This story will be updated sporadically at least until I can get one of my other stories done!

I just wanted your opinion before I wasted my time with continuing it. It will be sad and cry your eyes out kind of way. But if you have read my others you know that.

This is the story my poll was for.



"Mom!" I yelled choking on the flames and smoke. "MOM!" I just needed to get to her. "PHIL!" I yelled again as I tried to push through the door. "Emmett!" I cried for my big brother. I couldn't hear anyone in particular, just screaming.


"She's here. I found her." Someone yelled, but it sounded muffled than it all went black with a searing pain I didn't realize was there.


I will post this and Chapter one now, but like I said. A warning that it will be slow going until I get the others.