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The Unknown World

The new agent stepped out of the elevator. Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, or Tony as he liked to be called, was just transferred to NCIS from homicide. He wore a blood red button down shirt with black dress pants, his shoes cleaned and polished ready to get to work.

When he stepped into the room, he saw two men. The first one was older and had sliver hair, but looked to be in the best shape of his life and the other slightly pudgy and brown haired. Both had blue eyes and were hit away at the keys to their computers. The older one had a coffee in hand and when Tony walked in, silently, they both stopped and looked at him.

The younger one stood and offered a hand to Tony.

"Special Agent Timothy McGee, but you can call me McGee. That," He said pointing to the silver haired man, "Is our boss." The older man nodded curtly.

"Gibbs." He said and looked at McGee.

"McGee, show him around. Let him get to know the girls and the guys. And don't tell him. If he figures out, good for him." McGee nodded and started for the stairs. Tony followed behind him.

"So, what was that about?" Tony asked breaking the silence. McGee looked surprised and than smiled.

"Oh that? Nothing. Just a joke between us workers. We're family here, ya know? We only have each other." His expression had some kind of darkness around the edges. Tony decided to say nothing about it and asked a new question.

"Where are we going?"

"To see Director Shepard. She and Gibbs are the founders of- I mean the, sort of parents to us all."

"You all?"

"Abby, Palmer, Ziva and I. Don't worry, you'll meet them later." They reached a desk where a beautiful young woman sat. She nodded and McGee walked to the rather large door that read Jennifer Shepard. He knocked and a faint 'Come in' was heard. McGee opened the door and motioned for Tony to follow. Behind a big mahogany desk that was covered in paper, was a woman. She had fiery red hair and vibrant blue eyes. She pulled down the glasses that had previously rested on her nose and smiled at them.

"Director, this is the new agent."

"Anthony DiNozzo?" She asked.

"Tony please." Tony corrected grinning.

"Boss asked me to show him around. We're going to see Ziva and Abby next." Her face turned worrisome.

"Are you sure about that? At this time, maybe it would be safer for him to see Ducky and Jimmy first." McGee slapped his forehead.

"Right, I completely forgot, their-" McGee cut him-self off, looking at Tony slightly from the corner of his eye. She waved her hand in a dismissal.

"Go on, Ducky and Jimmy love to talk to the living." They left the room and were heading to the elevator.

"What did she mean; they love to talk to the living?"

"They work in autopsy."

"Oh, that makes sense."

"What did you think she meant?"

"I dunno, and what was-" His words were cut off by the hiss of the elevator doors. They got in and McGee pressed the 'B' button for basement. The doors opened a moment or five later and they headed to a cold room. An old man stood over an open body cavity with a boy, looking in his teens, looking in as well. They didn't look up until McGee had called to Ducky.

"Hey Ducky, this is our new guy. Anthony DiNozzo." The old man, presumably Ducky, stood up a bit straighter with a smile.

"Ah, young Anthony, good to meet you. I'm Doctor Donald Mallard and this is my assistant Jimmy Palmer." Ducky spoke with an accent, Scottish Tony would have guessed. Palmer wore Harry Potter glasses and smiled at him too.
"We need to stay for another ten to fifteen minutes Duck. The girls as still…You know." McGee informed him and Ducky nodded understandably.

"What are they doing?" Tony asked. The room went silent.

"Did I say something wrong?" He questioned again, looking around the room.

"Timothy, does he not know?" Ducky inquired McGee instead of answering Tony.

"No and Gibbs wants to keep it that way, or until he finds out." Tony inwardly groaned and asked him-self what secrets did this…'family' have. The fifteen minutes passed by rather quickly and McGee stood, Tony followed suit. McGee just shook his head.

"No, I'll come back and get you if they're finished." And he walked out of the room. Tony sat back down, when a plan came into his head. He glanced at Ducky and Palmer, who were engrossed in the body they were looking at. He quietly slipped off the table that he sat on and silently left the room. He saw McGee go left and he turned that way too. Tony walked down an endless, door less corridor before he heard voices.

"Please hurry up. This new guy is asking all these questions and if he sees you too like this he is going to freak out, just like the last person did." That was McGee's voice. A slurping sound followed his words and another voice started to talk, a woman's.

"Tim, calm down, we can-" Her words were cut off as Tony walked closer to the open door, an elevator door right across from it.


"Shhh. We have a visitor." Tony walked into the room. Three people stood in the corner. One of them was McGee and the other two women. The taller, darker looking one had raven black hair that was tied up in pigtails and bright green eyes that made his look dull. She was pale and had several visible tattoos. She wore platform boots that rose to her knees. She also wore black skinny jeans and a t-shirt that had a picture of fangs. Under the sharp teeth, the words 'Are you afraid yet?' was written in a creepy script.

The last person, the other woman, was shorter that the gothic. Her curly hair was brown, a dark brown, it cascaded down from her head over her shoulders and went mid-back. Her skin was a natural tan color. Her body was slender, yet muscley. She had on light brown cargo pants and a green shirt that hugged her torso, but none of that was what made his jaw drop. That made his heart jolt with desire. It was her eyes. Her endless, chocolaty brown eyes. They looked so tormented and filled with pain, but her face said nothing. It was serious as the three stared at him.

"What?" McGee's face took on anger.

"I thought I told you to stay put." He hissed.

"You did, but I was bored." Tony said trying to defend him-self.

"He does not know." The brown eyed girl stated. Her accent was different, Middle Eastern, maybe?

"And we don't want what happen to Kate to happen to him." McGee said looking directly at the girls. They opened their mouths in protest.

"It was not our fault that Ari came and ate in front of her." The brown eyed one said.

"Yeah, he just assumed she knew, you know because she works, or worked with us." The green one backed the other up. McGee sighed and turned to Tony.

"This is Abby and Ziva." Ziva, Tony thought, what an exotic name. Ziva smirked as he thought this, Abby giggled and McGee seamed to blush madly.

"What?" Tony asked looking at them. Ziva moved over to him in three graceful strides. She pushed her body up against his and whispered in his ear.

"I can assure you, I am more erotic than exotic." She stepped away and went back over to Abby, who was outright laughing now. McGee was moving over to a shocked Tony.

"Sorry, they're like this all the time. Just try not to say things out loud like that next time." Tony gapped. He was sure he had only thought that, not said it. McGee pulled Tony out of the room, but Tony turned back when they got to the metal doors.

"I dropped my keys, be right back." He went into the room before McGee got a word out.

"Have you seen-What the hell are you doing?!" Ziva and Abby turned around, a deep red liquid dripped from their mouths. Blood dripped from their lips.


A/N: So can anyone guess what Ziva and Abby are? Or the others? I'll give you a hint.

Jenny and Palmer are the same creature.

McGee and Ducky are the same creature.

Ziva and Abby are the same creature.

Gibbs is a different one.

Tony is a different one too.

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