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A boy of seventeen was sleeping one night. Ever since he was two years old he had had an obsession with dragons, so much so that he wished and dreamed of becoming one, to breath fire, ice, and many other dragon related activities. However, you should be careful what you wish for, as this boy is about to get more than he bargained for.


The young dragon awoke with a yawn amidst the grass and trees of the forest. He slowly began to look around, his mind clumsy, unable to think straight. He tried to stand but his body failed him and he fell back down hard, the impact causing his mind to become alert and making him take another look at his surroundings.

"Wow, what just happen, where the hell am I?" The young dragon cried out. He tried to stand up again but as before he fell back upon the ground. "Why can't I get up? Darn, is my leg broken or something?" He muttered to himself, wondering if he was in shock. He looked at his legs to check them and his face suddenly gained a look of astonishment.

He hurriedly looked over the rest of his body in disbelief as he looked upon the red scales that covered his body. He turned his head and long, sinuous neck to look at his back and stared at the large, bat-like wings. He looked down at the floor and was amazed to see his hands now had sharp claws which he then used to check the horns on his head. "I- I'm…a dragon!?" The confused dragon exclaimed as he began to double check his appearance.

He once again tried to get up, slowly now that he realised he wouldn't be using his usual human muscles. Once to his feet he cautiously began to walk forwards. It was tough going but after a few minutes he began to gain the hang of it and he started to move faster. He had no idea where he was going, however, he was just walking because he knew that he couldn't stay lost in the forest; he had to get home.

"I could have sworn that I fell asleep on my bed. But I wake up and find myself lost in a weird forest and transformed into a dragon. What the hell is going on, am I still dreaming or something? I certainly hope so because this is nuts. Oh, Vexx, what did you get yourself in to now?" The young dragon sighed as he continued walking without a clue where he was going.

Hours passed and Vexx realised he was getting hungry and needed water; he could barely keep his head up as exhaustion began to take over his body. "I'm so tired," Vexx mumbled as he collapsed in the soft grass. "I think I'll rest here."

As he began to drift off into a deep sleep a voice suddenly sounded in his ears. "Cynder, look, another dragon our age. We have to take him to the temple; I didn't think any one like us was still alive." Vexx noticed that the voice was male.

A second voice came after the first, this time female. "We better hurry, Spyro, he doesn't look like he's in good shape." Vexx heard this but he was too tired to react and soon he could hear no more as he slipped into unconsciousness.


Vexx awoke to the sight of a dead sheep by his nose and he pulled his head away from it with disgust. "Who would kill a sheep and leave it to rot in front of me like that?" Vexx growled to himself and then he stopped, shocked that he had growled like that. It took him a few seconds to realise why he did it.

"Oh…I forgot that I'm not human any more." He muttered to himself. He then looked at the sheep again before quickly looking away. He couldn't stop himself from thinking about the sheep and once again he found himself gazing at it, this time with huger.

He began to sniff at the carcass and before he could stop himself he sank his teeth into the flesh. The blood seeped into his mouth and onto his tongue, drops of it dripping between his teeth. He found that he liked the taste and he pulled his head away, tearing a large piece of the flesh with it. He pulled it into his mouth and began to chew, eager to fill his stomach with the meat.

He had never tasted anything so good before and he eagerly ripped into the sheep again for another mouth full. It took him only two minutes to finish off the meal, bones and all, and he sat on his haunches to lick his claws clean.

It was then that he decided to have a look around him. He hadn't noticed that he was sitting on a large, soft pillow nor had he noticed the bowl of water sat on the stone floor next to it. He moved over to the bowl, his muscles still struggling due to his lack of experience with using them and once he got to it he simply stared at it. "How do dragons drink, I haven't got a clue?"

The solution quickly came to Vexx and his head perked up, "Oh, right, like this." He said as he leaned his head down and lapped at the water with his tongue. He tried a few times but the water simply slid off his tongue and back into the bowl before he could bring it into his mouth. "Oh, hell. I can't drink like this!" He exclaimed as he grabbed the bowl with his claws, leaned his head back, and tipped its contents into his open maw.

With his thirst quenched, he proudly set the bowl back down and lay down, his hunger and thirst thoroughly satisfied. After eating the large meal his body felt tired again but he didn't need to sleep. Instead he began to explore his body from head to tail, running his clawed hands over his smooth scales. When he noticed the mirror on the wall he got up and approached it, admiring his new body from another point of view, it was here he noticed that his horns were brown.

"So…if I'm a red dragon does that mean I can breathe fire?" He asked himself with a little excitement. He took a deep breath and, without knowing exactly how, expelled a burning ball of flames. "Cool!" He exclaimed, before his eyes widened, "OH, CRAP! The big pillow's on fire!"

He looked around the room franticly, searching for something to put out the fire with but he could find nothing of any use. "Darn, where's a bucket of water when you need it?" Vexx grumbled to himself.

At that moment a purple dragon and a black dragoness came out of nowhere, startling Vexx. But he did know who they were which startled him even more as he watched the purple dragon expel his ice breath at the blazing fire. Vexx couldn't believe what he was seeing and now the black dragoness was glaring at him as she marched towards him. "What the hell is your problem? Why'd you burn our bed, we sleep on that!" She snapped at Vexx.

"I didn't mean to," He explained, worried that the dragoness was going to attack him. "I-I-I'm sorry, please, it was an accident, I swear." At that point the purple dragon had finally put out the flames and made his way to Vexx, a calm look on his face.

"Can you tell me why you tried to burn down our new home, please?" He asked calmly.

"Look, Spyro, Cynder, I didn't mean to do it, I promise. I'm not really a dragon, I'm a human boy!" He tried to explain.

The two dragons just looked at each other and Cynder spoke. "Who are you and how do you know our names?" She demanded.

"And what's a human?" Spyro added as he sat down with a smile. "I've never heard of them before. Please, sit down and tell us your story."

Vexx began to tell them everything of how he woke up as a dragon in the forest but Spyro and Cynder laughed at it. Vexx didn't mind this, however, because he knew humans didn't exist in their world. "I think you must have hit your head hard and you're having trouble thinking." Spyro chuckled. Vexx gave him a 'whatever' look and then stood up and began walking away from the two dragons. "Hey, where are you going, Vexx?" Spyro asked as he too got up to see where the strange dragon was going.

"Away from you two," Vexx replied with a slight growl. "It seems that I'm not welcome here so I think I'll leave. I thought you would understand, Spyro, but you're just like everyone else I know that thinks I'm a joke!"

"I didn't say you were a joke, Vexx," Spyro reassured. "To be honest with you, Cynder and I are happy to see another dragon our age and we think you're pretty cool and funny. In fact, we wish for you to stay with us, right, Cynder?" He asked as he turned to look at the black dragoness.

Cynder shrugged, not really liking the idea at all. "Spyro, I was hoping you and I could be alone for a while, away from the world. But now we have to deal with him?" She said with disappointment.

"Cynder, you know we can still be alone but he needs our help now so please, I need you on this one." Spyro said as he looked into her dark green eyes.

She finally sighed with a smile. "Ok, I'll help, but you and I will be alone at some point, one way or another." She said as she moved to kiss him.

When the two lovers had finished kissing they turned to look at Vexx but he was gone. "Oh, man, where did he go?" He said as they quickly left to look for the red dragon.


Vexx ran through the deep forest as fast as his legs could carry him. He fell down from time to time, his body not accustomed to running but despite the injuries he got he ignored them and kept going; he wanted to go home. "I miss home. I want to go back, please, but how?" Vexx said to himself as tears began to fall down the dragon's face. "I have to get some answers but how?!"

He ran for what felt like hours as he began to grow used to his new body. He noticed he didn't feel tired at all and that he felt like he could run for days without a break with his new powerful legs. It wasn't long before he came upon a steep hill which he failed to notice and as he began to approach the downwards slope he tripped on a large, exposed tree root.

He screamed out as he began to roll out of control down the hill. At some point during his fall he felt like he'd broken something but he was too worried about stopping to care. However, with the speed he was travelling at, he had very little options available to him.

The hill began to level out and he began to collide into trees, breaking the branches and scratching himself in the process. It felt like his ride of pain would never end but after a few more minutes he rolled out onto flat ground where he remained motionless, too scared to move in case he really had broken more than one thing. Not only that but the effects of running for so long had finally caught up to him and he felt exhausted as his leg muscles burned.

A dark figure suddenly entered his vision and he could see that it was a purple dragon. He then passed out.
"Poor guy, I think I'll take him back to my cave. I have to say, though, he is kind of cute." The purple dragon said and then began to drag the sleeping Vexx to its cave.

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