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He blinked, once, daggers of light piercing his retinas, before eyes squeezed quickly closed. Sight was overrated- hunters knew how to rely on other senses.

Tasted: Pasty, dry tongue. How long had he been asleep?

Heard: steadily bleeping heart monitor, familiar quiet snoring at his right side.

Felt: bandaged face and torso, rigid tubing between a pair of ribs, a limp hand around his wrist.

Smelled: Stale antiseptic, suspicions confirmed. Hospital. More importantly, he smelled motel soap, musty books, and something indiscernibly sweet that always reminded him of mom.

That was how without opening his eyes, Dean knew Sam safe.


72 hours of sedated, healing sleep for Dean meant none for Sam, only allowing himself rest once Dean's doctor gave the 'all clear.' He had all but collapsed into a chair, arms pillowed against his brother's side. Consciousness called hours later, but weary eyelids were reluctant to open. Sam let his other senses take over.

Tasted: remnants of vending machine breakfast.

Smelled: detergent of hospital sheets.

Felt: the bed shift beneath him, a hand ruffling his hair, two fingers scissoring his tresses.

Heard: Groggy mumbling. "Need machete…or lawnmower…snippy snip.."

That was how, without opening his eyes, Sam knew Dean was alright.