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Alice sat on the bed staring leadenly at the bedspread. She just did not know what to do with herself. Her heart was begging to scream its love for Jasper but her head kept insisting that she would only end up scaring him off. She could feel Jasper's eyes on her and turned to look at him only to have him drop his orange eyes to his lap. A mumbled sorry passed his lips then he pulled his bottom lip into his mouth as he fidgeted nervously with his hands.

Within milliseconds Alice was across the room, squatting in front of him. She reached out with gentle hands, and placed them beneath his chin. She placed her thumb below his lip and gently coaxed it from his mouth. "You really shouldn't do that, your going to end up biting yourself."

"It wouldn't be the first time," he admitted, his voice gruff.

Alice looked at him sadly as she slid her thumb up running it along his bottom lip, she could just barely make out the light, flat scars. She assumed the teeth had barely broken the skin.

Alice felt as if she were going to rupture. She could feel herself leaning in, unconsciously licking her own lips as she stared at his. They had been traveling together for months now and she was finding her strength cracking more with each day that passed. Every soft smile he gave made her go weak in the knees, and a small breath to catch in her throat. And with every touch, her stomach writhed, twisting into bittersweet knots. In that moment her resolve shattered, she needed him, needed to know that someone cared.

He turned away from Alice, and shut his eyes. "We can't."

She dropped her hand, her eyes teeming with waterless tears. Pain washed over her, she felt as if he'd ripped out her heart and crushed it. "I'm sorry," she whispered, unsure of what to think. She stood, and moved hesitantly away from him.

He turned back to look at her as she refused to meet his eyes. "Alice --"

"It's fine Jasper," she murmured, forcing a weak smile. "I understand."

"I don't think you do," he said getting to his feet.

"You don't love me, I get it." She struggled to keep her voice even. She felt as if the remaining life in her was being sucked out.

"Alice it's not that, I know you can do better than me."

Alice's face crinkled. "What?"

"You deserve better than me," he muttered, looking down. "I refuse to taint you."

Alice looked up at him slowly, her eyes radiating compassion, and walked forward. "I don't believe that, Jasper. I'm sorry I upset you, I didn't mean to. I don't expect you to tell me you love me. And I wouldn't want to rush you. It's just that you've always been here for me. If you don't love me back, it's fine, I'm fine, but I had to tell you how I feel."

"You deserve so much more than I can give you."

"Your love would be enough for me." Alice gauged his reactions carefully, and she could sense that the topic was making him uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable for her, too. "We don't have to talk about this anymore if you don't want to. I promise I will never bring this up again." She started to move away from him, but he gently caught her wrist.

"I'm a monster."

"No you're not, Jasper."

"I've killed so many people, and done things I'm not proud of."

"You feel remorseful for the people you've killing. That proves that you are no monster."

"How can you believe that?"

"Because it's true," Alice sighed.

"I don't deserve you."

"I love you." She surprised herself with how easy it was for those three words to fall from her lips.

"You'll find someone better," Jasper said harshly.

"No, I won't. I'm not even able to fathom that thought. You've been with me my entire life. If I could not see you for days, I'd feel so alone, so lost. I feel complete when I'm with you, and I cannot imagine feeling that way with anyone else. If you don't love me, I'll have to live with that. But if you do, why do we have to be miserable?"

"I just think you can do better."

"Shouldn't that be my choice?"

"I feel that you are choosing to see what you want to see."

She gave him a brokenhearted look. "I saw everything. I saw a beautiful angel with broken wings and a demon whispering things while she pulled the strings. I saw a man who was lost and confused. And when freedom was offered, he never looked back. I see a good man with a bad past."

"If I'm a good man, it's only because of you."

Alice smiled and shook her head. "No, I can't make you what you aren't. I can only try to make you see what you are. I'll never push you, Jasper, but know that I do love you and I genuinely care about your happiness." She looked shyly down at her hands.

She felt Jasper's hand brush over her cheek, and she lifted her head slowly to see him smiling softly. "How can you be so selfless?"

"Because when you love someone, all you want is them to be happy. Even if you're not."

Jasper looked at her for a moment, then looked down, pondering. "I do care about you, that's why I won't let this happen."

Alice sat for a moment, trying to think. "You should know that I never have to settle. With my ability I never have to wonder if I made the right choice. Jasper, I'm not trying to pressure you. I just needed you to know how I feel. The next move is yours."

Jasper stared blankly at her, slightly shocked. When she started to stand he surprised himself by reaching out to try and stop her. "Wait." He could feel her excitement start to bubble then simmer as she tried to hold in her emotions.

"I need to know that you are sure about this."

She looked her dead in the eyes, and her face the most severe he'd ever seen it. "I love you. My heart belongs to you and nothing will ever change that. I have never been more certain of anything in my entire life," she said seriously.

He pulled her against him and Alice felt as if she was going to burst. When his lips touched hers, her whole body shuttered in pleasure.

She could feel the slightly rough texture of the scars on his lips and decided that it seemed appropriate. His lips were gentle despite the coarseness and she could feel the uncertainty in his movements. His hand tentatively cupped her cheek, allowing her feel the scars that resided on his palms. She loved that despite his rugged exterior, he handled her like a porcelain doll.

When they pulled apart she could not help the full-blown smile from spreading across her face. "Wow," she whispered softly and he gave her a shy smile in return.


"That was amazing. I mean I've never kissed anyone before, but…wow."

"Alice, you're shaking." Jasper reached out, taking her quivering hand.

Alice laughed and then smiled. "I'm just so happy." Jasper smiled and leaned forward to pull her into his lap. Alice melted into his embrace. "I have never been this happy." She wrapped her arms around his chest. "I've never felt so safe"

Jasper wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. "That makes two of us."

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