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Chapter 1 - A Dark Beginning



The attacks of the two combatants meet at the center of a large waterfall, causing and implosion of power and destructive force. The only witnesses to the epic battle were the combatants themselves and the statures of the valley.

"We're almost home teme" Naruto said. Sasuke was too tired to speak.

They arrived at the gates, seeing a group of shinobi and villagers alike. Naruto put Sasuke down gently and saw Sakura. He was about to greet her when she pushed him out of the way. "I told you to bring him back! Not nearly kill him!"

"But Sakura-chan I…"

"I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!" She screamed. "We have to get Sasuke-kun to the hospital."

Naruto just sighed as Sakura and a few shinobi carried Sasuke off to the hospital and was about to get up when a rock hit the side of his head.

"YOU DEMON! You hurt the Uchiha!"


"We should have killed you years ago!"

The villages started to hurl insults and rocks at Naruto who decided to get up and run out of the gates. Unfortunately, the villagers gave chase and surprisingly some were even able to keep up at least for awhile, throwing rocks, kunais and whatever else they could throw.

Naruto ran and ran, he didn't look back nor did he slow down even when he could no longer hear the villagers. He just kept running till the adrenaline and his stamina finally gave out.

He stopped by a river and took a drink before dunking his head in. He sat there for moments but it seemed like forever especially with what just happened still running through his head.

After bringing Sasuke back, after everything he's done, everything for the village, to prove he wasn't Kyuubi, this is what happens. He gets run out of town just because Sasuke was covered in HIS blood; he was the one that took a Chidori through the chest. All to keep his promise to Sakura…

"Sakura…" He whispered. "I'm not going back."

Naruto got up and explored the area he'd run into and noticed a cave which was mostly covered by a boulder; a well placed Rasengan took care of that and he decided to walk in and explore it.

As he got deeper, he noticed a skeleton on the floor with a full face mask/helmet which had a large forehead and chest armor but the lower ribs looked like they were ripped out or something busted through it.

He pulled off the helmet and dropped it in shock, whatever the creature was it wasn't human but then again he'd recently seen a human with six arms and another that could use his bone as weapons so who's to say that this crab-faced thing wasn't human.

Naruto continued to explore the cave, never noticing the shadow that silently followed him. As he got deeper, he noticed that the walls started changing from natural rock formations to metal with grids and glyphs on them as well as something hard and smooth that was neither metal nor rock in patterns that looked like bones.

"What's this?" Naruto ran his hand over a bump on the wall and it lit up causing a loud hissing sound and a door to open in front of him.

There was another loud hiss from behind and Naruto spun around in time to see a shadow with a long barbed tail jump towards him. "WHAT THE HE…!"

It's been just over three years since the day Naruto was run out of the village and things weren't going well for the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Just about a year and a half ago Iwa allied itself with Kiri, Kasa and Oto with the sole intention of destroying Konoha and its allies.

When word first got out about what appeared to Naruto, Wave and Snow threatened to cut all ties and trade with Konoha unless Naruto returned and that those responsible were punished. Tsunade did not need anymore motivation but was overruled by the Council and the elders, whom did not bother about threats from 'lesser' countries.

It was only a year later when Sabaku no Gaara became the Godaime Kazekage and threatened to end its alliance and the rumors and scattered information of the possible alliance with Konoha's enemies that the Council finally relented and the guilty villagers were finally punished. Many were heavily fined and/or jailed, it turned out there were a few shinobi too who were either demoted or removed from the shinobi ranks and the ring-leaders were fined and sentenced to lengthy prison sentences.

It was little comfort though for those that cared for Naruto like the Konoha 11 as they were called, especially a certain Hyuga and Sannin apprentice. Sakura walked through the corridor on the way to the Hokage's office.

She'd let her hair grow out since and tied it up in nine ponytails; she never forgot the day Naruto left.

- Flashback no Jutsu -

Sakura paced outside the room that Tsunade was checking on Sasuke quickly blurted out. "Is Sasuke-kun okay?"

Tsunade's expression grew cold as she spoke, "I could not find any serious or life-threatening injuries."

"But he was covered in blood."

"It's not his blood and I have a damn good idea whose it is." Tsunade walked off not caring about the look of confusion on her face.

- Hokage's Office -

Kakashi, Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Gai, Hinata, Kurenai, Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, Shikamaru and Kiba were gathered in the Hokage's office.

"I thank all of you for coming." Tsunade started, "About an hour ago Sasuke Uchiha was brought back by Naruto Uzumaki after attempting to leave the village to join Orochimaru. He is currently unconscious and under surveillance by a squad of ANBU, he is currently stable as he did not have any serious injuries."

"But I heard he was covered in blood." Ino asked.

"We checked him, the blood wasn't his… It was Naruto's."

All the girls gasped.

"Pakkun and I found more of Naruto's blood at the Valley of the End where we believe the fight took place."

"But… but… if Naruto-kun was hurt that ba..badly, how did he make it back?" Hinata asked.

"Sigh… by all accounts any normal person would be death." Everyone but Kakashi and Tsunade eyes widened. "What I am about to tell you is an S-class secret which the Jounins and older generation know but under the laws of the Sandaime Hokage, none of the younger generation were to be told about it under penalty of death. The Yondaime did not kill the Kyuubi twelve years ago, no human can kill a demon instead he sealed it in a newborn baby, Naruto."

All of the Konoha Genin except Shikamaru gasped at the revaluation.

"You don't seem all that surprised, Shikamaru." Kakashi noted.

"Shino and I guessed as much. Having pieced together the clues like the dislike of the villagers, the names, his birth-date, the beatings…"


"Jinchūriki, 'Power of Human Sacrifice' are vessels and jailors of the biju and are pretty much treated the same universality. Either with hatred and loathing or are made into weapons." Kakashi explained.

"Like me." Everyone turned to Gaara, "We are viewed as nothing more than weapons and treat as such either with fear or hate. That was why when I first met Naruto I was surprised he wasn't like I was."

All the Konoha nin shuddered thinking about Naruto being a blood thirst killer like Gaara was.

"We grew up in pretty much the exact same circumstances but he made friends and decided to acknowledge his existence by becoming Hokage instead of ending other's existence. He would protect them, even those that scorned him."

Everyone was left with their own thoughts about the blond; most reevaluating what they thought of him.

An ANBU suddenly appeared in the middle of the office, "Hokage-sama. About thirty minutes ago after Sasuke Uchiha was taken to the hospital a mob was formed by some villagers and they ran Naruto Uzumaki out of the village."


"I'm sorry Hokage-sama, most of the ANBU were preoccupied."

"Have those involved arrested!"

"Hai." The ANBU disappeared in a cloud.

"The rest of you. Kakashi, Ino, Tenten, will be on one Team. Kurenai, Hinata and Kiba on another. Can I count on you three?" Tsunade asked the Sand Siblings who nodded.

"Gai you're with them. Find Naruto. GO!" The teams ran out of the office.

"What about us Tsunade-sama?"

"The two of you will stay here and watch Sasuke and the other Genin." Tsunade was about to walk out the door but stopped without turning around, "That is what you would want isn't it, Sakura?"

She walked out the door not giving Sakura a chance to reply.

- Flashback Kai -

"Naruto." Sakura whispered as she clutched the papers she was carrying. She carried on walking to the Hokage's office and entered and noticed the Jounin team leaders of the Konoha 11.

"I'm sorry. I'll…"

"It's ok Sakura, we're almost done. Take a seat." Sakura nodded and did as instructed. "As I was saying our Scouts have reported that the two enemy camps at the border of Fire Country are totally empty and they do not seem to have been abandoned."

"What do you mean Hokage-sama?" Asuma asked.

"There are signs of fighting at the camps but not as much as you would expect from wiping out a camp of hundreds of trained shinobi. Other than a few knocked over tents, loose kunai, shurikens and a relatively small amount of blood, there are hardly any clues as to what happened. It's almost as if everyone in that camp just vanished."

"This is most troubling. What are your orders Hokage-sama?"

"I want Team Asuma to head to the camp East of Konoha and Team Kurenai to the West, see if you can find any clues as to what happened. The rest of you will be on stand-by till further notice. Dismissed." The jounins got up to leave, nodding to Sakura.

- Konoha Gate -

Izumo and Kotetsu were on guard duty as usual.

"Sigh… This is sooo boring." Izumo sighed.

"Well we could always ask the Hokage for a tougher job or mission you know."

"Forget it."

"Hey guys." The duo looked over and noticed another Chunin with red hair tied in a ponytail and his hitai-ite in a bandana, walking up to them.

"Yo Kenji." Kotetsu greeted.

"Anything interesting happened today?"

"You're joking right, Kenji?" Izumo answered, "Hardly anything ever happens in Konoha."

"Well you should still be on alert. We are at war you know?" Kenji cautioned.

Their conversation was interrupted by a loud scream for help and the sound of distressed footsteps running towards them. The three Chunin turned to see three Iwa nin running towards them.

"What the hell?" Izumo looked confused before the three of them seizing them just as they passed the gate.



"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?" The Chunin and Iwa shinobi turned to Team Asuma standing a few meters away from them with Asuma in front of Ino, Shikamaru and Choji.

The three Chunin brought the captured Iwa nin towards the team while Kenji answered, "We were talking when these three ran towards the gate. We caught them but they were hysterical."

"What are you three doing here?"

"We were trying to get away… away from…"

"From what?"

"Him." The nin pointed to the gate where a figure in a dark brown cloak landed, his voice sounded like he was facing the Shinigami himself.

The figure stood up and walked towards the gathered ninja, his armored boots crashing the stones under them, a dagger attached to either leg. He on black shinobi pants with a pouch strapped to his right thigh and two round metal cylinders on his left.

Over a chain-mill shirt, his chest was covered in battle scarred gun-metal grey armor, his shoulder guards and arms covered by his cloak which bored the whirlpool symbol encircled by an elongated lizard-like creature with a crest on its head, biting its tail.

The mask he worn was shadowed by his hood but you could clearly see that the mask, like the chest armor, had been through many battles though some marks looked intentional like a glyph made up of two strokes, forming a stylized 'T' on the forehead and a pair of three scratch marks on either cheek.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Asuma asked as the chunin moved the captured nin behind him and his team.

"I am a Predator, a Hunter if you will and those three," he pointed to the captured Iwa nin, "are my prey."

"Are you a hunter-nin or a bounty hunter maybe? We're willing to compensate you for these nin." Asuma offered.

"I have no interest in money."

"Then I'm afraid we'll have to ask you to leave. We need any information that these nin might have and we outnumber you."

"Hn." The Predator smirked behind his mask and snapped his fingers. Loud rushing sounds were heard from the trees outside the gates followed quickly by loud clawing sounds scaling the outer walls.

Six human shaped figures appeared in top of the walls in crouching/squatting positions, they had elongated, cylindrical skulls but possess no visible eyes and had segmented, blade-tipped tails, the tails have a flat ridge of spines at the base of the blade.

They crawled down the wall half-way before leaping down around the Predator.

"What the hell are those things?" Ino asked, the fear obvious on her face.

Four of them with four dorsal tubes on their back stood up on their hind legs (Warriors) ready to strike while the other two which had digitigrade hind legs and lacked the dorsal tubes of the others (Runners) remained crouched, ready to strike.

They have a skeletal appearance and were colored in muted shades of blackish bronze. Though they did not have eyes, the looks the creatures were giving the gathered ninja were enough to let them know that the creatures knew they were there.

One of the Runners spotted one of the Iwa Shinobi and snarl at him causing him to wet himself much to disgust of the Leaf Chunin holding him.

"Give us our prey and we will leave. I had no intention of stepping foot in this village again for a long time."

"What did he mean again?" Shikamaru thought.

Asuma swallowed the lump in his throat that formed at seeing the strange creatures, "I don't think so. We are at war with the country these shinobi are from and we have questions for them."

"I know of your war and it is none of my concern though those shinobi made good practice and stock."

Asuma's cigarette fell out of his mouth when he realized what the stranger was implying. "You were the one that wiped-out those camps?"

"Me and my Angels."

Before Asuma could say anything, three ANBU appeared.

Bear stepped forward, "The Hokage has ordered that these ninja be arrested and taken for interrogation. You can either take a bounty offered to you or we will arrest you as well."

Before the Predator answer, one of the Iwa nin pushed Izumo out of the way, grabbing a kunai and charged the Predator. The Predator snapped his head towards the charging nin and three red dots in the form of a triangle flashed to life on his helmet.

His shoulder plasma cluster sprung up through a specially made hole in his cloak and after a quick charge released a bright blue bolt with completely destroyed the ninja's head, shocking all present.

"Tch. What a waste. As I was saying, give us what's left of our prey. I will not ask again."

"I don't think so." Bear drew his sword along with his teammates Tiger and Falcon.

Asuma drew his trench-knives and the rest of his team got ready. The ANBU rushed forward and clashed with three Warriors while the rest rushed the Chunin.

For a moment neither one moved a muscle, then the ANBU and Asuma ran towards the Hunter and Angels which met them halfway.

Choji and Shikamaru got in front of Ino, "Ninja Art: Mind Transfer Jutsu!" Ino's body fell limp as one of the Runners stood frozen to its spot. "AHHHH!" she suddenly woke up screaming in terror.

"Ino!" Shikamaru kneed down and grabbed her shoulders trying calm her down, "Ino, calm down. What's wrong?"

"So… so dark… so cold… so so…"

"Easy Ino."

The Runner ran towards the trio ready to kill.

"Super Expansion Jutsu! Mega Palm Thrust!" Choji quickly grew and crashed the Runner to the ground but started to scream in pain, returned to normal size and started to rub his hands on the ground to try and dull the pain.

"Choji, what happened!" Shikamaru reluctantly left Ino against the side of a building to check on Choji.

He checked Choji's hands and noticed they were burnt and looked to the remains of the crashed Runner and noticed the slight hissing and bubbling from the blood.

"Be carful! Their blood is highly acidic!" He warned but it was too late as Falcon was able to slash the other Runner and was unable to get out of the way off the spray which burnt her torso, arms and parts of her legs.

"Shit!" Shikamaru cursed and quickly sent his shadow towards the Warrior which decided to change target from Asuma to the downed Falcon. He sighed when his shadow made it in time.

Shikamaru turned the captured Warrior towards Bear and made it tackle one of the other two Warriors attacking him. The two Warrior seem to be 'talking' to each other in high-pitch screeches and hisses before the captured Warrior took a swipe at the other's head.

Being unable to use the full capabilities of the captured Warrior, it was quickly killed and torn apart. Shikamura noticed that they had no qualms about killing another one of their kind and their bodies were immune to the acid.

Tiger disappeared as the Warrior landed where he stood earlier. "Earth Style: Inner Decapitation Jutsu!" The Warrior screamed as it was pulled underground it was much harder to pull it down than a human but eventually it was pulled under till only its head its head was left above ground. Tiger reappeared behind the trapped Warrior and cut its head in half.

Asuma jumped back to avoid a tail strike and threw one of his trench-knives, it moved enough to avoid the blade but Asuma had channeled his chakra through the knife sharpening, lengthening and widening it enough to cut of the arm off the Warrior, distracting it from avoiding the second knife through its head, silencing it.

The last Warrior and Bear clashed into each other, Bear used his left arm to push the Warrior's head away just as its tongue shot out and stabbed it in the center of its chest with his sword. The Warrior released a high-pitch scream before stabbing Bear through the back of his thigh with its tail before it fell dead on the ground as the ANBU withdrew his melting sword and dropped it as he fell to his knees, removing his melting right arm-guard and cradled his arm.

"Hmph. You guys are as strong as I thought though I really did not expect that I would have to do this." The Hunter sliced his palm with a kunai and quickly ran through the hand seals and slammed his palm on the ground, "Summoning Jutsu: Angels of the Apocalypse!"

Out of the smoke ten more Warriors stepped forward and snarled at the gathered ninja.

"Oh crap. As if the first few weren't troublesome enough."

"I say again give us our prey and we will leave."

Just then Team Kakashi which consisted of Kakashi Hatake, Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha appeared.

"What the hell's going on here? Ino?" Sakura asked and ran to check on her petrified friend.

"Sakura get over here! I need you to heal Choji."

Sakura quickly ran over to Choji and after a quick check started to heal him while Shikamaru went to check on Ino and protect her if necessary.

"What's going on here Asuma?" Kakashi asked as he surveyed the scene.

"Three Iwa nin ran into the village earlier and were caught by three Chunin in the area; apparently they were running away from him." He motioned to the Predator, "And his summons, he calls them Angels. He claims to be the one that wiped out those enemy camps but for some reason he won't give up those nin, no matter what."

"How strong is he?"

"Honestly… No idea expect for shooting something from his shoulder which completely blew off that poor sap's head, he's left all the fighting to his summons. Hell he hasn't even moved from his spot."

Kakashi nodded. "You three guard the prisoners."

The three Chunin nodded and closed in their ranks. Asuma threw a pair of kunais with explosive tags to try and take down the Warriors but they scattered as the tags exploded.

One ran towards Sakura and Choji but Sasuke got in between them.

"Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!" The Warrior tried to dodge the fireball but the fireball grew too large for it to dodge, causing it to be burned to death.

Just as Sasuke breathed a sigh of relief, he was tackled to the ground from behind by two Warriors and the tongue of one of them was driven into the ground just an inch from his head.

"I wouldn't move if I were you." The Hunter warned as the tongue was slowly retracted, "I'm willing to bet that their tongues are faster than you and spilling their blood over you is ill advised."

"Damn. How did they get behind me?" Sasuke thought trying to find a way out of his predicament.

"Sasuke!" Sakura ran forward but stopped when one of the Warriors squeezed Sasuke's head with its hand.

Tiger jumped in front of Bear and Asuma jumped in front of Falcon. One Warrior ran towards Kakashi while the others spilt up between the other two pairs.

Tiger ducked under the claws of the first Warrior and with an upwards stroke, took its left arm off and just barely managed to avoid the tail strike aimed for his head. He used his slightly smoking sword to block the tongue strike by the other Warrior only to get its tongue cut off for its attempt.

The Warrior screamed as its blood flowed heavily from its mouth, Tiger was about to finish the job off but had to jump back and avoid the spray of blood as it turned its head. It fell on its back dead, courtesy of a katana through the chest by Bear.

"Fire Style: Burning Ash Pile!" Asuma released a cloud of ash which caught the two charging Warriors who screamed in pain but one of them managed to roll out of the cloud before Asuma ignited the cloud, killing the one caught in the blast.

"Kakashi don't!" Asuma yelled when he noticed Kakashi drawing a kunai and diagonally slashed across a Warrior's chest, neck and face. The blood sprayed out of the wound and burnt his left arm. Kakashi hissed and threw his kunai into the side of the injured Warrior's head but it was not enough to kill it. The Warrior pulled the kunai out of its head and charged Kakashi.

Kakashi threw three shuriken which were dodged; he tried to draw a kunai with his left hand but was unable to. He lifted up his hitai-ite revealing his Sharingan.


Tiger threw his katana to Kakashi who grabbed it and in one fluid motion take a few quick slash at the injured Warrior and the one that escaped the ash cloud and jumped out of the way towards the Predator before the Warriors fell to pieces on the ground.

The Hunter used his kunai to block the sword strike and jumped out of the way of a kick and threw his kunai at Kakashi.

"Kage Kunai Jutsu!" A log replaced Kakashi at the last moment as a dozen kunai were about to hit him.

A pair of jagged blades extended from his right gauntlet about a foot before extending another foot and swung down towards Kakashi who blocked with his sword but it broke from the force of the blow.

Kakashi blocked out the pain and blazed through some hand seals, "Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!"

The fireball cleared revealing nothing but scorched earth.

"Where is he?" Kakashi thought as approached the spot where his opponent stood earlier.

Just as he reached the spot, two eyes flashed yellow and before Kakashi could react he was hit by a right hook to the face and three more to the body before he was stabbed in his right thigh by the Hunter's left wrist-blades.

Kakashi fell to his knees and felt a hand grabbed his neck as the Predator de-cloaked in front of him and leaned towards Kakashi's ear and spoke just loud enough for the two of them to hear, "Normally, I might have had a harder time fighting you but not in your current condition and I'd have that checked," he motioned to Kakashi's arm, "As soon as possible Kakashi… Sensei."

Kakashi felt his heart stop for a moment. "Naruto?"



Yes this is a Naruto AvP crossover though no Predator will be making its appearance in this fic. Most of my info for Aliens and Preds are from my Dark Horse comics and other sources like games. But since even the cannon info can sometime be a little conflicting, I will try to clear them up as much as possible at least for this fic's sake/POV.

I will be the first to admit that I like reading about god-like charactors with more gadgets than an Abram tank as long as there's a good story and opponent(s) but I don't think I will make Naruto god-like, powerful yes, super powerful maybe. I'll leave it to you guys and probably my main beta on what you want to give Naruto unless the need arises. Anyway your choices for 'up-grades are )but not limited to):

All/Multiple Elemental afinitely including Wood, Metal, Magma, Ice, Dark/Shadow and Light. Wind is a given and my beta has already chosen 1 of the unique elements for him. I want to give him at least 1 or 2 more of the 'normal' elements, I'm leaning towards Water.

Unlimited/More Advance Pred-tech, possibly including a light to heavy air/space craft. Check out Wikipedia for the complete list of Pred tech, he Will get about a 1/4 of that now.

Bloodline Limit: Improved Sharingan, Ultimate Defense (Wind, Fire or Lightning), Ability to block/copy other Bloodlines. Some traits/abilities from the Xenomorphs will be a given. My beta's voted for 'Block AND Copy other bloodlines'.

Happy voting.

Also this will be a harem fic with at least 4 girls. Guess who. I might add a 5th if I can work it in.