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Chapter 15 - Going Home

- Konoha -

The girls, minus Temari had patched themselves as best they could without going to the hospital and decided to settle down in a café to discuss the latest developments regarding their favorite blonde.

"Ok so we're in agreement." Ino stated.

"Yes." Sakura answered an ice pack under her jaw, medical ninjutsu or not Hinata has a hell of a right fist.

"Ya ya." Tenten crossed her arms across her chest, she was still pissed that she was the second one to go down. She kinda regretted not summoning at least one Angel to help her but she did not think that would be fair, damn her for spending too much time with Gai and Lee, fair should not be in a ninja's vocabulary.

"Are… Are you sure… We should be doing this? Naruto-kun might not like it…" Hinata asked mirroring Sakura's action.

"Look Hinata, we're not going to sabotage their date." Ino explained even if she really was tempted to, "We're just going to watch them and see how things are going."

"I guess…"

"Besides I would figure that you'd want to break them up if things get hot and heavy and you weren't involved. " Ino smirked.

"Wh… What?" Hinata blushed so hard that the ice pack melted.

"Ino-pig! Can you not be a pervert!"

"What? Can any of you honestly tell me that you'd let Temari bang Naruto before you?" All the girls were silent and blushing, none willing to dignify Ino's questions so she decided to continue, "I don't know about you girls but I wouldn't mind getting Naruto in the sack."




"Why don't you shout it louder, I don't think they heard you in Oto." Ino mumbled suddenly quiet and blushing.

The other girls looked around and noticed everybody was looking at them and some of the guys even had perverted grins that reminded them of Jiraiya.

"WHAT THE HELL YOU LOOKING AT!" Sakura and Tenten yelled. Everyone, especially the men looked away, not wanting to incur the wrath of the two well known kunoichis.

"Anyway back to business. So assuming we won't have to interrupt Naruto-kun's date with Temari, we still have to figure out who get to go out with Naruto-kun first." Tenten pointed out annoyed that she was third in line because she was the second one to go down even though she already had anything resembling a relationship compared to the others.

"Don't remind me…" Ino groaned, being the first to go down in their little rumble, she was last to get a date with Naruto.

"So how are we going to decide which one of us gets to ask Naruto-kun first?" Sakura asked Hinata.

"I think I have an idea." Ino suggested.

- Hyuga Compound -

Hinata walked pass the guards to her family compound, the guards looked up in concern when Hinata walked pass them without saying a word. Normally, she would greet the guards even if it was frowned upon before the houses were reunited. They discreetly activated their Byakugan and found that Hinata was deep in thought and not an imposer.

Hinata entered her room and flopped onto her bed, her mind filled with possible images of Naruto and Temari on their date that evening and how it might end with the two of them in bed but before things could really get going, Temari was replaced with Hinata herself which caused said girl to blush brightly at her imagination. Her hand started to move pass her stomach towards the waist-band of her pant when she was brought out of her daydream by a knock at her door.


"Y… Yes?" The blushing girl composed herself before answering.

"Your father would like to see you in his study. He says it's important."

"Al… Alright. Thank you." Hinata straightened out her clothes and left her room and headed for her father's study, curious as to what he wanted to speak to her about. She stopped in front of the door and knocked, entering only when she was called in. She was about to greet her father when she noticed someone else in the room, "Kakashi-sensei?"

"Hello Hinata, I'll be your ninjutsu instructor from now on."


"Yes." Hiashi answered, "Who better to teach you ninjutsu than Konoha's foremost ninjutsu expert."

"And your father and I have come to an agreement that I won't be late for any of our training sessions." Kakashi eye smiled and took out a piece of chakra paper and handed it to Hinata, "This is chakra paper, just channel chakra through it and it'll let us know your chakra nature."

"Ok." Hinata took the paper and channeled chakra through and saw it get damp.

"Water… Interesting…"

"Is there a problem Kakashi-san?" Hiashi asked.

"No. No, not at all. I have a few jutsus I can teach Hinata but I was just hit by inspiration but I might need to call in a favor… from Gai…" Kakashi mentally groaned.

- Namikaze Compound -

Naruto had no real idea what he was going to do other than a fancy dinner at one of Konoha's most expensive restaurant. It seemed that they were more than willing to make room for Naruto and his date. He wondered if they would have been so eager if they knew his date was from Suna and that they were trying to get him to move to Suna. He decided to dress somewhat causally opting for dress shoes and black pants with a white long sleeve shirt and his black trench-coat thrown over that. Naruto smiled at the image in the mirror and finished the look with the 'curse' necklace.

Naruto shunshin'ed to the Golden Leaf Hotel where the Sand siblings were staying; it was one of the high end hotels in Konoha but could not much up to some of the resorts he had stayed in during his travels. He walked up to the elevator, pass the reception and security counter; nobody dared to even approach him and he headed straight for the top floor. There were only two rooms on this level which were more like apartments with multiple rooms in them.

Naruto knocked on the door; Kankuro opened it and somewhat reluctantly let him in. Kankuro was not in the mood to get hit by Temari's fan and he doubted he could pull the over-protective brother card on Naruto, he'd be a dead man before the card hit the table. Naruto nodded a greeting and entered to find Gaara seated in the hall reading a newspaper and only looked up for a moment to nod to Naruto who returned the gesture.

"Temari will take awhile. You know how girls are; they take forever to get ready, not that it'll help Temari." Kankuro joked.

"Is that so?"

Kankuro froze and turned around to find Temari standing in front of her door, arms crossed under her chest and tapping her foot.

"He… Hey Temari."

While Temari was glaring at Kankuro, Naruto took the opportunity to give Temari a once-over. Her hair was still tied in her distinctive four ponytails and she had some light make-up on which highlighted her features and her lips were covered with red lipstick. She wore a little black dress that hugged her figure and ended mid-thigh and sheer see-through long sleeves. To top off the outfit, she had on fishnet stockings and white short heel pumps.

After deciding that she made Kankuro sweat enough, she turned and posed for Naruto, "So what do you think?"

"Beautiful is the only word I can think of as I doubt that there is an actual word invented to say how pretty you are."

Kankuro made a gagging motion but was ignored by everyone else. Temari smiled and threw a shawl over her shoulders before taking Naruto's arm and walking out the door.

"Have fun tonight." Gaara said in a low voice before the couple walked out and closed the door.

"But not too much fun." Kankuro said in an equally low voice.

The pair walked arm in arm down the street. "So… What are we doing?" Temari asked, her posture relaxing from that of a Jonin to that of a woman safe in the knowledge that she was with a man who would do everything and beyond to protect her.

"Dinner of course." Naruto said with a grin.

"And after that?" She asked.

The blonde sighed, "Truthfully… The way the things have been I didn't plan everything out." He gave her a regretful look.

Temari patted his forearm that was linked with hers. "It's okay, I understand."

On a roof of a building on the same street, out of sensor range of most ninja, were Sakura, Tenten, Ino and Hinata all laying on their stomach using binoculars (except Hinata who was using her bloodline) to watch the blonde pair.

"Looks like they're leaving."

"Way to state the obvious, Tenten." Ino said sarcastically, "I wonder where they're going."

"Probably Ichiraku." Sakura answered.

"I don… don't see what's wro… wrong with that Sakura-san. That's one of… of Naruto-kun's unique… traits."

"I guess that's true." Sakura thought back to the few times she ate at the ramen stand with Naruto and realized that the ramen stand and Ichiraku's were probably one of the first few people to treat Naruto as a real person and not the Kyuubi, so Ichiraku was a special place to him. She sighed knowing this was just something to add to her list of screw-ups.

"Oh shit!"

"What?" Sakura asked Tenten.

"There're Drones in the area, I think we've already been spotted."

"Shit! Does Naruto-kun know?" Ino asked looking nervous.

Tenten closed her eyes and concentrated for a moment before sighing in relieve, "They didn't tell him and they won't. They'll even fall back and let us get closer."

"That's good." Ino breathed a sigh of relief.

"Ye… Yes it is." Hinata wiped her brow in relief; she did not even want to think about how Naruto would react if he caught them.

Tenten looked confused for a moment which the other girls noticed and got concern.

"You okay Tenten?" Sakura asked.

"Ya, I'm fine I just got this weird image and feeling."

"Weird how?"

"Well… I thought I saw the Empress' face for a second then there was this feeling of impending doom mixed in with… I don't know… giddiness?"

"Weird." Ino agreed.

- With Naruto & Temari -

"Now onto dinner, milady." Naruto said.

"You're not going to tell me where we're going?" Temari mock pouted.

"Nope. It's going to be a surprise."

After a few minutes of walking and idle chit-chat, Naruto stopped in of a large red building with a neon sign at the top of the gate-like entrance, "We're here."

Temari felt her jaw unhinge, "We're eating here?"


Temari followed Naruto in a slight daze, The Jade Dragon was the finest restaurant in Konoha and was ranked top five in all the Elemental countries, even Gaara and the Hokage together had to make a reservation almost a month in advance the last time they had a meeting and ate here. She was so annoyed when Kankuro rubbed in her face that he ate there with them while she was busy with an urgent mission; she had to get a replacement fan after she dealt with the puppet-master.

- With the Other Girls -

"No stinking way!" Ino hissed, "The Jade Dragon?"

"Well at least his tastes improved." Tenten commented.

"Still… The Jade Dragon?" Sakura could not hide the shock in her voice.

"Yes, I heard not even Hokage-sama can't get in without a reservation and it usually takes at least a month to get one." Hinata informed.

"Oh I'm so going to get him to take me there," Ino licked her lips.

"Get in line Ino-pig. The rest of us are in front of you." Sakura smirked while thinking where Naruto and she could go.

Ino groaned and started to bang her head against the wall, cursing herself for not training harder and being taken down first.

- With Naruto & Temari -

The manager lead the blond duo to a private table specially prepared for them. Being a gentleman, Naruto pulled out Temari's chair for her before taking a seat. Temari winced at the prices and nearly swallowed her tongue when Naruto ordered one of the most expensive wines.

"Your server will be over shortly, if you need anything please feel free to let me know."

"Thanks." They both responded in unison.

Temari had a smile on her face and Naruto was happy for that. He was worried that she might not enjoy herself while they were out. Maybe getting a place in Konoha's top restaurant did work though what to do afterwards was still a mystery.

"So why did you decide to take me out tonight, Naruto-kun?" She asked still smiling. She really did want to have a good time tonight.

"Why would I say no to a date with a beautiful girl, Temari-chan?" He answered as he took a sip of his wine.

Temari giggled, "How considerate of you." Before frowning and looking down, "But aren't you afraid I'm just doing this to get you to join Suna?"

Without missing a beat or his smile, he answered, "Are you?"

"NO!" Temari blushed with embarrassment at her out-blast, "I mean not really."

Naruto raised an eye-brow but keep silent.

"I… I owe you a lot, Naruto-kun. More than I'll ever be able to repay. You gave me back Gaara and because of that we're a family now, a real family and for that I'm eternally gratefully. And I… I… sort of… really… kind of…" Temari blushed harder this time for a different reason.

It kind of amused Naruto that a Kunoichi like Temari could be so shy around a guy she liked. He smiled touched her hand across the table. When she realized what she saying but could not get it out, she turned her head hoping that she would not blush any harder. The moment was spoilt however when the waiter showed up to take their orders and practically stared at Temari barely containing his drool.

"Take a picture," Temari glared, "it'll last longer."

"Gomen nasai." The waiter said as he bowed to her, "I didn't realize. Err… May I take your order?"

Naruto and Temari placed their orders and the waiter could not get away from the blond duo fast enough.

"For a minute there I thought that I was going to have to hold her back from hitting that guy. I'm kinda surprised that he didn't run away in fear." Naruto thought as he watched the waiter hurry away.

The two smirked at the waiter and started to talk and get to know each other more especially before they met during their first Chunin exams. By the time their main course arrived, Naruto was telling her about his life after he became a Genin.

"Yeah, there was a mission which was rather interesting. It taught me a lot so I'm pretty sure that it would interest you. There was this old man that we needed to guard and he was under threat from an A-ranked Nukenin named Momochi Zabuza. Kakashi-sensei fought with him but the guy was disabled by his apprentice who told Kakashi-sensei that he was some sort of Oinin from Kirigakure…"

Naruto told the entire tale of his first C rank mission to her and she smiled and ate a little bit.

- With the Other Girls -

"This is soooo boring." Ino whined.

"Well if you find it so boring, why don't you leave then?" Sakura shot back though she too was feeling a little bored; she was not going to let Naruto and Temari out of her sights. She and the others watched with great interest through the windows at the way the two interacted.

"Sigh… I wish I was in Temari-san's place." Hinata thought.

"Hmmm… I didn't know your first C-rank mission turned into an A-rank mission." Tenten commented.

"Sigh… Blame it on fate or luck. I think there are about three C or B rank missions that Team 7 was sent on that were upgraded to A and above like our mission to Snow."

"So that movie you guys were in was for real?" Ino looked shocked.

"Duh!" Sakura rolled her eyes, "I told you it was real. The director had us act a few scenes and narrated a few lines then edited it together with the real footage he shot."

"You're so lucky to be in the movie." Ino sighed, "I wonder if Naruto-kun would give me an autograph."

"Hey look, they're leaving," Tenten pointed out.

They found the blond duo leaving the restaurant and headed towards the park where they could see the moon in the sky, it being only a small sickle instead of being full. The stars were blinking, making it look romantic to them.

The four Konoha Kunoichis were watching the couple as they sat on a bench, chatting with each other about some stuff. None of them could hear what was being said and the angle they were in prevented the spying Kunoichis from reading their lips, allowing the couple to have some privacy but nonetheless keeping a careful eye on the proceedings.

"So your first kiss was with a guy?" Temari giggled as she could see him kissing Sasuke when they were kids. She moved forward and gave him a kiss on the lips, making his eyes widen quite a bit as she wrapped her hands around him, pressing her bust against his chest, making it seem like a lovers' embrace.

The other girls would have sighed at the romantic scene were it not for the fact that the guy they liked was kissing and soon to be making out with a girl that was not them.

Temari felt her body shiver once and she broke the kiss, "How did that feel, Naruto-kun? Do you think you can kiss me again?"

Naruto responded immediately by kissing her on her mouth, wrapping his hands around her, letting one slide towards her lower back on instinct and he could feel her beginning to deepen the kiss, a tongue slipping into his mouth. He felt a little guilty as he thought about the other girls who had expressed interest in him but he pushed those thoughts aside and his body acted on instinct, beginning to lash out with his own tongue to tease the girl he was holding, no matter to her own physical reaction. He could feel her breasts pressing against him.

The other girls were turning so green with envy that they matched the bushes perfectly; there were even the sounds on knuckles cracking and the sound of knives being drawn. Naruto broke the kiss much to the other girls' relief but Temari moaned for more, not wanting the feeling to go away.

"So shall I bring you back, Temari-chan? I think we need to stop this now before I literally take you on this bench, like Ero-sennin would encourage me to do."

"Aww… But what if I want you to take me on this bench?" Temari teased. Before she could do anything, she felt him turn her around and his hands encircle her waist as she stood and he kissed her neck and suckled on the flesh softly at first then harder leaving a reddish mark there.

Temari did a full body blush as she felt his soft lips on her neck and when he suckled, a shiver went through her entire body, making her feel so hot and bothered at the moment and was really giving serious thought to letting Naruto take her right then and there or if he refused, she was willing to push him to the ground and ride him for all she was worth.

"So Temari-chan would you like me to walk you back or shall I take you home another way?" Naruto asked in a husky voice that sent shivers down her spine.

Temari felt her knees go weak, "I don't think I can walk right now."

"Then leave it to me."

Temari felt herself sinking into the shadows and while it felt cold and dark, the feeling of Naruto's arms around was enough to comfort her. The Konoha Kunoichis watched as the blond couple sunk into their shadows and started to panic.

"Crap!" Ino cursed, "How are we supposed to follow them?"

"I think we have to spread out." Sakura suggested.

"Let's head back to the hotel first, that might be where they're heading." Tenten suggested.

"Ho… Hotel? Eeep…" Hinata blushed as her thoughts went into the realm of Icha-Icha.

"Alright. Let's go!" Ino agreed and shunshin'ed away, quickly followed by the others.

A shadow appeared in front of the Golden Leaf Hotel and the blond couple rose from it in the middle of the streets scaring/shocking some people. Naruto escorted the slightly dazed Temari back to her room where he kissed her goodnight one more time. Temari watched from behind the door as Naruto walked towards the shadows and disappeared again. She closed the door and leaned against the door, fighting the urge to slide down the door.

"Did you enjoy your date, Temari?"

Temari looked up and saw Gaara sitting at the couch, this time reading a book and remembered that although Gaara could sleep since his seal was fixed, he hardly did.

Temari straightened herself and answered with a contented smiled, "It was perfect."

- Training Ground 7 -

The sun had just risen over Team 7's old training ground which was witness to an unusual sight, while it was not unusual for either Sakura and/or Sasuke to be at the training ground at the crack of dawn to train, it was that Kakashi was there at the crack of dawn without having camped out there that was unusual.

"You intend to take the trials as well Sakura," Kakashi stated.


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I love Naruto and I want to be with him."

"Very well. Here." He handed her a piece of chakra paper. "You know what to do right?"

Sakura nodded channeled her chakra causing the paper to crumble.

"Earth. Well it does suit you, since Earth jutsus are prefect for defense."

"But Kakashi-sensei I need to be offensive in the trials."

"Don't worry Sakura, I have quite a few offensive Earth jutsu that you can use during the trials. I just hope you can master them in time."

"I will Kakashi-sensei. Believe it!"

Kakashi just gave her an eye smile, "Then let's begin."

For the next couple of hours Kakashi trained Sakura harder than he had ever trained her before. Fortunately, her years of training under Tsunade who was a harder task master than Kakashi had prepared her for the elemental training she was being put through. One of her training was to manipulate her chakra to form a ball of dirt then to make it grow larger by progressively adding layer upon layer of dirt on it. With her level of control, it was easy for her to do the exercise but her reserves were relatively low for non-medical ninjutsu; she only managed to grow the ball from a size of a marble to a cantaloupe before needing to take a break.

The rest of her training was spent doing chakra exercises like running laps on the river to increase her reserves but near the end of the session, Kakashi taught her the necessary seals for three Earth Style jutsus: 'Earth Style Wall', 'Earth Flow River' and 'Rising Earth Spears' with a promise to teach her more offensive jutsus if she could raise her chakra levels and master the three jutsus she had been given.

The two of them decided to take a break for lunch and both teacher and student arrived at the popular ramen stand and found their favorite blond and Uchiha eating there.

"Yo." Kakashi greeted.

They sat down with their teammates with Sakura sitting next to Naruto and ordered a miso ramen. Soon Hinata, Ino and Tenten joined them and glare a little at Sasuke for taking the seat next to Naruto. The girls chatted lively amongst themselves while the guys just ate in silence till a voice interrupted them from outside the stand.

"NARUTO-NII! I'm calling you out!"

Naruto walked out of the stand closely followed by the rest of the group where they found Konohamaru standing in the middle of the street with a shadow clone next to him.

"So you think you can take me on huh, gaki?" Naruto taunted.

"Here I come." Both boys formed a familiar seal, "Sexy no Jutsu – Girl on Girl Version!" Both boys were covered in smoke before revealing twin well-endowed brunettes hugging each other with only wisps of smoke hiding what little modesty they had left.

The reactions amongst the males were mixed, Naruto and Sasuke raised an eyebrow while Kakashi was enjoying what he saw but amongst the females, the reactions were unanimous – righteous fury.

"What you think Naruto-nii? I upgraded your signature jutsu."

Sakura punched the Genin in the stomach, "You idiot! Why are you upgrading the perverted jutsu. And Naruto, I can't believe you taught him the jutsu."

Naruto shrugged, "Hey I gave him the basics of a few jutsus before I was ran out. Besides, it's a decent distraction technique."

"There's nothing decent about that jutsu!"

"Yo!" Jiraiya appeared before the group.

"Here's someone that it might work on." Sakura turned her attention to Jiraiya allowing Konohamaru to execute another jutsu.

"Sexy no Jutsu – Boy on Boy Version!"

"Kyahhhhhhh You're a genius!" Sakura and Ino shrieked, getting a nosebleed at the sight in front of them while Hinata fainted and Tenten blushed.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Naruto and Sasuke yelled being the two portrayed in the jutsu, while Kakashi and Jiraiya's faces showed everyone that they were thinking along the same lines.

"Ah." Sakura got embarrassed at herself for falling for it.

"As if I wanna see crap like that!" Naruto stomped forward and gave Konohamaru a punch on the head sending him to the ground before he found himself being stomped on by both Naruto and Sasuke.

Calming herself down and clearing her throat, Sakura said, "Hmph. As if I'd fall for a silly jutsu like that! You need to work on more… effective… tech…"

Feeling like everyone's eyes were on her, she looked back at them. "Wh… What? I'm not into that kind of stuff! Serious!" She turned to Ino for support only to find the platinum blonde hiding behind the other two kunoichis.

'We don't believe you.' was what went through the guys' heads before Naruto and Sasuke turned to each other before disappearing and reappearing at opposite ends of the street.

"Err… I'll see you guys… Later?" Naruto yelled.

"How about tomorrow?" Sasuke yelled back.

"How about next week?"

"Better." With that, they both disappeared.

- Hokage Tower -

Naruto walked up the stairs towards the Hokage's office, he was in no mood to jump through her window after Konohamaru's little stunt; though he had to admit, he never would have thought of a version that would work on the female species. The look on the girls' faces, especially Sakura and Ino, were priceless though he would claim otherwise even under torture.

Shizune looked up from the secretary's desk and smiled at Naruto before telling him to go right in. He pushed the door open to see Tsunade at her table surprisingly without the usual towers of paperwork.

"Tsunade-san." Naruto greeted missing the flinch Tsunade made.

"Afternoon Naruto. Please have a seat."

Naruto took a seat and leaned back into the chair. The two ninjas just looked at each other, neither making the first move till Tsunade decided to speak what was on her mind.

"So Naruto have you made a decision about joining Konoha?"

"What else do you have to offer?"

Tsunade took a breath to calm herself and silently prayed that what they had to offer was enough, "We are willing to give you an additional two acres of land, five million ryo for any construction you may need, all the help you will need to move the Hive, some Clan's have offered marriage contracts and we are also offering a hundred of Konoha's most prized and original jutsus including Clan jutsus, all B rank and above."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the last offer, "That's interesting, jutsus are considered more valuable than gold to ninja villages."

"Jutsus are worthless if there is no village."

"True. Very true."

"Just out of curiosity, what jutsus are you offering?"

"Amongst them are Kakashi's Rikiri, several of the Nara Clan's Shadow techniques, some of the most powerful genjutsus of the Kurama Clan, taijutsu techniques from the Inuzuka Clan and Gai, torture and interrogation techniques from Ibiki and Anko themselves including the recipes to some nasty poisons, the basics to the Dance of the Crescent Moon kenjutsu style and the secret to my Super Strength technique."

"Those are very tempting indeed but like I said before, the other villages will probably offer the same. Not to sound greedy but I don't think it will be enough." Naruto got out of the chair and headed for the door, "I won't be a Shinobi of the Leaf."

"Then work for us as a mercenary." Tsunade almost sounded desperate as she lap to her feet.


"Yes you'll get a regular pay check but also standard mission pay though I'm willing to offer more and you'll only answer to me and no one else."

"Doesn't sound that different then being one of your ninjas."

"You won't have to wear the Konoha symbol but it will also be like you're black ops, if you're caught there won't be any connections with Konoha not that it would matter seeing how famous you are now."

"That's true…"

"Please Naruto. We need your strength now more than ever." Tsunade was ready to forsake her pride and get down on her knees and beg Naruto.

"I want triple the usual pay and I get to keep 75% of any bounty from other nin while on missions."


"I want it all in writing."

"Very well it will take me awhile to prepare everything."

"I am planning to leave for a trip to Wave tomorrow. I will return in about two to three weeks, have the contract and money ready by then."

"Thank you Naruto." Tsunade sighed.

"Ya ya. Don't get your granny panties in a bunch, Baa-chan." Naruto said non-chalatantly and ducked out the door as Tsunade threw a paper-weight at his head.


- Namikaze Compound -

Naruto woke up at the crack of dawn and sat up in bed, it was a king size bed with very red satin sheets and pillow covers in the master bedroom. He sighed thinking that this was going be the last time he woke up in his parents' home and bed for quite a while. As he headed for the shower, he created a Shadow clone to prepare breakfast.

Naruto put on his light armor and other predator gear he would be bringing with him as well as his ninja equipment before sealing most of them into scrolls and headed down for breakfast where his clone prepared bacon, eggs and ramen with a side of juice. Naruto sat and started to eat breakfast and was almost done when he was alerted by the seals that someone had entered the compound but had no ill intent and was heading for the front door. He got up and walked over to the door just as there was a knock and he opened it to find an ANBU at the door.

"Can I help you?"

"Excuse me Namikaze-sama but the Hokage requests your presents before you leave for your journey."

"Very well I will be there in ten minutes."

The ANBU nodded before shinshun'ing away.

Naruto grabbed his gear before hanging his mask on his belt before shinshun'ing to the Hokage Tower where he saw the Sand siblings talking to Tsunade with Shizune and Sakura sorting paperwork. He climbed through the window and greeted everyone.


"I have a door, brat."

"Glad you know that granny," Tsunade held her tongue and clenched her fists not wanting to kill Naruto in front of the foreign ninjas.

"Morning Naruto-kun," Temari greeted before (much to Sakura's chagrin) giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Sakura pushed back her anger and ignored Inner-Sakura's screams before putting on a smile and greeted him as well but held herself back from giving him a kiss.

"So you wanted to see me before I left?"

"You're leaving!" Sakura and Shizune asked in shock.

"Yes I will be going for a short visit to Wave."

The two apprentices sighed in relief.

"So you're not abandoning Konoha?" Sakura asked with a hopeful look on her face.

"No." Tsuande answered, "While he is no longer a Konoha shinobi, Naruto has agreed to work for us as a mercenary till the end of this war."

Everyone in the room felt a great weight lifted off their shoulders, now that they knew that Naruto would be fighting on their side.

"So you've not actually rejoined Konoha as a ninja then?" Gaara asked.

"No. They've made me an offer but I have not decided on that yet."

"I see. Then maybe you can drop by Suna soon and we can discuss about you joining us."

"I'd like that but we will have to see how busy I will be with my slant as a Konoha mercenary."

"Well I hope you won't mind doing a few missions for Suna as a mercenary as well Naruto."

"Of course not Gaara."

Temari leaned towards Naruto and 'walked' two of her fingers up his chest. "I hope you accept other methods of payment besides cash Naruto-kun." Temari flirted shamelessly.

"For you my dear Temari-chan, I'll definitely consider it."

It took every ounce of her will and Shizune holding her back by the waist to not go over and pummel the two flirting blonds. Kankuro face-palmed and looked away mumbling something along the lines of 'get a room'. The two blonds separated and Naruto walked towards the Hokage and gave a playful wink to Sakura.

"You wanted to see me, Hokage-sama?"

Tsunade's eye tweaked, "Actually it was Kazekage-sama and his siblings; they wanted to see you before they left."

"Well if that's the case, I'll see you guys in a couple of weeks." With that, Naruto sank into his shadow.

"That move creeps me out just looking at it." Kankuro mumbled but Temari still heard him and smacked him in the back of his head.

"I'll have you know that it's not that creepy. It's rather comforting traveling that way."

"I bet." Sakura and Kankuro grumbled.

- Tamura Weapons Shop -

Asuma walked into his favorite weapons shop and looked around before heading over to the counter. Things have quieted down in the village since the failed revolt and with Iwa and Kiri's internal troubles, some of the Jonins and Chunins were able to get some much needed 'R&R' or choose to take on other tasks and that was why he was at the Tamura's family store, Satoshi had asked to meet him.

"Hey Satoshi, it's been awhile. How you been and how's my order?"

"Been pretty good, thanks to the security features we put in we managed to keep the damage limited to just the exterior of the building and prevent any looting." Satoshi answered as he reached under the counter and started taking out a couple of boxes. "Tenten, can you bring the rest of Asuma-san's order?"

"That's good to hear at least you take the necessary precautions, two of the other ninja supply shops were completely cleaned out and another was handing out tools to anyone against the Hokage."

"Hmph. Damn fools. Anyway here are your orders, two dozen kunais, two dozen shurikens, a dozen exploding tags and Tenten is getting your trench knives, gauntlets and kodachi."

"Thanks . With the way things are getting, I thought my team had better be prepared."

"No problem."

"Here you go Asuma-sensei." Tenten placed three boxes on the counter.

"Thanks Tenten. So Satoshi, what did you need from me?"

"I'd like you to take some time to train Tenten."

"Train her? In what?" He looked over to Tenten who simply held up a sheet of paper which split right down the middle before his eyes, "Interesting. Very Interesting."

- Wave -

It took a couple of days of hard travel but he was finally at 'The Great Naruto' bridge.

"I still can't believe they named the bridge after me." Naruto thought as he removed his mask but kept his hood up.

As he crossed the bridge, he remembered the battle that changed his view of things and where he learnt the value of protecting those precious to him and that ninjas are people, not mere tools to be used and thrown away. He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard a guard call out to him.

"Halt! Identify yourself and state your business!"

Naruto reached up and pulled back his hood, "I am Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze and I am here to see the Daimyo of Wave."

The guards were stunned for a moment before they fell to their knees and bowed to him.

"Forgive us Naruto-sama. We did not recognize you." The captain begged.

"Please get up there is no need to knee before me for doing your duties."

"Thank you Naruto-sama. You!" The captain pointed at a guard, "Quickly go and inform the Daimyo that Naruto-sama is here and wishes to see him."

"HAI!" The guard took off running.

"Naruto-sama, I can have two of my men show you around if you like, a lot has changed since we last saw you." The captain offered.

"Well if you are sure you can spare the men." Naruto knew he did not really need an escort since he knew where Tazuna lived but decided to be polite.

"We would be honored Naruto-sama. Kenta, Gin escort Naruto-sama to Daimyo-sama!"


As the guards lead Naruto through the village, he could not help but notice the changes the village has gone through since he had last seen it through his own eyes. No longer were the streets deserted, gloomy and run down, they were bright, well maintained full of live and people. The people were another thing, he noticed that a lot of people had stopped what they were doing and were pointing at him or had looks of awe on their faces and more than a few women and young girls were blushing as they looked at him. As the group arrived at where Tazuna lived, Naruto pulled his hood back up so that he could give the family a surprise.

Tsunami had not been expecting visitors and was quite put out with the state of her home. It wasn't dirty in any sense, but she still felt compelled to have at least straightened up. Typical motherly thinking, sure they had housekeepers to help but she still took pride in maintaining her home. Her only hope was that it was not someone hostile to her father. Not that they have had many problems with hostility since all those years ago when Team Kakashi had waltzed in and fixed their little 'problem'. She ran her hands over her apron one last time and opened the door.

"Hello Kenta-san, Gin-san. Are you looking for Fujimaru-san? He came rushing by earlier saying something about seeing father." She greeted.

"Hai." Kenta answered, "We have an honored guest looking to meet with Tazuna-sama."

Tsunami finally notices the hooded figure standing behind the two men, "Ah, please forgive my rudeness. I am Tsunami, welcome to my home. I hope we can accommodate you Mister…"

"But Tsunami, you do remember me don't you? I'm hurt that you wouldn't recognize me. I haven't changed that much, have I?" Naruto teased as he pulled his hood back.

The older woman stood back and took in what she could of the man who stood outside her door, starting from bottom to top, she took in everything about him. His boots, the long cloak, the armor beneath, the foxy grin, the whisker marks, the long blonde hair… Her mouth fell open and she gaped as she pointed a finger at him accusingly, while tears welled up in her eyes.

"Na…Naruto? Is that really you?"

Naruto put his hands on his hips and gave her a heartwarming smile, "Yep, it's me. Hello again Tsunami-san. It's been too long."

The next thing anyone knew, Tsunami had flung herself at the Naruto and was sobbing into his chest. She had never forgotten what all he had done to save her and her son, and would be forever grateful to him. Naruto enveloped the woman with his arms and stroked her back, telling her it was all right. After several minutes, Tsunami got her sobbing under control and stood back, wiping her eyes.

"Sorry about that. It's just that you're a hero here Naruto, twice over I should add and I haven't seen you in so long. Come in, come in. I'll make you something to eat. You must be tired."

"Thanks Tsunami-san but don't trouble yourself. I'm here to meet with your father."

"Nonsense. Now come here and sit down." She said in a tone that left no room for arguments.

Sighing, Naruto just thanked her and took a seat, "How have things been going here?"

"Things are wonderful. Father is a hero since he built the bridge and I've even gotten him to cut back on drinking. There isn't any reason to drink away sorrow when there isn't any sorrow to drink away. Inari is still adamant about being like you but he's too old now to learn how to be a ninja so he's learning to take over the family business but training to be part of Wave's peacekeeping guards."

"That's good to hear so where is Inari?"

"He's at a training camp; he should be back by tomorrow."

"Ahh. That's too bad I guess I will have to see him when I get back."

"You're leaving already?"

"Well just town. I need to find something on Wave."

"Find what?"

"His ancestral home." A voice interrupted them.

They turned to find Tazuna dressed in his Daimyo robes and escorted by two more guards.

"Uzumaki-sama." Tazuna bowed confusing everyone including Naruto.

"Stop messing around old man; one, I'm not for that formal junk and two, it should be me bowing to the Daimyo."

"Then let me explain, when we first met all those years ago I wondered about you and when I was told you were an orphan I merely blew it off as coincidence."

"Blew what off, dad?"

"I'm getting to that. You're not old enough to know or even remember since it was not really taught. The Land of Waves used to be called The Land of Whirlpools and had its own hidden village, Uzushiogakure and amongst them were the Uzumaki Clan. The Uzumakis claim to fame were not just their mastery of Water jutsus and Fuinjutsu but were also related to the royal family of Whirlpool before the royal family was wiped out along with the hidden village."

Everyone's eyes widened when they realized what Tazuna was hinting at.

"You my dear Naruto are the last known living descendant of the first royal family of Wave and therefore by virtue of your bloodline, are the rightful heir to be the Daimyo of Wave."

Tazuna bowed to the stunned Naruto along with everyone else in the room.

Naruto fell back into his chair, "Can my life not be so complicated?"

Tsunami chuckled, "Well you are the most unpredictable ninja in your village but I guess that applies to the rest of the World huh?"

"Can we discuss this another time… Somewhere far down the line?"

"If that is what you wish but I will have to make it known to the rest of the country."

"Do we have to?" Naruto groaned.

"We should not keep this from the people longer than we have to."

"But I don't intend to rule Wave… The thought never crossed my mind… Protect it, join it yes but rule it…"

"You can appoint someone to rule in your place till you or one of your descendents chooses to rule."

"Fine. You've done a great job so far so I don't see why you shouldn't carry on being Daimyo."

"Thank you Uzumaki-sama."

"Can we drop the formal bit, you old drunk?"

"Of course you brat." Tazuna chuckled.

"So you know that I'm looking to find the ruins of Uzushiogakure."

"I figured you might once word reached me about your heritage, I've been waiting for this day." He reached into his sleeve and pulled out a ring box and opened it, "This is the royal ring of the Kurosakis, the first royal family and your relatives. I've never worn it, now it belongs to you."

"Thank you." Naruto accepted the ring and kept it in his cloak.

"I will prepare a guild and a small group to escort you and maybe help you tomorrow."

"That sounds good to me."

"Good but for now come with me, I want to show you something."

Naruto followed him to wherever he was going. It did not take long for them to get to his desired destination. He stood in awe of the memorial in front of him though he kept it well hidden. There, in their childhood glory, were him, Sakura and Sasuke, with Kakashi, Zabuza and Haku standing behind them. How did his Drones miss this? He walked over and read the plaque, 'This monument is a testament to the will of those who help others. With no obligation to aid the Land of Wave, these ninja forged the way for our country to prosper and grow. In honor of their sacrifices, we erect this memorial with their likenesses, in the hopes that, like their Will of Fire, the Land of Wave will never crumble.'

"When was this made?"

"We commissioned this two years ago but as you can see because of how intricate it is, it was only completed last month and placed here over Zabuza and Haku's grave just last week."

Naruto studied Zabuza and Haku's structures and saw that Zabuza was holding his Executioner's Blade and Haku his cracked mask. He ran his hand over the names engraved at the bottom and lingered longer on Zabuza and Haku's names.

Naruto sat on his haunches, thinking about whether or not Haku would be impressed with him or disappointed in him with what he has done and the choice he was to make. It was during this time that Tazuna took his leave to prepare Naruto's escort and guild. Naruto stayed there till nightfall before leaving, his question still unanswered.

- Uzushiogakure -

Naruto had met his escort and guard the next morning and thankfully they were able to travel at a reasonable pace in Naruto's opinion, in a few hours they reached a village. Within the valley there lied Uzushiogakure. Not far from where Naruto and his group stood there was a waterfall leading to a massive river that split cleanly through the village. On the other side of the valley, there was another waterfall doing the same. In the center of the village, there was a whirlpool where the two directly conflicting waterways met. Around the whirlpool were four massive cylindrical buildings at least one hundred feet off of the ground while what used to be houses and other assorted buildings dotted the landscape around them.

Naruto whistled, "This place is huge. When did this village fall? It's just as big as Konoha."

Izuru, a Corporal who was a history specialist answered, "It fell during the Second Great Shinobi War. This village had many enemies, the war opened with Sunagakure, Amegakure, and Iwagakure temporarily combining forces to sack the village all at once. This brought Konoha into the war to defend its ally, however it was too late. Your clan was believed to have been wiped out and the rest of the villagers scattered to the winds when the village was destroyed."

"Stay here." Naruto ordered as he walked towards the village entrance.

The ruins of Uzushiogakure were a desolate and lonely place and some of the buildings looked as if they had been scavenged for building materials. Considering the economic situation a couple of years ago and the price of such materials, he understood. At least it looked like they had the decency to leave the graveyard and the monument alone. It had been left entirely alone however, and it looked as if nobody had come to tend to it in years if not decades.

Despite the looks of everything, something about the place was drawing him in and it made him feel comfortable and made him feel at peace… and complete.

"I'm home."


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I've considered changing A) to work more like the Kamehameha form Dragon Ball or the Haduken from Street Fighters. It's appearance will probably look like a ball of lightning.

Earth Style:
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