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SUMMARY: Jim Brass finds a new love for life.

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"Argh! Would you please hold still?!" The young girl with the dark curly hair got after the old man in her care. "Now I gotta start over!" She blustered as she pulled the knot out of the tie and ripped it off his neck.

"Sorry, Squirt. But it's been a while since the old man wore a tie, ya know." He smiled at the girl with the frustrated face.

"I know, but Mom says you gotta wear it, Pops." Her frown broke when he winked at her. "Now hold still so I can get it right." Shaking her head at the silly old man who was her grandfather, Sasha smiled at his playfulness. "You're enjoying this a little too much, huh?"

Jim shrugged, which earned him a scowl from his granddaughter, and then he answered her question. "You have to admit… We never thought this day would come."

"That's for sure!" She pulled the end of the tie through the middle and over to the side. "I know I'd given up all hope years ago."

"Aren't you a little young to be that cynical?" Jim raised his brow at her answer. "And not quite old enough to have known anything for years."

"Puh-lease! Like it's any secret marriage and this family weren't on speaking terms for a long time. I may only be twelve, but I'm not stupid, Pops." Tucking the front of the tie through the final loop, Sasha pulled it down firmly and nodded at her handiwork. "But really after all this time, I just figure it's kind of silly not to just do it."

Jim was curious about Sasha's conclusions, but before he could ask her about it, a head poked its way into the room. "Hey, you two better hurry it up… I think the bride is starting to get restless."

Sasha instantly jumped into action. "Crap… Are you good now?"

"I'm fine. Get moving, Squirt." Jim winked at her as she left the room in a flash of light.

Shaking her head, the woman allowed Sasha to fly past her before entering the room. "I swear, that kid has enough energy to power the neon on the Strip."

"Tell me about it." Jim turned around to the mirror to inspect the girl's work on his tie. Upon seeing the too small knot, he immediately pulled it out.

Before he could begin retying the knot, two long arms reached around him and took over the duty. "You always did prefer the full Windsor, didn't you?"

Jim shrugged and allowed her to continue. "The small ones make my neck look too thick."

"Ah, so this is about vanity, is it?" She chuckled into his ear, helping him to relax.

"I need to look good, don't I?" His wink brought another smile to her face.

"You'll be just fine…as always." She pulled the front through the final loop and gave it a solid tug to reveal a perfect Windsor knot. "How's that?"

"Perfect…" He turned around slowly and smiled just before placing a gentle kiss on her lips. "Just like the lady."

Her arms wrapped tightly around his middle as she smiled. "You keep up that smooth talking, and I might just have to marry you again."

Stopping any further discussion, Sasha returned in an excited hurry. "Okay, I've locked the windows in there so Mom can't escape, and Dr. Grissom has Dad so scared of you he's barely breathing at the altar." She grabbed a hand from each of them and began pulling them out of the room. "Now, if you and Sue don't hurry up and get them in front of that JP, I'm gonna have to wait another thirteen years to get them hitched."

After everyone was put into place by a very pushy preteen, Jim Brass stood at the back of the chapel with more pride than he ever thought possible. Seated throughout the small chapel were his friends and family. Even his brother had flown out from Jersey to attend the big event. His little girl was getting married.

Of course, in true Ellie fashion, it was thirteen years after the fact, but just like her old man, she never did anything the easy way. The man who was Sasha's father never really got a chance to be Dad in the beginning. He and Ellie had split before she discovered she was pregnant, and she had no way of contacting him once she learned of the pregnancy.

When Davis showed up ten years later, working as a physician at the same treatment center where Ellie had been working, to say he was shocked was a supreme understatement. But even Jim was impressed with the way the man simply jumped in with both feet and tried to make it work. It quickly became clear to him that Davis was a good man, and a perfect fit for his daughter. It still took Ellie a couple years to be convinced. "Slow learners, those Brass' are," as his mother would always say.

Unlike his daughter, Jim had managed to give up playing the fool when it came to relationships. It took him just a few short months before he wised up and ask Sue to marry him. He recognized in her all that was missing in his life, and thankfully for him, he was that for Sue as well.

Their lives together were far from easy, because both of them had spent way too many years on their own. But they were happier together than they ever were alone, and it made everything else inconsequential. The only real hiccup to the whole thing came in the form of his daughter.

The first meeting between Ellie and Sue had not been the happy occasion Jim envisioned it to be. She seemed to be on a mission to discover some well hidden flaw, or an insidious plot that would make Sue an unacceptable mate for her father. Acting very much like the woman he had fallen in love with, Sue never backed down, and met each of Ellie's challenges with a sincere and direct answer. In the end, Ellie bowed to the wisdom of his choice, and accepted Sue into their family. Of course, much of her decision was based in the fact that her daughter pretty much demanded she do so, or face the consequences of one seriously miffed little girl.

Unfortunately, no one had any influence over her relationship with Davis. His return was not met with open arms, and the addition of a child he was never aware of made it hard for both of them to come to terms at first. Slowly, the two managed to build a level of trust in the course of their work together. Jim received daily reports about their progress from his little dark haired spy. Sasha also kept him informed about the things Davis was doing to get to know her. So, when he first met the young man, it felt almost as though he already knew him.

Jim was impressed with his easy going demeanor, and his comfort with a daughter he barely even knew. But he was sold on the guy the moment he saw Davis seat Sasha away from a rowdy group at a restaurant. He placed himself between her and the other group, while keeping near enough to Ellie to remove her from harm's way, should the need arise. Davis cared about his girls, whether Ellie was ready to admit it yet, or not, and that was paramount in Jim's thinking.

It was more than a year before they would openly admit they were dating. Ellie was very apprehensive about committing to the relationship. She was not someone who was able to forgive betrayal very easily, and her trust was most definitely hard won.

They might have continued to dance around the issue indefinitely, if not for a little shove from their very opinionated daughter during one of their visits to Vegas. They were sitting around his living room after dinner and Davis was about to reluctantly leave for his hotel when Sasha reached her boiling point with their games. Getting to her feet with an indignant pose, she shouted, "Puh-lease! Like you're fooling anybody!" And then she flounced down the hall to her room.

Six weeks later, there they stood in the Little White Chapel, about to make official what it appeared Sasha knew all along. With Ellie on his arm, wearing a dress made just for her, Jim Brass knew that his world was filled with happiness. He had friends, he had family and he had love.

"You ready, kid?" Jim beamed at his only daughter.

"As I'm gonna be." He leaned forward and she stopped him cold. "Are you sure this is gonna be okay? I mean, marriage and all that… It does work, right?" Ellie was obviously working through some old ghosts with her question.

Jim smiled and then turned to look down the aisle at the beautiful woman waiting for him on the bride's side. "It's work, but it's worth it. Every last moment of it, I swear."

Ellie followed his gaze and saw the woman smiling back at them, admiring a lot more than the dress she had made. She could see the love between those two very special people, and it helped to ease her worry. But it was all wiped away the moment she found two sets of identical eyes staring back at her from altar. Her daughter was practically vibrating from happiness, and the man who created that beautiful soul with her seemed to match Sasha gesture for gesture, and look for look.

Taking in a deep breath, Ellie took that first step with her father. As they walked proudly down the little aisle, she looked around to find the faces of friends and family everywhere. Knowing Davis was waiting for her at the end of the aisle, Ellie finally knew what real happiness was. She leaned over to whisper in her father's ear as they reached her groom. "Daddy, do you ever get the feeling that you could really have it all?"

With his heart so full it was overflowing, Jim whispered back, "I do have it all. Everything I could have ever wished for. Sometimes, Princess, you just have to grab that brass ring and hold on with everything you've got."