asked. He knew that no well standing mob would never move, so he was instantly suspicious.

"Don't know," Abigail said casually. "I just know that they're here."

"How did you find out?" Jethro asked.

"Ziva," Abigail replied.

Ziva David was an Israeli assassin that both Sal and Jethro had hired on occasions. Her father was the Deputy Director of Mossad, making her untouchable. She mostly freelanced, but had recently become exclusive only to them. Jethro had a sneaking suspicion that this was because Anthony was sleeping with her, but that was beside the point.

"What's the boss' name?" Anthony asked.

"Leon Vance," Abigail replied.

"I've heard of him, isn't he from the San Francisco area?" Anthony asked Jethro.

"Yes, and I believe that we should pay Mr. Vance a visit," Jethro said.

Timothy McGee was a geek. There were simply no other words for it. He worked for the FBI in the crypto unit and was the top genius. Although he was a geek, he was a very masculine geek. He had originally been trained as a field agent, until the FBI had learned of his computer skills, therefore making him the only geek in the sub-basement with a gun. He was occasionally called upon to work in the field when a team was missing a member.

Timothy was currently at lunch at the Panera's down the street from the Hoover Building. He was eating his Cuban Panini peacefully. That was, until two shadows fell over his table. He looked up and saw two men. One of them was probably his age and had messy brown hair and was wearing black jeans and a black leather jacket over a black polo shirt. The other man was slightly shorter, had glasses, but was dressed in a similar ensemble.

"Can I help you?" Tim asked, fingering his gun underneath his jacket. These two looked like no good.

"Are you Timothy McGee?" the first man asked. He must have been in charge.

"Yes, who's asking?" Tim replied.

"I'm Anthony DiNozzo, and this here is Jimmy. Our boss would like a word with you. Word on the street is that you're the best tech guy in the business," Anthony said.

"I've heard of you," Tim said. "Your dad was Sal DiNozzo, the famous mob boss, wasn't he?"

"What's it to you?" Anthony growled. He was very sensitive on the subject of his father.

"Nothing, just a question," Tim said. He relaxed his hand from his gun, but kept it near, just in case. He could immediately tell that Anthony was packing, there was a small bulge at his waist that most likely held a holster and gun, and Tim could see the outline of an ankle holster. The other guy, Jimmy, just seemed to only be carrying a sidearm.

"You do realize that I work for an armed federal agency, right?" Tim said, astounded that they would even approach him, especially since it was for the mob.

"Yeah, your point?" Anthony said. "Listen, you don't have to do anything illegal, and if you get fired, we'll hire you and match your salary plus four thousand extra." Tim thought very carefully.

"When do I meet your boss?" Tim asked. Anthony handed him a piece of paper.

"Be on time, the boss hates people who are late," Anthony said, and then he and Jimmy took off.

Ziva opened her eyes to the sound of knocking on her door. She glanced at the clock and rolled her eyes. She knew it was probably Anthony. She rolled out of bed and treaded down the hall, wearing nothing but an oversized button up shirt. She looked through the peephole and confirmed that it was Anthony. She opened the door and found him leaning against the doorframe, looking better than any man had a right too.

"What do you want, Anthony?" Ziva asked, stepping aside as he walked through the open door. As she shut the door she caught site of Jimmy standing at the end of the hallway. "And why is Jimmy with you?"

"We we making some business calls, babe," Anthony said. "Get dressed; the boss wants you to go with us to meet the new mob in town."

"And since when is he my boss?" Ziva asked, crossing her arms and glaring at Anthony.

"Well, you don't work for anyone but us anymore, so he might as well be your boss," Anthony replied as he sat down on Ziva's couch and propped his feet up on the coffee table. Ziva rolled her eyes and went over and knocked Anthony's feet off of the table.

"What do you want me to wear?" Ziva asked.

"That black suit," Anthony said.

Twenty minutes later, Ziva was dressed in a sleek black suit. The jacket had a plunging neckline, and Ziva had nothing on underneath it except a sheer lacy tank top, and a black lace bra. On her feet were black high heels; her hair was pulled back into a sleek knot and she had smudged black eyeliner and eye shadow on her eyes, and a shade of lipstick that was slightly darker than red. When Anthony saw her, his eyes lit up.

"God, babe, you never cease to amaze me," Anthony said. He kissed the back of her neck, taking a moment to suck gently, and he could feel Ziva squirm beneath him.

"Are you ready?" she asked, managing to pull away from him. She walked over to the hall table where her cell phone and clutch resided.

"Yeah, let's go."

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