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Waking up

He sat hunched over his lower back resting against a crumbling building. He was a blond haired man with crescent shaped scars on his hands and face. It was clear this man was in pain. His hands were blood stained and his clothes were torn and dirty. His face looked tired, his blood red eyes lifeless.

"Jasper," a male voice called off in the distance.

The blond turned his head acknowledging the name and then the scene faded black.

A young woman sat in the middle of a filed shaking her head to clear what she had just seen. "Jasper," she called tenderly, tasting his name on her lips. The man was beautiful and she was confused as to where he had gone. "Jasper," she called louder hoping he would respond. She then stood, glancing around and realizing he would not respond. She took a hesitant step forward and looked at everything as if it was the first time. "Hello?" She called out hoping anyone would answer. When no one did, she continued walking and looking at everything she passed.

Coming upon a river she was surprised at her reflection. The girl staring back at her was a mess, but nevertheless, beautiful. Her skin was as pale as Jasper's and her eyes just as red. Her black hair looked like a birds nest and the gray gown she was wearing was clearly too big for her. She had mud smeared on the gown and some on her face as if she had been sleeping outside the past few days. She wondered if Jasper would find her appealing as she found him, and the fear that he might not made her sick with apprehension.

While she really had no idea who Jasper was, for some reason his opinion of her meant everything. She sighed and sat down by the river not quite knowing what to do with herself. She wanted to find Jasper, because for some reason she felt connected to him, but had no idea where to start looking. She started to draw lazily in the dirt when she heard a pounding in her ears. Glancing around she tried to find the source of the noise and was almost scared when her vision started to fade.

Two golden-eyed men were running side-by-side chasing deer. The one leading was blond and clearly older than his bronzed haired companion. After a few moments they closed in on the deer and each jumped on a deer's back. They snapped their necks effortlessly and started to drain their blood.

Shaking her head again, she was surprised that what she had seen had not disgusted her, but enticed her. The pounding grew louder as her throat started to burn and her mouth began to water. Unable to contain herself she jumped up and ran into the forest intent on finding her food.

She came upon a herd of deer quickly and jumped on the back of the first one she could catch. The animal staggered as she positioned her hands to snap the animal's neck and was shocked when she tore the whole head from the body. Jumping off the deer quickly she proceeded to drink as much blood as she could. In the end she had gotten only a few mouth full's of blood, most of it had ended up on the ground. She looked down at the deer, disappointed that her feeding had not been anywhere near as clean as the two males. She then noticed that the deer's sides were indented where she had been sitting, indicating she had crushed its ribs when she went to snap its neck. She was clearly a lot stronger than she had thought. Not knowing what else to do, she shook her head and walked away form the massacre she had just created.

She took off at a run eventually and managed to find the heard again. She repeated the same movements as she tried to be gentler with breaking the neck and was pleased when she managed to keep most of the head on and swallow a little more blood. She left the animal again and continued hunting. By the fourth deer she was able to keep the whole head attached and avoided breaking the animal's ribs.

Feeling full, she found the river again and was disappointed at what she saw. She was covered in blood. Her once grayish gown was now red down the middle with splatters everywhere else. Her hair, which had looked bad, was now matted with dry blood and her pale skin was stained a bright red. She then turned her attention away form the water to look at the ground. She noticed she was standing in the same spot she had been earlier and saw that in the dirt she had written a name. Alice. The name sounded familiar to her for some reason. "Alice," she said aloud and oddly enough the name did not sound foreign to her lips. It had to be her name she decided and was sad that she was not certain. Alice then jumped into the water and began to wash away the blood turning the water a soft pink. In the middle of scrubbing her vision then started to fade.

Jasper was sitting against a rock his eyes closed. "Jasper." He opened his eyes and lifted his head at the sound of his name.

"Maria," he breathed almost reluctantly.

A beautiful woman stood in front of him. She was relatively tall, had long brown hair, red eyes and a smile that was almost wicked. "Come on, you have work to do."

Jasper stood, the simple task stealing every last ounce of energy he had left within him. Maria turned and started to retreat, not offering any form of support. Jasper let out a sigh and followed her, practically dragging his feet, looking like a man on death row. Then slowly Jasper and Maria began to fade.

Alice let out a broken sob and collapsed against the riverbank as the world around her returned. It was obvious to her that this Maria was causing him pain. She wanted nothing more then to protect him from her and make all his pain go away. What she saw broke her heart. Alice forced back another sob as she pushed herself off the bank. She was going to find him, no matter how long it took. Jumping out of the water she rung out her blood and mud stained gown and then started walking away from the river in a random direction. She had no idea were Jasper was, but she knew he was not here, and in the end that was all that mattered.

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