"Mystical being speaking"

'Mystical being thought or jutsu'

XxXxX=Scene break

XxXxX-6 months after the war

"So, this is how the world ended up after the war. I thought it would be different but I guess they exceeded my expectations," said a white-cloaked figure with a straw hat covering his features. He stood atop a mountain over looking a village. The mountain has five faces sketched across the front, signaling that it is the Hokage Mountain.

The entire world is peaceful after the war that forced them to work together or be destroyed together. They choose the right path and worked together to destroy the evil that was Naruto. Now that Naruto is gone, all the nations are getting along perfectly and even Sound and Rain are becoming good friends with the other nations. They are looked upon as the people that stood against all odds and fought for what they believed in. Sound and Rain are now praised because they fought until the bitter end for that but nobody ever told the other nation what the phrase 'I am the lamb' meant and they will never know.

Everyone blamed Naruto solely for the start of the war and so; he was the reason for all the death. Narutos legacy was that of evil in all the nations except Rain and Sound, who silently still praises him for all that, he has done. All the nations are working together to fix the damage that was dealt during the war. Even Sound and Rain are helping with the repairs that happening over the continent.

And so the world lies in peaceful sleep after the war. All nations over this world are getting along quiet nicely after the bloody war that took so many lives.

"These people have a great way doing that," said another white-cloaked figure that was leaning against a tree behind the first one. He too was wearing a straw hat.

"Yes, they do," said the first cloaked figure. The second cloaked man got off the tree and walked up behind the first cloaked man. He put a hand a onto the firsts shoulder.

"Lets go. You did a good job on this place. It's time to leave," said the second man. The first man lifted his hat up just slightly enough to reveal to the world the last thing they thought they would ever see.

A pair of golden eyes gazed out over the Village Hidden in the Leaves as a golden sunrise rose from behind him as he turned to walk away.


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