Title: Sink

Author: Tread Softly

Rated: T (sensuality)

Disclaimer: I don't own/have anything to do with Final Fantasy VII.

Archiving: Usually anywhere, just ask first.

Author's Note: Another Cloud x Kadaj drabble


Kadaj is standing at the sink in Seventh Heaven when Cloud arrives.

He's been off on deliveries for nearly a month now. Every time he comes home, it's bittersweet: a comfort and a strain all at once. He removes his goggles, shaking the wisps of blonde hair from his face as he stands a ways behind the slight silver-haired youth, silent and observing, simply reveling in the sight of the other.

Since Kadaj came back they haven't necessarily resolved anything. But they have traded cuts and bruises, both skin-deep and something deeper. With the boy's refusal to talk but dismal and apathetic behavior, Tifa has put him to work in the bar. That's how things have been for a while now.

Cloud doesn't know why, but for some absurd reason-

"I missed you," he says softly, and wonders if Kadaj can even hear him over the running water in the steel sink.

He knows the answer when he sees Kadaj's form go still, his posture tensing for a moment and then relaxing like molasses, like the words are sliding over him.

He sets a clean glass aside, and his pale fingers linger over it before he reaches back into the sink for another.

"I missed you too," he murmurs, and the sound is so quiet but so harsh because it's the longest collection of words the remnant has put together since he's been here.

He gasps slightly as Cloud runs his hands up the slender hips, as they wrap around his middle and trace up under his loose ragged work shirt.

He bites down into his lip as the taller man pulls him closer, his back to Cloud's chest and then there's a mouth on his neck and Kadaj doesn't resist because something feels right about this: the caress of skin over skin and the splash of water as it continues running, unnoticed, in the sink.