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Chapter 16 - Secrets of the Uzumakis

- Ruins of Whirlpool -

Naruto walked through the remains of the ruined village; his escorts close behind, and routinely created Shadow Clones to investigate places of interest. The group kept moving towards the center of the village to the massive cylindrical buildings in the middle of the village.

"What are these?"

"This is the main government building, each building housing different parts of the government, ninjas, police and courts, economy and administration," Izuru answered, "Most of the documents and anything of value has long since been taken, destroyed or lost with time."

Naruto nodded and stared at the buildings for a couple of minutes before creating dozens of clones and summoned dozens of Drones to search the buildings before moving on. The group headed towards the graveyard as they reached the gates, and Naruto instructed the others to wait while he entered the graveyard. Naruto headed towards the monument and reached up to touch it, running his hand over some of the names, noticing there were quite a few Uzumakis on it. Every Shinobi village had such a monument, though they were never quite the same or in the same location. Uzushiogakure's was a slab of black granite which had been polished at one time and had the symbol of the village and the names of the dead etched into it. Naruto reached under his cloak and pulled out a bouquet of flowers. After Naruto set the bouquet down at the foot of the monument, he summoned a few Shadow Clones to start cleaning up the cemetery

"I don't know which of you guys are my grandparents, but I'll bring flowers for all of you later." Naruto turned to join his clones in cleaning the cemetery.

- Konoha -

"But Princess…"

"No 'But's daddy!" Ino huffed, "I'm taking the trials and you're going to help me train."

Inochi did not know what to do; feel proud of his daughter for wanting to be stronger or strangling Naruto because he was pretty damn sure this was his fault so he settled for pinching the bridge of his nose and prepare for the in-coming headache. And while it would be good for the clan, his little princess was not suppose to even start dating till she was thirty (forty if he could help it), let alone take part in a life and death trial that if she succeeded would see her effectively married. Where did his wife keep the sake?

Sighing, Inochi made the only choice he had and that was to help his litt… his daughter get stronger. He got up and walked over to his study with his daughter close behind. He would have preferred that she at least mastered the clan's jutsus first but after seeing first hand the damage possessing one of the xenos can do, he realized that ninjutsu and range weapons were the key to her survival and winning.

He pulled open a drawer of his desk and took out a piece of chakra paper and handed it to Ino, "Here you go sweetheart, just channel some chakra into it."

"Ok…" Ino looked confused but did as instructed and watched as the paper crumbled.

"Lightning, that's a surprise. Lightning element is pretty rare in Konoha, not as rare as Wind but still rare. The last Lightning wielder in our family was almost fifty years ago, a little before our Clan settled in Konoha.

"So do we have any scrolls for lightning jutsus?" Ino asked hopefully.

"Yes but you will still need someone with experience with lightning jutsus to train you if you really wish to master the element."

"But the foremost lightning user of the village is Kakashi-sensei and he's already training Sakura and Hinata…" Ino pointed out depressingly.

"I do have a friend who's a lightning user but he's on a mission and he won't be back for another week."

"Oh…" Ino started to get depressed before she remembered something and jumped to her feet, "I got to go, daddy! Love you!"

Inoichi just looked dumbfounded as he saw his little girl go from depressed to happy and out the door in under thirty seconds.

"Bye sweetheart…"

Ino ran down the street as quickly as she could before taking to the roofs to avoid the crowds. She spotted her target as she neared Training Ground 7.

"Sasuke-kun! I need a favor!"

- Ruins of Whirlpool -

After cleaning up the cemetery, Naruto spent the next couple of days searching the ruins for anything that looters and archeologists might have missed but the search so far yielded nothing and Naruto was starting to get frustrated.

"Goddamnit! Is there nothing left that's worth the effort?"

"Hey boss! We found something!" One of Naruto's clones yelled.

"Better not be another ramen stand ruin," Naruto mumbled.

Apparently his taste (obsession) with ramen was hereditary if the number of ramen stands and restaurants he had found so far were anything to go by, almost one in three eateries were ramen-related which Corporal Izuru later confirmed. It took every ounce of self-control not to 'kill' his clones that were cheering wildly about how awesome Uzu must have been and/or that they should go on a ramen hunt.

He saw the sweat-drops on his escorts' heads and wondered if this was what it was like for Kakashi when he was a Genin on Team 7. The last straw came when a couple of the clones suggested building a giant stature of a bowl of ramen in the middle of the village square, a plasma grenade put a quick end to that.

"Maybe there's a ramen storeroom." The clone drooled.

Naruto smacked the back of the clone's head, dismissing it, "Stupid clones and their unique personality traits."

Though it did not stop ramen obsessed clones from turning up here and there and because of the sheer numbers of clones, there were quite a few of them. He used the memories of the clones to find what it had found and stood before a set of ornate doors hidden in the underground catacombs of the village they had found days earlier after disabling many traps and clearing the bodies of would-be raiders.

Naruto thought about how to open the door since the clone found that it was locked and force did not work neither did chakra. Naruto looked at the door intensely before his eyes widened, "Whoa. This is an elaborate blood seal array. Like, really elaborate. It's very, very precise about who it lets in, and I think that anyone not of proper lineage will get a nasty little surprise for their troubles."

"It would seem so."

Naruto drew a kunai, cut his palm and spread the blood on his fingers before he turned back to the door and placed his bloody hand against it. Wincing in anticipation for a violent rebuttal from the door, he got a pleasant surprise as he heard the tumblers open from within, finally opening and revealing a short corridor with two other inner doors opening with the first.

Naruto summoned two clones to enter in front of him just in case but they made it in without incident, the trio stepped into what at first seemed to be a library because of the number of shelves with different scrolls and books. There were a couple of tables with books on them in the center of the room and with more clones summoned to explore the room, it was concluded that it was most likely a vault. There were a couple of weapons and a decent amount of treasure in there as well but it was the books and scrolls that interested Naruto.

Naruto picked up a dusty looking book from a table. He blew the dust off of it and found that it was a journal of a civilian who took up arms to defend Uzu and started to read:

"(Autumn War. 3 days after the primary defenses shattered.)

The enemy alliance has fought their way into our border and is now moving towards the main citadel. In an effort to retreat and take stock of our resources and chances of launching a counterattack in the near future we secretly fled to the hidden whirlpool catacombs beneath the village.

There are approximately 32 of us remaining as the rest elected to remain above, leading the enemy fools into the towers to their deaths. The sounds of the fools screaming from the first tower ring out through our chambers as I write, they just seem to keep sending their men inside, knowing that the sentinel awaits them.

The moment the commotion up above stops, we will strike.

(8 days since the primary defenses shattered.)

The battle above still rages. The village leader will not acquiesce to our requests to rejoin the battle above. The sounds of our brethren still combating the foe ring out as clear as day in our ears as we sit and wait down below. The men are growing stir crazy and bitter at our inaction, however we must go with the will of our leader, and he knows what is needed for Uzushiogakure to survive.

Konoha will come. They will not let us fall, not after so many years, not after all that our alliance has gone through. We sit and wait for our moment, one cue. That is all we need to unleash hell upon the invading bastards.

(17 days since the primary defenses shattered.)

The battle grows quieter above. We still hear the sounds of combat but they are sparser now, not the cacophony of noise that one would associate with the assistance of our allies as we initially estimated we would receive, however it has been weeks since the assault on our home and no aid from Konohagakure has been received.

Suna, Iwa and Ame are cowards. They preyed on our civilians, forcing us to divert a good amount of our Genin and Chunin to evacuation stations. Many of our warriors were lost to this purpose that I will not say was worthless, our civilians are as much a part of our beloved home as our Shinobi forces; however, many of our troops were picked off keeping the people safe. To prey on our nation who has never intentionally slighted them in the least, this is treachery at its highest form.

Our village leader has had enough and is casting away the contingency plan. He is heading up with volunteers for one final battle with the invaders. I will be among the ones that head up to link up with any survivors for one last ditch effort at casting the allied force out.

This will be our finest hour, they will tell legends of our valor."

"They fought bravely to the very end."

"You humans can be very stubborn when you want to be."

"That we can be."

Naruto placed the journal back with the other books which he found were non-military in nature from more journeys to cook books and traditions and customs.

Naruto walked over to a section and found that it was filled with research journals and books and saw one title that caught his attention.

"Uzumaki Bloodlines and Heritage." Naruto started to skim through the book reading a little about the connections between the Uchiha, Senju and Uzumaki clans as well as the physical abilities of the Uzumakis. "Well we know that my stamina and reserves are from my Jinchūriki status."


"What's so funny Kyuubi?"



"After everything you've read, you think that your stamina and chakra capacity are all from me?" Before Naruto could answer, Kyuubi continued, "As much as I'd like to take full credit I can't, while the seal has been converting some of my chakra and adding it to your own the past decade or so, your vast reserves are mainly due to your Uzumaki heritage."

"Really? I thought my reserves and healing ability were from you."

"Yes your healing abilities are from me but even before you left your village, your normal chakra levels were at least four times that of your one-eyed sensei and it's only grown over the years. My chakra merely boosts it as necessary like with the full versions of your elemental Rasengans."


"Yes, your one-eyed sensei just knew how to use his capacity better. After all, chakra level alone does not make a strong opponent."

"Hehehe… Then how about high chakra level, a biju sensei and an entire army of xenos?"

"Hehehe… Now that is a powerful combination."

"I can just feel the bloodlust coming off you," Naruto teased. "Anyway let's continue reading. Hmm… Seal array to keep biju including Kyuubi into an adult host… Wait a blasted minute! I thought only a baby can withstand your chakra?"

"Hehehe… That's what everybody thinks but think about it kit, who were my previous hosts?"

"My mother and Mito Uzumaki who's probably my great great grandmother or something like that."

"And when was I sealed into them?"

"Hmm… If I remember correctly you were sealed when…" Naruto trailed off as his eyes widened in realization, "Son of a bitch…"

"That's right kit. Only an Uzumaki can contain me."

"What about a Senju or an Uchiha, they're descended from the Sage too."

"An Uchiha, no, they inherited the 'Eyes of the Sage', they can suppress and even control a biju but cannot contain any biju above the seven-tails. The Senju have a better chance because they inherited the 'Body of the Sage' but it is the Uzumaki line that has evolved to a new level."

"What do you mean?"

"Keep reading."

"According to our research, the differences between the Senju and Uzumaki lines became more apparent about a hundred years ago, prior to that no one really noticed anything unique about the Uzumakis till it was found that they had higher than normal chakra levels and extended life-spans. The average chakra level for an Uzumaki was well above that of ordinary ninja, on average approximately 350% higher than that of other ninjas of similar age, gender and rank. However because of the higher chakra levels and density, Uzumakis suffer from very poor chakra control even the females.

Over time many distinct and unique traits emerged from the Uzumaki bloodline including the following:

Creating chakra weapons

Healing others through blood/chakra infusions

High density chakra pulse

Further explanations can be found in their relative annexes at the back of this report."

"Chakra weapons sounds interesting," he mumbled before turning to the section he was looking for.

"Some Uzumakis (an estimated 5%) with the right combination of high chakra control and density have been able to shape their chakra into different kinds of weapons, the most common of these is a long-range offensive weapon, the Chakra Bow which is a bow and arrow combination where the user has to go through the motions of drawing the arrow and releasing it.

The second most common weapon is a defensive weapon, a Chakra Shield, depending on the individual's skill and style, the shape, size and strength of the shield varies. Masters of this skill have been known to not only create multiple shields for themselves but for others and even protective spheres that can protect everything within it.

The rarest and possibly the most powerful of these chakra weapons are the Chakra Chains, only three individuals have ever been known to possess them and are said to be strong enough to restrain even a Biju."

"I remember those blasted chains. Your mother used them well but enough of that for now. What else do we have?"

Naruto put the book down and took a sip of water from his canteen before creating a shadow clone and handed the book to the clone before picking up another book.

"Biju chakra (also known as Yoki) is not only extreme dense but very toxic to humans but the density of the Uzumaki chakra in combination with their incredibly strong constitutions and a specially developed seal are the only things that can contain the Kyuubi for any extended period of time. Hmmm… Hey Kyuubi, could your chakra be used to create a poison or heal others?"

"It depends; pumping a large amount of yoki could very well poison someone, depending on the amount it can cause crippling pain and death, it would probably feel like being eaten and burned alive at the same time. Healing is possible, my chakra can be used to refill a person's chakra reserves and give them a boost but you lack the control to do that currently but more importantly you need the key."

"I see, I guess we have to side-line that idea for now."

"True but let's get some rest Kit."

"You lazy fox, you've been sleeping the whole day."

"Cheeky brat."

- Rice Country -

Deep in the underground base that was Otogakure, the former Shirohebi no Konoha (Konoha's White Snake) Orochimaru sat on a large throne-like chair, contemplating some rather interesting news (more like rumors for now) he heard and was currently waiting for his right-hand man to return with confirmation whether the rumors were true or not.

"Have you received any word from our spies yet?" the Snake Sannin asked as Kabuto entered the chamber.

"Yes, it seems that there was a rebellion in Konoha but was quickly put to an end by the forces loyal to the Hokage and… Naruto-kun himself."

Orochimaru looked interested, "Really…and what was Naruto-kun doing there?"

"According to our spies, he was originally there to claim his inheritance and it was this claim that broke the camel's back it seemed."

"Oh? Do tell," Orochimaru sounded amused.

"Naruto intended to leave with everything that wasn't nailed down which would have Konoha almost bankrupted and hard pressed to carry on with the war efforts even with the attack on Iwa."

Orochimaru chuckled, "Kukuku… Truly amusing. On a side note, have we heard anything from Iwa?"

"Yes, Berugu has taken control of the situation in Iwa but overall he's lost more than a quarter of his ninja forces. And he and Iwa's council were furious to find out it was the son of the Yondaime Hokage that nearly destroyed Iwa."

"Kukuku… Indeed. Who would have thought that that little whelp would have that kind of power."

"Very true Orochimaru-sama, anyway after Naruto-kun declared his intentions, Danzo used it as an opportunity to try and seize power from Tsunade-sama and force Naruto into submission but that did not happen; instead with Naruto's help, the tide was turned rapidly to those loyal to the Hokage. Danzo was able to escape and is currently in hiding but the two elders and a few of their council members were not so lucky. Reports say Naruto personally executed them brutally."

"It seems that Kyuubi-brat has grown quite the vicious streak. What do we know about those creatures of his?"

"Just a general description of two types of those creatures as well as some scattered sightings of possible other types. They have acid for blood, extremely stealthy, fearless and that you cannot reason with them."

Orochimaru got up from his throne and started to walk down a corridor with Kabuto close behind.

"Can you capture one of those creatures for studies?"

"Unlikely Orochimaru-sama, they reportedly disappear upon death or burst into flames from some kind of seal and because of the nature of their blood, acquiring a fresh sample is near impossible and there is no telling how degraded the DNA will be of an old sample."

"Pity. What of Naruto?"

"He is currently at the ruins of his mother's home village."

"So the brat has returned to Uzu."


"Has he rejoined Konoha?"

"We have no confirmation but our spies have their doubts."


"Orochimaru-sama what do you plan to do next?" asked the silver haired man.

"For now, you will be handing over your command duties to Shiin Fuma," replied Orochimaru.

"But why Orochimaru-sama?" Kabuto asked shocked.

"I have a mission I want you to personally handle."

"Of course Orochimaru-sama. What is the mission?"

"You are to do what you can to bring in a specimen of Naruto-kun's summons, dead or alive. They could be a powerful weapon in the future."

"Hai Orochimaru-sama. Is there anything else I inform Shiin-san of?"

"Yes, tell him not to underestimate this new enemy."

"New enemy, I would hardly call Naruto-kun a new enemy Orochimaru-sama."

"This is not the same boy you and I know from years ago Kabuto!" Orochimaru rounded angrily. "He is exceedingly more powerful than he ever was before and is more intelligent and cunning. We need to deal with him soon or wipe Konoha and its Allies off the map swiftly, before he can respond."

"Do you think he will rejoin Konoha?"

"I intend to make sure he won't even be able to consider it. Summon Jinta and Isshin."

"It shall be done Orochimaru-sama." Kabuto bowed and disappeared.

"Kukuku… Let's see how well you do against my army, Naruto-kun."

- Konoha -

Tsunade sat at the head of the council chambers along with the full ninja council and only a quarter of the civilian council. The only civilian council members were the original members who were either neutral or supportive of Naruto but more importantly did not rebel against the Hokage during the revolt. While they will eventually need to rebuild the civilian council (with dramatically reduced duties and powers), it was not a priority.

"The good news is that Hoshigakure has decided to join us in our conflict with Oto and its allies," Tsunade informed the councils.

"That's good news," Yokoshima, a civilian council member, commented.

"It seems Kasu got a little full of itself with its allies backing and have engaged Hoshi in a few skirmishes."

"That's good news, at least they will take care of the front," Inochi sighed in relief.

"Yes but they have also requested for some support as Oto and Kiri have sent a few squads to boost Kasu's forces," Tsunade informed.

"I see but who can we send to support them, Hokage-sama?" Hiashi asked, "We are not exactly in top form ourselves though we have mostly recovered from the revolt."

"I've sent two ANBU squads to support them as best they can till we can send back-up."

"Two squads can only hold out for a little while depending on the state of Hoshi's forces," Shikaku thought out loud.

"I thought about that, that is why I am thinking of sending Naruto to Hoshi when he gets back."

There was some mumbling and discussions amongst the council before Tsume spoke, "Is that wise Hokage-sama? Not that I don't trust the pup or help our allies, but wouldn't Naruto-san's abilities be better served elsewhere?"

"I agree with Hokage-sama," Shikaku voiced out, "If Naruto is about to repeat just a quarter of what he did to Iwa, he might be able to take Kasu out of this war permanently and quickly."

There was more mumbling with many nods of agreements before every member of the council agreed with the Hokage and Jonin Commander

"Hokage-sama, is there any word as to when Naruto-san will return?" Shibi asked.

"No. He sent word that he would be delayed but that was the last I heard from him but if he does not return or send word in a week, I will send an ANBU team to investigate."

"Is that wise Hokage-sama? The pup might take it the wrong way."

"I believe that as long as they make their intentions clear, there should not be any problems but I guess to be on the safe side, I could send a team he's familiar with."

"I recommend Kiba's team, they are a team he knows and are the best trackers outsider of the Hunter-nin Corps," Tsume recommended.

"Noted. I have also received a report from Jiraiya, the first report is that Iwa has pulled most of its forces from their border outposts and that the Yondaime Tsuchikage has returned to the village to prevent or counter a second attack."

"Have we secured any of these outposts?" Yamada, another civilian asked.

"Only some, most were captured by Suna and Taki, the rest are still empty."

"Taki? Since when were they involved?" Yamada asked.

"Since now but they seem to be in it for themselves as they have yet to announce their intentions to anyone." Tsunade answered.

"So are they a threat to us?" Murakumo Kurama asked.

"For now no, we think they are just trying to gain more territory for themselves and we do not want to create another enemy for us without any proof so I'd like you, Shikaku and three ANBU to pay a diplomatic visit to Taki after this meeting."

Murakumo and Shikaku nodded.

"Suna has secured twelve outposts, Taki four and we have three and as far as we know there are at least ten more empty outposts left unclaimed. We have only a single squad of two Jonin and three Chunin in each outpost but I have Team Guy heading to each outpost so that Tenten can reinforce each outpost with several Angels each."

The Councils were relieved to hear the news that the outposts were being reinforced as the man count in each outpost was way too thin to do any good.

"The other news is that Orochimaru has developed some kind of secret weapon and is ready to deploy it and unfortunately, he currently has no other information about it and recommends that we be on high alert."

There were many hushed conversations and comments amongst the councils before Tsunade dismissed them.

"Murakumo." Tsunade called out before the Clan-head left.

"Yes Hokage-sama?"

"How is Yakumo?"

"She is doing better thanks to your treatment." Murakumo answered with a smile.

"I only wish we could have helped her sooner, she would be a powerful asset now."

"I know Hokage-sama, Yakumo and Uroko still have hope that after Yakumo gets stronger, the seal can be removed and she can continue her ninja training."

"I hope so too."

"Thank you Hokage-sama. Now if you don't mind, I have to prepare to leave for my mission."

Tsunade nodded and turned to look out the window, "Where are you gaki?"

- Ruins of Whirlpool -

Naruto was sitting under a tree reading a scroll when he heard a twig snap. He calmly rolled up the scroll and kept it under his cloak as he stood.

"I was wondering how long you were planning on watching me."

Two figures stepped out of the shadows, both wearing dark gray cloaks and large straw hats covering their faces.

"And who might you be?"

Both men removed their hats and cloaks.

"I am Jinta and he is Isshin, the Fang Brothers of Oto." Jinta, a tall slender man with slit eyes and spiky purple hair introduced himself and Isshin who was a little shorter than Jinta and had his entire head covered with a mask exposing only his eyes and a black pony-tail that reached to his waist. "And Orochimaru-sama has ordered your death."

Jinta slowly drew his sword and held it horizontal at eye level, drawn back and his left arm stretched forward while Isshin took a step back his right hand placed on the handle of his katana ready to draw.

"The Fang brothers of the Hajime Clan, You two are supposedly ranked as the fourth or fifth strongest in your clan."

"So you heard of us."

"Just enough to know your Clan have fallen from grace to being little more than Orochimaru's butt-boys."

"You…" Isshin was about to draw his sword but Jinta held up his arm.

"Do not be provoked so easily, brother." Isshin backed off as Jinta continued, "It doesn't matter what you say, the words of a dying man are worthless to his executioners."

"Well then we better hurry so that you can go get back to Orochimaru so he can give you your reward huh." Naruto smirked as he placed his mask on.

Jinta rushed forward as Isshin drew his sword, "Gatotsu Style: Fang Thrust!"

Naruto extended both his wrist-blades as he dodged Jinta's opening attack and used his right wrist-blades to parry Isshin's thrust. The Gatotsu style was built to utilize quick thrusts to make up for power and distance but what made the Fang Brother so formidable was not their mastery of the style but their ability to combine their chakra elements with their attacks.

Isshin started to channel chakra through his sword and did three quick one hand seals, "Lightning Fang Thrust!" Lightning surrounded Isshin's sword and flew forward leaving a blue streak behind him.

Naruto jumped high to avoid the lightning thrust and threw a dozen shuriken at Isshin.


Naruto looked down and saw Jinta flying straight at him at high speed. Naruto created a Shadow Clone which pushed the real Naruto out of the way just enough to avoid the hit but not the clone. As the sword hit the clone, Naruto grabbed Jinta's arm and threw a knee into his stomach but before Naruto could cut his head off with his wrist-blade, Jinta replaced himself with a log. As Naruto landed, he unseals an elegant katana from a scroll.

The katana was found in the secret vault, there were a few other weapons in the vault but the katana was kept on a stand in the middle of the weapons area. The sheath and hand were dark brown with a golden dragon wrapping itself from the bottom of the sheath and ending with its head at the end of the handle. The blade itself looked like it was made of the most highly polished sliver but what stood out was a reddish green crystal the size of his necklace in the middle of the blade about half an inch from the hilt.

He had found a scroll next to the sword but when he unrolled the scroll he found that he could read only a small part of it, the rest were just gibberish. From what he could read, the sword and scroll were bonded and the scroll would automatically seal itself into the hilt of the sword from a certain time and/or distance if the user does not do so. The swords power was based on how worthy the user was; the more worthy the user, the more they would learn from the scroll and on how to use the sword and its powers.

Naruto had found that sword was not only made of chakra conductive metal but was extremely tough, far stronger than his Dark Style Katana was at his current level. He practiced and experimented with the sword and found that he was able to store jutsus into the sword but the more powerful the jutsu, the less he could store, and very powerful jutsus like his full elemental Rasengans were out of the question unless he wanted them to blow up in his face like when he tried a Rasenshuriken.

"Try this!" With a swing of his new katana, he launched three full sized fireballs at the brother who jumped out of the way.

"Water Style: Poseidon's Trident!"

"Water Style: Water Bullets!"

The twin water attacks collided with Naruto's fireballs, throwing up a huge wall of steam. The hair on the back of Naruto's neck stood up and he stabbed his sword into the ground causing and earth wall to rise in front of him, blocking another two water attacks. Two Narutos ran out from either side and towards the brothers. One drew a combi-stick and the other extended both wrist-blades.

The Naruto with the combi-stick headed straight for Jinta while the other headed for Isshin but just as the Naruto with the combi-stick and Jinta crossed weapons he exploded throwing Jinta back and hard into a tree.


"Pay attention to your opponent!"

Naruto immediately put Isshin on guard with a fury of swipes and stabs to try and break through Isshin's guard. Both combatants locked up for a moment before Isshin felt the earth below his feet move and jumped up to avoid the hands that emerged from grabbing his feet.

"Water Fang Thrust!"

The water sword shot towards the ground and stabbed into the ground causing the clone to dispel. Isshin heard a high pitch screech and looked up in time to dodge a Rasenshuriken but if it was not for his brother who grabbed his leg and pulled him down, he would have been caught in the blast radius as the jutsu expanded above where Isshin originally was.

The brothers landed and both rushed toward the two Narutos that threw the Rasenshuriken, "DUO FANG THRUST!"

Both Narutos countered with Rasengans followed by kicks to the brothers's stomachs but Isshin spun away from the kick while Jinta raised his leg to block the kick. Jinta jumped out of the way as two plasma bolts tried to hit him from behind, he managed to catch the clone he was fighting with a backwards swing of his sword before rushing towards the Naruto who shot the bolts.

"Gatotsu Water Style: Water Fang Thrust!"

Naruto channeled Dark chakra through his new sword, turning the blade black and blocked the thrust, absorbing the water sword.

"Gatotsu Style: Zero Fang Thrust!"

Naruto turned to dodge but the move was too fast and came from his blind spot pierced his left arm cutting the bone clean in two. Before he could even scream in pain, Jinta kicked him through a tree. Naruto got up and threw three kunai at the brothers which exploded on impact.

A dozen xenos ran out of several buildings towards the brothers, who were well aware of the xenos and the threat they posed. They brother kept their distance from the xenos and were able to dispatch them but it took them a few minutes, enough time for Naruto to recover.

"Fire Style: Fire Dragon Missile!"

The brothers dodge the fire dragon and Jinta looked up in slight surprise before schooling his expression.

"Where is the wound I gave you? I stabbed you clean through, I know I did."

"I heal really fast. Your master should have told you all that. Orochimaru never was one for sharing information though. He was always more into pounding ass…your ass probably or your brother's."

"No matter. We will simply dice you into tiny pieces. Let's see if you can heal from that." Both brothers rushed Naruto, swords in thrusting postion.

"Try this!" Naruto went through a few seals, "Storm Style: Grand Cyclone!" With a single swing of his body, Naruto created a tornado which quickly expanded outward and threw the brothers back and simultaneously hitting them with golf ball size hail stones.

Unlike other advance sub-elements, Storm style can be made up of different combinations of elements. The most powerful form of Storm style was to combine Wind, Water and Lightning to create full storm like effects and attacks. The most well-known form of Storm style was from Kumo where selected ninjas can combine Water and Lightning to create laser-like attacks. The form Naruto used was to combine Wind and Water to create hurricane force winds, this combination will also allow the user to create blizzard like conditions and form hail and icicles similar to Ice style but with more force from the wind.

Ishin was slammed hard against a tree while Jinta was able to flip and land on his feet before pushing off. As he got within striking distance of Naruto who was ready to parry any on-coming attack, Jinta substituted with a log that had an explosive tag and flash bang tag on it. The flash bang set off first but thankfully his mask prevented him from being blinded but he was thrown back but the explosive note.

"Got'cha!" Jinta appeared in front of Naruto and thrust his sword forward.

"SHIT! I can't dodge!" Naruto thought as the blade neared his heart.

Jinta looked on in glee only for his expression to turn to shock when his sword broke in half after it hit Naruto's armor. The momentary lapse was a fatal error as Naruto stabbed him in the stomach with his left wrist-blades.


"How?" Jinta asked, "This is the finest steel of the Haijime Clan!"

"Human steel is still no match for Yujita metal." Naruto answered as he extended his wrist-blades through Jinta's back and with an up-ward swing cut his victim's upper-body into three. Naruto took a second to admire his handy work before ducking a thrust from an enraged Isshin.

"YOU BASTARD!" Isshin yelled as he took a stance, "LIGHTNING FANG THRUST!"

Naruto replaced himself with a sonic disruptor which activated just before Isshin hit it causing him to be slightly disorientated. Naruto created four clones which surrounded the recovering Isshin, the original picked up his sword as the clones created black katanas.

"Time to end this."

Isshin brought his sword up horzoitional to his body preparing to parry, block or dodge the next attack. When all the Narutos charged at once, one of them fired a plasma bolt, thinking that that was the real one Isshin decided that even if he did not survive this attack, he would kill the bastard that took his brother from him. Isshin rushed the Naruto that shot the bolt, aiming for his exposed throat but at the last second he stopped, turned and with his last bit of chakra shinshun'ed in front of another Naruto and ran his sword from the bottom of his jaw to the top of his head.

"You really thought I would fall for that? You're the real one! Your sword is different!" His smile disappeared when the Naruto he stabbed burst into a puff of smoke and wind. "Ho…"

Isshin did not get to finish his thought before he and his sword ended up on the ground in pieces. Naruto searched the bodies and took anything of value before sealing the bodies into scrolls.

"I guess it's time to head back."

- Konoha -

At training Ground 7, two best friends determined to take the trials and survive so that they can be with the man they loved were having an all out sparring match to see how far they have progressed for the month that Naruto been gone. Naruto was due back a week ago but he sent word that he would be delayed and if they needed him, to send word through a Toad or Drone. They resigned themselves to the fact that they had to wait longer to see their favorite blonde.

"Try this on for size, Sakura!" Ino shouted as she threw a kunai and did a couple of hand seals, "Kage Kunai jutsu"

The single kunai turned in to a dozen as they flew towards Sakura.

"Nice try, Ino! Earth Style: Stone Wall!" Sakura slammed her palm on the ground and a stone wall rose in front of her blocking all the kunai before speeding through another set of seals, "Earth Style: Raising Earth Spears!" Eight large shards of stone shot out of the ground around the wall right Ino.

With cat-like grace, Ino dodged all but one of the spikes as she drew her kodachi from the back of her waist, channeled her lightning chakra through it and destroyed the last spike. Ino flipped her sword to the slashing position and took a couple of swings at Sakura who dodge and threw three kunai at Ino who dodged two and deflected another.

"Dodge this!" Sakura threw five shurikens and ran through several seals, "Kage Shuriken Jutsu!"

The five shuriken quickly turned into fifty which only hit the log Ino substituted with before Sakura had to do the same thing to avoid Ino's Kage Kunai Jutsu.

"KAI!" Ino dispelled the genjutsu she felt Sakura cast and found Sakura charging towards her. "Shit!" Ino cursed as she jumped out of the way of Sakura's punch.

"Shannaro!" Sakura yelled as she impacted the ground knocking Ino off her feet.

While still on the ground, Ino did a couple of seals, "Lightning Style: Lightning Ball!" She quickly gathered lightning between her hands and shot it at Sakura.

Sakura dodged the lightning ball, sped through some seals and slammed her palms on the ground, "Earth Style: Tearing Earth Palm!"

The ground around Ino started to swirl, threatening to swallow her alive but she managed to jump out of the growing whirlpool and did a few seals before slamming both palms on the ground, "Lightning Style: Shock Wave!"

Sakura jumped, avoiding the lightning wave as it passed under her and brought her right arm in time to block a kick from Ino but as the separated and fell back towards the ground Sakura noticed that her right arm was starting to go numb. She looked over at Ino and noticed that her limbs were covered in lightning chakra. Sakura cursed and created chakra scalpels as she landed and rushed towards Ino. The two kunoichis started to trade blows, Sakura being careful to avoid any blows she could not block with her hands since they were protected by chakra. The two finally separated, both still ready to fight though breathing hard.

"You look like you're about to collapse, Piggy."

"I'm in a lot better shape than you, Forehead. Lightning thumps Earth so I'd say I have the advantage."

"As if. I still have Tsunade-shishou's super strength, medical ninjutsu and some genjutsu on my side."

"True but those aren't going to help you in the trials, you're not fast enough to get in and out safely to use taijutsu or medical ninjutsu and genjutsu doesn't work on the Xenos."

"I could say the same for you, you only have a few lightning jutsus but from what I've seen only three or four of them can be used at a distance, there's no way you'd use mind transfer jutsu again." Ino shuddered remembering that incident, "And you taijutsu is lacking more than mine."

"Pff… Fine. Want to call it a day?"

"Ya." Sakura dropped her guard and fell on her butt while Ino did the same.

"So how's your training going?"

"Kakashi-sensei said that I'm making good progress in fact… Well I guess I can tell you. Kakashi-sensei is considering letting me learn Kage Bushin and use the Shadow Clone training method to at least double my progress."

"That's cool. Maybe I should get Sasuke-kun to teach me the Kage Bushin."

"I doubt that. Sasuke prefers speed over clones and I've never seen him use Shadow Clones."

"Tsk. Guess I have to do it the old fashion way and train my ass off. At least Ginjo-san has agreed to train me more."

"Your dad's old friend? That's good but what about Sasuke?"

"Well we're working on one more jutsu then I have to leave him alone." Ino laughed remembering how much she had to beg and bug Sasuke before he finally caved.

"Really? What is it?"

"I guess I can tell you, it's a bastardized version of his Chidori Sword or Spear."

"That's nice."

"GUYS!" Sakura and Ino turned to see Kiba and Akamaru running towards them, "Naruto's back!" Before Kiba could reach them, they were gone.

"HEY! Where'd you go?!"



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