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This is a one chapter of short thought from Stella's Point Of View.

Influenced and inspired by the song Everybody Loves Somebody – Barry Manilow and When I Need You – Luther Vandross.

Only for Someone like You

Stella's POV

As I lie down on my couch and shut my eyes, thoughts about you came wandering over me. Music that played in the background was soon forgotten. It was powerless to fight this feeling any longer. Yet, I'm still afraid to let it flow. Was it just me or is it what started out this friendship that has grown stronger between us? I only wish that I'm bold enough to let it show.

I've always wondered what it would be like to have you here with me on my couch or even in my bed, holding me in your arms and wash away all the pain in me. The first sight when I saw you, my life has been such a whirlwind and I was unable to resist my love for you, wanting to be the woman in your life and built a wonderful family with you.

I'm tired of waiting of what was named as just a dream and it will never come true. We're best of friends, took care of each other, hold on to each other for dear life when one of us fell into bits, as you helped me out to pick up the pieces and bond them together permanently, thus they would never splinter anymore. There was not a reason for my fear since I felt secure and sheltered when you are around me.

You came along just like a song, and brighten up my day. Tormented and torn apart, a dark storm in my horizon, I carried your smile in my heart. At times, when my life seemed so low, your smile made me believed that there was tomorrow, keeping me warmed night and day.

No one knew the side of you that I know; no one got to see, to feel you and to hear you when they call. I needed you so badly when my days came crashing down. I open my eyes again and I'm with you. Thinking about you so much till it hurts. All that I want to give was just a heartbeat away and there was something that lingered in me when you walked by or stand beside me, arms slightly brushing mine, sending shivers down my spine.

There is no easy way; it got harder each and every day. All this time I've been waiting for my prince charming to come and rescue me from all the lonely nights but I was too blind to notice that you were just right in front of me, saved me every time I'm in risk, too much that it was incapable of being counted.

A great distance of empty space between us, a phone call can never take place of your smile that molten my heart. I need you for just a breath away.

I'm on the clouds as I hold out my hand to reach for you. I want you to come and carry me home where we would enjoy each other's company in each other's arm, inhaling the familiar scent of yours. I want you to stay and never go away. Everything was good, everything was fine. I just wished I was next to you tonight. But I was alone with the thoughts we shared, keeping them strong in my mind.

I woke up in the morning. It was a crazy town, dragged you down till you run out of dreams. Nevertheless, I look forward to each day we're facing, filled with impediment and complications.

Wondering, if only you knew what I'm feeling towards you. I know my dreams were overdue but your love made it all worth waiting, only for someone like you.


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