Room for Rent

Author's Note : I do not own twilight or any of the characters in the story.

Summary: Edward is a shy and quiet momma's boy who is moving across country to attend John's Hopkins Medical School. He rents a room above a diner from a young woman name Bella Swan. He is immediately attracted to her but too shy to do anything about it. Does Bella feel the same or does she think he is a spoiled rich momma's boy who has everything served to him on a silver platter? How will life in the big city of Baltimore help Edward to come out of his shell and win the heart of the mature, boss, landlady that he is in love with?

Chapter 1


The summer was coming to an end and the students were arriving in town to settle in. Business was picking up at the diner and families were busy settling their kids in the dorms. I was happy to have finally had the renovations on the house done and ready to take borders. I figured since we had so many extra rooms that it would be good to rent them out, I could use the money. I put an ad on the community webpage and received several inquiries. I had interviews and background checks to do and then those who passed would come for a tour. I had to be very selective with my tenants. It is one thing being a single woman and renting rooms out but to be a single woman with a small child is a completely different story. I didn't want to rent to some psycho or pedophile.

I had 3 rooms to rent; 1 was going to the cook Jake who pretty much helped me run the place the 2nd was going to one of the students, Jasper that worked as a waiter and the 3rd was still available. There were 3 families coming today 1 from Forks, Washington, 1 from Columbus, Ohio and 1 from Beverly Hills, California. I was very nervous about interviewing these families but if their kids were going to be sharing my home it was what had to be done.

I got the background checks back on all of them and everything checked out ok. One set was coming for breakfast another for lunch and then the 3rd for dinner. I set the last group up for dinner because there were so many coming. I thought this kid must be a momma's boy if his entire family was coming to help him settle in. I could kind of see why he was after all traveling across the country. We are here in Baltimore, Maryland and he is from Washington State.

Breakfast went nice the young lady and her parents were very nice. I had a bad feeling about her when I asked the question about sleep over guests. I pulled her aside and she couldn't look me in the eye. She giggled a lot and well she just looked trampy. I didn't want her bringing guys home all hours of the night and setting a bad example for Anna. Anna is my little sister; I have been taking care of her for the past 3 years. She starts 1st grade this year and I'm so excited for her.

At lunch a rather large gentleman came in with this tiny little woman. He had tattoos and piercings everywhere and the older lady looked like a biker chick with saggy boobs and grey hair. I asked them the regular questions and let me just say that there is no way I am having that man in my house. He listens to music too loud and he has a pets snake that he insisted he couldn't live without. I had to decline my offer to them but I suggested the house down the street that still had an open room. I even gave them their background checks to take with them and a good reference.

It was dinner time and the rush was picking up with all the families. I wasn't sure I would be able to stop the next possible tenants with all of the other people around. I had Anna wrapping silverware in the booth closest to the kitchen where she usually parked herself with her coloring and books and toys. Most of the waiters and staff ate there with her and talked. I was behind the counter making milkshakes for a table when I heard the door chime at exactly 6pm.

Jessica the hostess sat the group of 5 in a separate room reserved for private parties. I used this room as my interview room. I noticed Jessica being extra friendly with the 2 young men there. The tall one had dark brown curly hair cut short and beautiful blue eyes. He was built like a wrestler or a football player. He was a bit scary but he had a kind smile. The other guy I hadn't gotten a chance to see he had his head turned. I did see his hair was a mess and a strange bronze color. I looked and saw that what I assumed was the mother was linked on his arm. She had long chestnut hair and beautiful green eyes.

The small girl bouncing next to them reminded me of a black haired tinkerbell. She had short spike black hair and pretty blue eyes like the large guy. She was beautiful and looked to be super excited. The tall older gentleman had blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked deep in thought and a bit skeptical about his surroundings.

"Ms. Swan your interview has arrived would you like me to send Jasper to their table or will you be taking care of them?" Jessica brought me back to earth.

"Oh yes please have Jasper get their orders and I'll be right with them. Thank you Jessica." I replied and dinged the bell for the server to get the milkshakes.

"No problem and hey Bella if you pick them can I please work the same shifts as him. He is gorgeous." I shooed her away with a smile

"Get back to work Jessica go flirt with someone and get some tips." I suggested joking with her. She was always flirting with the male customers. But hey it kept them coming back and her tips were good.

I whipped my hands on my apron and set it on the sink behind the bar. I grabbed my notebook and pen and headed over to get this over with. I tightened my ponytail and I entered the room. They were seated at 2 tables. The parents were seated in a booth and the kids were seated a few tables away. Hmm why didn't they all sit together? Maybe they were shy.

"Good evening you must be the Cullens." I said as I approached the parents. I mean after all they are the ones who will be paying the rent.

"Ah yes we are, you must be Mrs. Swan. I am Esma Cullen; Hmm I was expecting an older looking woman how old are you dear?" The woman spoke. Wow straight to the point I like her already.

"It's just Miss and please call me Bella, I'm 20." I stated while shaking her outstretched hand. "Has Jasper taken your order yet?"

"Ah yes we have ordered our food. Let me introduce you to everyone and then we can get started." She said getting up from her seat. I followed behind her.

"This is my husband Dr. Carlisle Cullen." I shook his hand and nodded to him.

"Nice to meet you Dr. Cullen how are you enjoying our city so far?" I asked

"It is very busy with all of the college kids swarming around, is it always like this?" He asked looking concern

"Oh no that is just because all of the families are getting their kids settled it'll be about ½ of this next week." I responded giving him a reassuring smile. He seemed a bit more at ease now. I had googled Forks Washington and it was a small town so I am assuming he isn't used to all this busy city life.

"And over here are the children." I followed behind Mrs. Cullen to the other table where the 3 others were sitting and joking with one another.

"This is our oldest Emmett he is 23 and finishing up at WSU." She gestured to the large bulky guys who was throwing small pieces of straw wrapper at the girl.

"Nice to meet you Emmet welcome to Baltimore." I replied while shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you as well I like this place it's so full of life and people." He said with a booming laugh that shook the table.

"This is my daughter Alice she is 18 and has just graduated from High School. She is taking a year off to do a fashion internship before attending college." She pointed to the spiky haired girl who jumped up and wrapped her arms around me.

"Oh it's nice to meet you Alice." I said returning her embrace while taking a step back to steady myself.

"Oh I'm so excited to be here. Edward is going to love it and I'm going to come visit every chance I get. Where is your daughter? I just love kids is she here will she be joining us?" Wow I don't' think I even got all of that she was talking way too fast. I didn't know what question to answer first.

"Um- well hmm what was the question?" I asked very confused.

"Oh never mind it's ok we'll talk later." She said taking her seat again.

"This is our son Edward he is 21 and going to be attending Johns Hopkins Medical school and hopefully will be the one renting the room." She was standing behind him resting her hands on his broad shoulders. I glanced down to look at him and I lost my breath.

He was absolutely beautiful. His hair was everywhere. He had gorgeous green eyes that were hidden behind thin black rimmed glasses. His nose was strong and he had the most stunning set of lips I have ever seen. They were puffy and pink begging to be kissed. They looked like silk. He looked up at me slowly and smiled shyly. I felt my heart jump and then there was a tug on my skirt.

"Sissy is it time for my questions yet?" I looked down to see Anna reaching up for me.

"Oh um not yet sweetie why don't you ask Jasper if he needs help with their food?" I suggested patting her head as she ran off. I turned back around and smiled down at Edward who looked terrified.

"Nice to meet you Edward." I said reaching my hand out for him to shake. He just nodded and smiled and went back to the book he was reading.

"He is a bit shy at first but he'll open up." Esme replied and I gestured for her to join me back at the table with her husband. She followed and we settled in.

"Well I guess we should get down to business." I asked them all of the questions and got pretty good answers.

"I am wondering why you required background checks from everyone in the family if Edward is going to be the only one staying here?" Dr. Cullen asked.

"Well as you can see I do have a small child in my care and I don't want to take any chances even with visitors or overnight guests.

"Ah yes that makes sense how old is she?" He asked.

"She is 6 and will be starting 1st grade in about 2 weeks." I replied as Jasper was distributing the food.

Anna was by my side with her tiny notebook and crayon in hand. "Is it my turn yet?" She asked interrupting us.

"Anna why don't you go over with the kids and ask them your questions while I finish here and I'll call you when it's your turn ok?" I asked. She smiled up at me and gave me a hug before climbing into the empty chair at their table. Jasper set her food in front of her and her and Alice began talking.

"She is a delightful young girl is it just the 2 of you here?" Esme asked.

"Well family wise yes but the cook Jake is a close family friend and he has the small apartment above the diner and Jasper your waiter is a student at Towson and he is in one of the rooms on the 3rd floor." I replied taking a sip of my soda.

"If you don't mind me asking Bella but where is her father?" she asked.

He passed away in a car accident when she was 3." I replied thinking of my stepfather Phil and my mother Renee. I missed them terrible and I knew that Anna didn't remember them.

"Oh I'm so sorry to hear that." She replied squeezing my hand.

"Where are your parents? Do they help you with her?" She asked.

"Well my mother passed away in the same accident and my father passed about a year later so it is just Anna and I and her father's parents. They take her on weekends." I replied.

The conversation moved to lighter topics of the city and surrounding areas. I told them about the harbor and all of the great museums they may want to visit while they are in town. Esme was jotting down things and asking questions while her husband was very quiet and studied me a little. When dinner was done Anna insisted on having Alice help her with making sundaes for everyone and then she would be allowed to ask her questions. I agreed and Anna dragged Alice off into the kitchen.

"Mrs. Cullen if it's alright with you I have some rather personal questions and concerns that I would like to ask Edward when we are done with desert." I asked

"Oh that would fine dear I do have to warn you he is a bit shy and may not answer them." She replied glancing and smiling at her son who was ducking to avoid his brother's hand from messing his hair up even more.

"I think I'll take my chances." I was nervous about talking to him alone but I would have to get over that if he was going to be living in my home. Just them Anna and Alice returned with Jasper in toe caring several sundaes. They distributed them and Anna took a seat next to me with her notebook opened.

"Now?" She looked up at me smiling begging for permission to ask her questions. None of the other prospective tenants had made it this far and she was definitely excited.

"Does Edward like Disney movies?" She asked.

"Yes he does his favorite is Fantasia." Esma replied smiling down at Anna.

"Is Edward good at checking for monsters?" Anna asked.

"Yes I believe he used to help Alice with the ones under her bed when she was small." Esme replied looking very serious at Anna who now had her crayon out and was taking notes.

"Does Edward know how to make a snowman?" She asked.

"I am not sure you would have to ask him." Esme replied gesturing to him.

Anna looked up at me questioningly. "Can I go ask Edward the rest of my questions?"

"Yes but don't be too pushy." I told her and she slowly walked over with her notebook, crayon and sundae in hand.

Alice switched chairs and helped Anna get settled. I saw Edward smile down at her and respond to a question and I was comfortable leaving her there to finish up.

"Bella I am a bit concerned about Edward's school load and his required hours here at the diner." Dr. Cullen finally speaks.

"What are your concerns?" I asked.

"Well he is going to be very busy and I am not sure I want him to be working so many hours here at the diner and neglect his studies." He said in a serious father tone. I had heard this tone before in my father.

"Dr. Cullen I understand your concerns, In exchange for working the 20 hours he will receive free meals and the hours are always negotiable. I just ask that he come up with a set schedule so that I can work it into my staff schedule. He will of course be keeping all of the tips." I replied pretty sure my answer would put his worries at ease.

"Well as long as his studies come first I'm ok with it." He replied and he seemed to smile and relax a little.

Beep Beep Beep My phone went off in my pocket. I took it out and silenced the alarm.

"If you'll excuse me for a moment?" I asked Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.

"Oh yes dear go right ahead we'll be here waiting." She said with a smile.

I got up and walked over to Anna who was still grilling Edward. I squatted down between them and rested my hands on both of their chairs.

"Anna have you asked all of your questions?" I looked at her because I knew she was finished and was stalling.

"Yes." She said looking down like she had been caught.

"Well say goodbye to everyone Rosalie should be here to get you soon. If I do remember you promised you were going to show her your new room." I knew that would get her away from the table.

"Oh yes yes can I please I promise I won't go to the 3rd floor." She said jumping down and hopping up and down around the room.

"Ok ok settle down say goodbye to everyone and then go find Jasper." I gave her a quick hug and watched her run from person to person giving them a hug and saying it was nice to meet them.

Esma smiled down at her and gave her a big hug. I could see the motherly sparkle in her eye. Alice twirled her around and they hugged. Emmett picked her up into a bear hug and she giggled and kicked her legs around. Dr. Cullen shook her hand very professionally. When she got to Edward she grabbed his hand and yanked him out of his chair. He knelt down in front of her and she flung her arms around his neck. The sight melted my heart. They were adorable together. He shyly hugged her back.

"Edward I hope that we can watch fantasia when you move in sissy makes the best popcorn." And with that she was off and out the door.

Edward took his seat and picked up his book. Jasper came in a few moments later.

"Bella, Rosalie took Anna upstairs to see her new room and then Anna is going to make her an ice-cream she wanted me to get Emmett, Alice and Edward so that she could show them the juke-box." Jasper said as he was gathering up the dirty dishes. I noticed him smiling down at Alice who was blushing a dark pink as she giggled and handed him her dish.

"Oh that would be lovely come on guys." Alice said as she jumped up and helped him with the dishes. Emmett got up to follow and Edward closed his book and slowly rose.

I placed my hand on Edward's shoulder and I felt a spark of electricity shoot from the tip of my finger up my arm and to my heart. He jumped and looked down at me shocked. Did he feel it too? Maybe I had shocked him from the friction of my shoes on the carpet.

"Edward if you don't mind I have a few questions for you? If you would join me for a moment?" I requested.

He retook his seat and I sat down in Alice's chair. His parents came over to us.

"We're going to see the juke box Edward come and find us when you're finished here." His mother said as she took his father's arm and led him out of the room.

"I do hope that Anna wasn't too pushy with you." I told him.

"No more than Alice is." He replied.

"I just have a few personal questions I wasn't sure you would feel comfortable answering in front of your parents." I told him and he looked up into my eyes with the look of pure terror on his face. His eyes looked scared.

"O-k" He stuttered out and looked down at his book on the table.

"Well I wanted to know if you would be having overnight guests other than your family." I asked

"No" He replied

"Do you smoke cigarettes or anything else?" I asked.


"How often do you drink and what kind of drunk are you?"

"I don't"

"Do you have religious practices that may be inappropriate for a small child?"


God that's all he said there was nothing else just no and I don't know. He didn't even look up at me.

"If you will be dating I ask that you not bring the girls home while Anna is here during the week."

"O-k" he replied

"If you are going to be dating I would like it if you would not bring the guys home at all." I was trying to get some kind of reaction out of him. Something anything. His head snapped up and he looked at me questioningly with a smirk on his face.

"I will not do anything that is not appropriate in front of your daughter." He said. Wait daughter. Oh gosh he thought that Anna was my daughter. Ha I had to laugh at that and I think I scared him. I chuckled a little and put my hand on his shoulder I felt his entire body stiffen at my touch. And I felt the electric shock run through my body again and I quickly drew my hand away and rested it on the table inches from his hand. Even there inches apart I could feel a small tingle at our closeness.

"I am sorry Edward I think that I have given you and your family the wrong impression. Anna is not my daughter she is my little sister. I just have custody of her since our parents died." I smiled at him and his face went from shocked to sadness and then to relieved all in the matter of a few seconds.

"Well Edward I guess it's time for the tour then. Are you read?" I got up and reached for his hand.

He reached his hand out and I froze at the warmth and electricity that was now flowing full force through my body. I looked down into his eyes as he stood. He smiled at me and released my hands. I saw him slowly walk around the table and out of the room. I just stood there frozen in the same spot staring at the door. My heart was racing and my mind was spinning. I looked down at my hand I could still feel the tingles of electricity sparking where his hand had been.

"Hey Bella we're all ready for the tour now I am so excited to see where Edward will be living." Alice said as she bounced over to me.

"Huh- oh yeah ok I'll be right there." I said as I ran the fingers of my left hand over my right hand where his had been trying to get the feeling back.

"Hey are you ok? You look kind of pale." She touched my shoulder.

"Oh I'm sorry I was off in my own world sure lets go get the tour done." I led her into the large dining area where the rest of her family was gathered around the bar talking with Jasper, Rosalie and Anna.

"Ok is everyone going on the tour or just Edward?" I asked hoping to god that it would just be Edward. I had the strangest urge to lock him in my bedroom and strip him down. I wanted to touch every inch of his body to see where I could get a spark. I shook my head at the thoughts and glanced at them and waited for a response.

"You guys can go ahead I am going to help Rosalie here with her bags." Emmett commented as he took Rosalie's suitcase from her. She was blushing up at him. Oh lord I do hope he doesn't fall under that spell.

"Well I guess it's just the rest of us then." Alice chirped.

"Ok then follow me." I said.

I led them up outside and we walked to the house next to the diner. They were row houses so there wasn't far of a walk. Alice was right behind me bouncing up and down with excitement. Her parents were behind her and Edward was trailing behind. I saw Anna bouncing down the street holding Rosalie's hand as they walked to her car. Emmett was talking enthusiastically to her and she was blushing a bright red.

I unlocked the door and held it open for everyone. We were now in the foyer where the coat rack and bench was. It was too warm for coats but it definately got used in the winter. I led them into the living room where there was a large sofa, love seat, chair, coffee table, fireplace, shelves and shelves of books, movies and cds. There were our family pictures scattered about and some art type paintings and photographs that we had collected over the years. I led them into the dining room that had our china cabinet against one wall and the table in the center under the light fixture. The table was small now because I didn't have the center piece in. It usually sat 6 but with the center piece it would seat 10. The extra dining room chairs were in each corner of the room some with coats or stacks of books on them. I forgot to straighten up down here.

I led them into the large kitchen it had all stainless steel appliances and a medium size kitchen island with 2 stools. We mostly ate at the dining room table. I showed them where the ½ bathroom was and the laundry room. Then we ventured upstairs. I showed them the small computer room / study that I had set up. I showed them the doors to my room the master bedroom and then Anna's.

I led them up to the 3rd floor where I showed them the door to Jasper's room and then the full bath that they would share. I showed them the spare bedroom that I kept empty for visitors and then finally Edward's room. It was a nice size room.

"Now the room comes furnished but if you would rather bring your own furniture we can always put this stuff into storage." I told them.

The room was painted a light blue with white trim. The ceiling was a deep midnight blue. The furniture was a natural wood color. There was a king size bed with blue comforter and pillows. There was a desk and some bookshelves. The closet was a nice size and there was a sitting area with a small table, lamp and chair near the bay window.

"I'll let you guys look around. I am going to be in the kitchen downstairs just let me know if you need anything or have any questions." I scooted out of the room to let them converse amongst themselves.

After I got downstairs I put on a pot of coffee. I was starting to get a little tired and wasn't sure how long they were going to be here. I looked at the clock on the microwave and it was almost 10:15. I knew that Jasper and Jake were probably still cleaning up so I called over to the diner.

Ring Ring Ring

"Black Swan's Diner this is Jessica how may I help you this evening?" Jess said over the phone.

"Hey Jess its Bella are Jasper and Jake still cleaning up?" I asked

"Yes they are just wrapping up the Big guy is still here do you want me to send him over to you?"

"Yes just send him outside I'll meet him at the door. Tell the guys they can let the servers go as soon as everything is done and let Jake know to take Jasper with him for the drop I don't want him going alone anymore."

"Sure thing Bella have a goodnight see you tomorrow."

"Bye Jess thanks again." And we hung up.

I walked over to the door sipping my coffee. I saw Emmett outside looking back and forth.

"Over here Emmett." I screamed from the porch. He turned quickly and started walking briskly over to me. It was a nice night out so I took a seat on the porch bench.

"So Bella its nice city you have here."

"Thanks Emmett it grows on you."

"Who was the blonde that took Anna home with her?"

"That is Rosalie Hale she is Jasper's sister and one of my best friends. You seem to have made a friend I take it." I told him giving him a little smirky smile.

"Yeah she's really beautiful is she single?"

"I believe so." I smiled at him.

"I guess I'll email her when I get back to school she seemed interested but I'm not too sure." He said.

"Oh did you two exchange information?"

"Yes I asked her for her number but she just gave me her e-mail address." He said looking very sad.

"Oh don't worry about that her e-mail goes right to her blackberry so it's the same as a phone call. She survives on Texting better than talking." I tried to reassure him. He smiled at that.

"Do you have any more of that wonderfully smelling coffee?" He asked.

"Oh sure I'm sorry please forgive me, here come on in I think they are all still upstairs."

He followed me into the house and I showed him around. We made it into the kitchen and had some small talk while we waited for his family. Alice was the first to come down and she joined us for some coffee. Then her parents came down followed by Edward who was trailing behind looking sad.

"It seems that we have a flight issue here." Dr. Cullen said.

"Why what happened?" Alice said looking terrified.

"The flight got cancelled and there isn't another one until tomorrow morning. I told you we should have taken the Jet Esme dear, we wouldn't have had this problem." Dr. Cullen said.

"Well can always grab a hotel and stay there until tomorrow it's not a very big deal darling." She said smiling at him.

"Well I'm glad that I thought enough to pack a bag for everyone. I knew we would be here for more than 1 day. No one ever listens to me even though I'm always right." Alice said looking satisfied with herself.

"Bella dear do you have a phonebook handy or a good hotel you would suggest." Esme asked me.

Now I started thinking I had all the extra room and it would be a nice gesture to ask them to stay. I didn't want to seem too forward but I guess it was the right thing to do.

"Oh nonsense you can all stay here there is certainly enough room and I wouldn't want you to go through all that trouble especially when you are already here." I said smiling brightly at them.

Alice jumped up and down with excitement and Emmett smiled approvingly. Dr. Cullen looked to his wife while Edward looked down at his shoes and stood behind his mother.

"Oh dear are you sure we aren't putting you out. I mean there are 5 of us." She asked.

"Oh no it's ok you and Dr. Cullen can have the guest room, Edward and Emmett can have his room, Alice can stay in my room and I can sleep in Anna's room. It's really no trouble at all." I said trying to reassure them that it would be fine.

"Well if you're sure I guess that would be ok. Edward Emmett go down to the car and get the bags." Edward and Emmett jumped up and headed downstairs followed by their father.

"Oh this is going to be so much fun like a slumber party." Alice said as she bounced around. I would have to cut her coffee off.

"Mrs. Cullen would you like some coffee?" I asked.

"Yes thank you, So Bella we haven't really made it official yet have we?" She asked.

"Oh yes your right. I believe that Edward would be the perfect tenant and I would be happy to offer you the room." I was looking forward to getting to know him or at least getting him to speak.

"Well we were talking upstairs and I believe that Edward would benefit a great deal from being here. He is so shy and timid. The city will open him up a bit and I feel very confident leaving him in your care." She said and she gave my shoulders a small squeeze. She felt so motherly, I missed that.

"I guess it's settled then. If you will excuse me I'm going to take a shower and change before we all head off to bed."

"Oh of course don't let us keep you from your routine we know where the rooms are and thank you again Bella for your hospitality." Esme said.

I went up to my room to shower and change. I put on my thin cotton pajama pants and a regular pink Hanes t-shirt. I slipped into my slippers and combed my wet hair out. I would just let it dry naturally curly. I got back downstairs and Alice, Emmett and Edward were seated in the living room watching tv.

"I hope you found everything ok." I said as I took a seat next to Alice on the sofa. Emmett was on the chair and Edward was on the love seat reading of course.

"Oh yes we found everything ok our parents went to bed they were a little tired and jet lagged. But we have a little problem." She said

"What's that?" I asked hoping it was nothing serious.

"I am not sleeping in the same bed with him." Emmett said as he pointed to Edward who just look up and glared at his older brother.

"I don't have any other beds Emmett I don't know where else you can sleep. I think you are too tall for the sofa." I didn't know what else to say he was being a big baby. What did Edward wet the bed or something. Oh god I hope not. I chuckled to myself thinking of a 21 year old man wetting the bed.

"What's so funny?" Emmett asked.

"Nothing." I replied

"No what tell me." He demanded

"Well if you must know I was trying to think of a reason that would cause you to be so against sharing a king size bed with your own brother. Does he wet the bed or something?" I asked jokingly and glanced at Edward whose chiseled cheeks were a bright red.

Alice and Emmett burst out laughing and Edward just kept reading his book and glaring at them.

"No he doesn't wet the bed I just don't want to share a bed with a dude." He explained

"Well I have a solution but Edward isn't going to like it." She said as she smiled at him. He shot his head up and glared at his pixie sister probably knowing how her mind worked. He looked terrified and angry.

"I think that Edward and I should sleep in his room and Emmett can have Bella's room and Bella can stay in Anna's room that solves everything. Or I could sleep in Anna's room, Emmett can have Bella's room and Edward and Bella can share Edward's new bed." She said the last part smiling at him. I felt a surge of happiness run through my body at the thought of sharing abed with Edward but I knew it wasn't going to happen. I could feel my cheeks burn with blush.

"I think that the first option is the best Alice thank you for solving our little problem." I said glaring at Emmett for creating this situation.

We all chatted or at least Emmett, Alice and I did as Edward just read his book. After about an hour Jasper came home and excused himself to his room.

"Bella he really lives here with you?" Alice asked staring at the stairs Jasper had just gone up.

"Yes he is my best friend Rosalie's little brother." I replied

"Did you guys ever date?" She asked. I knew where this was going.

"No Alice he is like my brother." I replied smiling at her. "And he is single at the moment."

"Interesting." She said with a small smile.

"Well it's kind of late so I'm going to head off to bed. Do you guys need anything before I go?" I asked getting up.

"No I think we're fine, we're going to head up to bed soon thanks again for letting us stay here Bella." Alice said.

I went upstairs and moved Anna's toys off of her bed and snuggled in. This bed is too small for me I don't know what I was thinking. I tried to rollover and curl up but it was too short. It is a toddler bed. I stared at the ceiling wondering where I was going to sleep. I looked at my cell and noticed it had been about an hour. I got up and grabbed the cover and a pillow to head down to the couch. I hoped they were asleep in bed by now.

I got downstairs and I saw Edward curled up on the sofa with a pillow from his room. He looked so peaceful. He had his glasses resting on the coffee table. He was stretched out on his stomach and his arm was hanging off of the couch and resting on the carpet. I crept up next to him and knelt down. I knelt down in front of him and noticed he had goose bumps on his arms. Aww he must be cold. I placed the comforter over his body. I slowly lifted his hand and placed it on the sofa next to him.

As I released his hand his eyes shot open and he sat up and yanked me on the couch next to him. His eyes bore into mine and then he . . .