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"Mystical being speaking"

'Mystical being thought or jutsu'

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Golden Eyes

A man in his early teens snuck quietly down the hallway toward a room unknown to almost all of the Uchiha Clan. The room was kept hidden because it held secrets about the entire clan; ranging from weaknesses to strengths. This room also held the secrets to the Mangekyou Sharingan, in which the person going to the room was currently researching. He has been researching this stage of the sharingan for a few months and was growing quiet attached to the idea of obtaining it.

His name was Itachi Uchiha.

Itachi was the prodigy of the Uchiha Clan and was respected as a shinobi throughout the Village Hidden in the Leaves, and he despised it. He didn't want to be the famed ninja everybody saw him as. Sure he wanted to be a powerful shinobi, but being glorified for every mission he went on was just ridiculous.

This brings us back to the reason he is researching the Mangekyou Sharingan.

He has already unlocked the third stage of the sharingan, but the feeling he has of not having completely finishing the process is driving him insane. So here he is sneaking back into the forbidden archives of the Uchiha Clan in order to research all he can about his corrupted clan and the bloodline that goes with it.

But this night proved to be a little different from the rest.

Itachi silently slid down the hallway until he came to a halt. In front of him stood a large round door with several seals on it which, upon further investigation, where all connected to a single seal in the center of the door. Itachi, who has already been inside this room several times, did the proper hands seals and with a click the door opened up for him.

Upon entering the room, Itachi quickly glanced around, he noticed nothing changed; no one set foot into the room since he was last there. In the front of the room there was a small desk with a single chair and an unlit candle on the desk. Looking up he saw the same four shelves that seemed to continue on forever.

Itachi wanted to learn more about the history of the sharingan, so he went and picked up several scrolls that pertained to the past of the so called greatest doujutsu ever.

He read for a good five hours before deciding it would be best for him to leave before someone caught him in there. When he put the scroll at the back of the room, something caught his eye. In the corner of the room, hidden behind some old scrolls, there was a golden scroll that glinted in the flickering light of the candle he was holding. Curious, he picked up the scroll in order to figure out why such a scroll would be hidden like that. After he read some of it, his eyes widened and his pulse dropped considerably.

'This is impossible,' thought Itachi.

XxXxX-5 days later

Today was just another grueling day for the Third Hokage. He had a mound of paperwork to do and Naruto was next to him, asking the hokage to take him out for ramen. A Hokage does not have time to take a ramen break every thirty minutes! Just then there was a sudden knock on the door.

"Come in," ordered the Third.

An ANBU walked in, wearing his standard ANBU gear and a weasel mask that concealed his identity. "Hello Hokage-sama" he greeted bowing, glancing over to Naruto for a split second.

"Hello, what do you need ANBU-san?" Of course the Third already knew who it was, Naruto, however, didn't.

"It is a very serious matter, which I have only recently come across, that needs to be voiced immediately".

Raising an eyebrow Sarutobi said, "Of course, Naruto would you please leave us to discuss this privately?"

Naruto smiled before getting up to leave. Naruto was saved by this particular ANBU countless times from angry mobs before, so he knew whatever the elite shinobi wanted to say was going to be of importance.

"Hold on Naruto-kun, this involves you," said the ANBU.

This got not only Naruto's, but the Hokage's attention immediately. They both wondered what could possibly concern Naruto that Itachi would bring up.

"Look Naruto-kun I'm going to reveal myself to you so you can better comprehend what is going on," Itachi said from under his mask.

"Are you sure that is wise ANBU-san?" Sarutobi asked.

"Yes Hokage-sama I am sure," Itachi said simply taking off his mask with his sharingan activated.

Naruto was awe struck by the revelation that an Uchiha was protecting him all this time. All of the Uchiha hated him more than the villagers themselves. They were usually the ones to start forming the mobs. This was truly amazing.

"My name is Itachi Uchiha and I have been the one to look after you in your times of need, but even I know that I can't protect you all the time," Itachi said, not breaking eye contact with Naruto.

Naruto looked down at the ground with a sad expression on his seven year old face. 'Itachi is telling the truth, but what is he getting at?' Naruto questioned himself.

"Well what I came here to tell you is that you possess the sharingan," Itachi revealed with his expressionless face still set in place.

Naruto's and Sarutobi's jaw almost fell to the floor upon hearing the ANBU's statement. The only thought that went across their mind was 'impossible'.

"I know what I'm saying is rather unbelievable, but let me explain," Itachi said taking their still shocked faces as the initiative to start. 'Glad I put that silence jutsu up while walking in,' Itachi thought.

"We all know that Naruto's father is the fourth Hokage," they both nod their heads (Naruto figured it out by himself). "Well do you know who Naruto's mother was?"

They both shook their heads, indicating they didn't know. "Her name was Oljiu Uchiha."

Naruto stood there, shocked from finding out the identity of his mother and by the fact that he has the sharingan.

The Third recovered enough to ask, "How did you come across this information?"

"I did some digging and found out by accident," Itachi said flatly, glancing at Naruto every so often.

"So what do you purpose we do?" inquired the Third.

"I wish to take Naruto-kun on a training trip in a few years, but until then let me train him in secret, so the village won't become curious of us," Itachi suggested. Naruto brightened up at the idea of training with an elite ANBU.

"Do as you wish because I want to see Naruto strong enough to be Hokage one day!" the Third exclaimed. Naruto visibly cringed at that but smiled nonetheless. Itachi saw this and decided to ask him about it later.

"You both are dismissed," the Third stated; he had a lot to think about.

Naruto walked out of the office with Itachi, each having different thoughts.

'These next few years are going to be hell,' Naruto anticipated.

'I haven't even told him the most surprising secret about his sharingan yet,' thought Itachi, shaking his head while putting his mask back in place.


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