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(Butch's POV)

Ok…time for starting the mission.

Mission: Go in a date with Kaoru and Kick her families butt…


Mission: Destroy Boomer's statue of chocolate


Mission: Have a dinner with the Family of Kaoru's and pretend I wasn't the one that kicked their butt…


Damn I don't want to do that! I mean…I'm kinda scared of what his older brother can make me…WAIT! Slap, slap! I'm Butch! I'm not Boomer! I'm not scared of a boy without powers and only muscles!

Besides, I can always kick his butt!

The door of my room opens just to find Boomer entering through it. I frown a bit when I see he has some of my grape juice.

"What's up Butch? You're acting even weirder than your normal weirdness" He says while sitting over my dark green mattress. I look at him with annoyed ayes.

"What do you mean with my normal weirdness!?"

"Well bro…Brick and your are weird, accept it"

"I wasn't acting weird!"

"Dude…you were slapping yourself in front of the mirror"

"He was doing what in front of the mirror?" I turned to see my brother, Brick, who had another one of my juices in his hand.

"Hey! What's your problem!? Does are my juices!"

Brick started laughing, clutching his stomach while doing so. I grumble loudly.

"I can't believe it…you're even possessive with your juice!"

I grumble a bit, looking at my juice in the hands of my damn brothers.

"Is not my fault…now I need to go to Kaoru's house…to meet her parents"

My brothers turned to look at each other curiously, then towards me again. Brick enters my room and sits down in my bed, beside Boomer.

"So you're really going through it?" Brick asks, and then takes a bit of my juice into his mouth. I nod a bit, obviously my nervousness could even be SMELLED.

"Ask yourself this…do you really love Kaoru? Is it worth all the work your making?" Boomer said, looking at me seriously. I turn to look at myself in the mirror.

Is it really worth the trouble? Do I really love Kaoru?...What is love anyway?

Well…what I think about Kaoru. I love how she is, her attitude. She doesn't let anybody boss her around and punches any pervert who tries to make something to her. She has her cute moments, like when she's embarrassed when I tell her something pervert…when she plays with her shorts in a girly way, then she stops and blushes in embarrassment…

I love her face; it's perfect in any way. Her lips are soft as rose petals… her emerald eyes full with all types of emotions shine like a true jewel does, her skin looks as tasty as a peach...and her body is one of a goddess…perfect.

But if I could choose something from her over everything else…it wouldn't be her body, her lips or anything else…I would definitely choose her eyes…

That's what made me fall in love with her…

Then if what I'm feeling right now for her isn't love…I don't know what it is…

I smile a thankful smile and I nod at my brothers.

"Thanks guys…I appreciate your help"

"No prob Bro…just go for your princess and leave us your juices to us"

…Wow that's such a way to destroy a great dramatic scene…


(Kaoru's POV)

I'm in my house…waiting for a certain someone to appear…that certain someone being a raven-haired god with a perverted attitude that makes me crazy in love…


A stupid idiotic teenager with the most horrible taste in pervert thinguies and with the worst mood…

Yeah, that was what I meant…

My dad, who is preparing his metal bat, turns to look at me with a sparkle in his eyes.

"So Kaoru…where is that boy…your boyfriend"

Wow…my dad sure isn't taking this boyfriend-girlfriend thing lightly…well it's not like we're a couple…

Are we?...

No we aren't.

"Dad, calm down, you can't hit him with the metal bat" Dai says looking at him with annoyed eyes. Mitsu, appears and pats the head of Shou, who is sitting on one of the chairs of the kitchen table beside my dad.

"Exactly Tokio, What Dai says its true…"

"Yeah, what will happen if you hurt the bat!? Use my revolver instead!"

"WTH! THE BAT!" I shout at him with annoyance, then Mitsu glares at his son.

"So…a revolver Dai?"

Tokio nodded at Mitsu and took his revolver, "We're going to talk this seriously after dinner" Then he grabbed Dai's shoulder and whispered in his ear something loud enough for all of us to hear, "…good job son! Make sure making the life of Kaoru's boyfriend a hell"

Mitsu glared at him with all her power and turned towards the kitchen, ready to see how was it. I groaned a bit.

My mom is happy because I finally have a…boyfriend…so she made me use something more elegant… (A/N: The link of her dress is in my profile, but instead of read its dark green) and my hair its styled down like when I went with Narushima in a date, the only difference being that part of my hair is in a little bun.

"Mom…I look stupid…"

"You look gorgeous Kaoru!"

…well, it's obvious my mom thinks that way…she's my mom after all.

Then a ring bell can be heard through all the house. All of my family halts every movement. All three guys turn to the door with hate, while my mom and I look at it with nervousness…

If those guys answer the door…

Everything will be over

The ring bell sounded again, as well as the race. With these stupid high heels is difficult, so I end up in last in line.

"Kuso!" I jump to the air and land over my dad and Dai. Shou tries to pry my hands off their necks but I don't let him. I wrestle with them until…

"Hello sweetheart! My name's Mitsu! Come on pass!"

All four of us look at the open door dumbly. Then I see Butch…looking at me with an eyebrow raised. He is wearing a suit…and has flowers in his hand…

I feel my cheeks getting hotter when he sees my position, and I leave my family alone. I gulp a bit and I nod at him, my way of saying hello. He smirks at me and grabs my hand to help me stand up. I thank him…since I couldn't stand up thanks to the high heels. He walks me towards the kitchen table and takes out my seat, letting me sit down first.

All this happened while all three Matsubara males looked at us dumbly…


Tokio looks at his kid with a frown…then…

"You're both grounded for making me believe he was a bad boy"

Both Dai and Shou hang their heads lowly…feeling depressed all of a sudden, they walk upstairs to their respective rooms.

"I hope they get married" Mitsu said, looking at Tokio dreamily. Tokio just sweat dropped.

"I think that it's still to early for that…"


(Butch's POV)

Today is my day…

Finally it's the day…I've been waiting forever for this day to appear…

Today is the day I will marry Kaoru.

Now I have 21 years, and I know I'm still young for marriage…but Kaoru and I have been dating since that day I went to her house for dinner. That makes 5 years of being in a relationship. I want this, and I know she wants this too.

I want to protect her, to love her, to make her happy. She's the only one who can see who am I really. She can see the gentle and mature guy…not the pervert everyone sees…

I'm now standing on the altar, waiting for my bride to appear. The monk says the cue words, and then she appears…in all her glory.

(A/N: The dress she's waiting appears in my profile too :) )

She has her hair styled down and a little smile in her face. I smile at her too…

Since that day in her house, I came to a conclusion…I love Kaoru, I love her with everything I got and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

She finally arrives beside me. I take her hand into mine and her smile grows a little blush appearing in her cheeks.

I turn to look at my brothers who are smiling at me proudly with their girlfriends, Momoko and Miyako at their side.

This is the start of a new life with her…and I'm ready for it…

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