An alternate take on the scene at the creek.


Trying to make death funny was Roberta's way of coping with the loss of her mother, but Chrissy hated that this meant Roberta scaring them all by faking her own death. She could tell that despite their surprised looks, Samantha and Teeny weren't really that surprised she'd slapped the other girl.

"Hey, for what it's worth I appreciate that you would've done the mouth to mouth thing," Roberta said lamely, but Chrissy didn't even look at her. "Hey, come on..."

"I wish you'd stop doing things like that," Chrissy snapped, tears running down her cheeks and her arms crossed over her chest. "You scared me to death!"

Roberta smiled guiltily.

"I'm sorry."

Chrissy turned around, arms still folded over her chest.

"You're my best friend. I don't know what I'd do without you...what we'd do without you, but mostly me," she said, sniffling. Without even blinking, Roberta reached out to brush away the other girl's tears.

"You've got one hell of a right hook," she said, and Chrissy laughed in spite of herself.

"Roberta, don't swear."

"Sorry." The taller girl smiled and toyed with the wet strands of her friend's hair. A moment of silence followed, then Roberta suddenly felt Chrissy's lips against hers in a clumsy, chaste kiss. As if by instinct, she kissed her back. When they pulled away a moment later, they were as red as tomatoes.

"...that was odd," Chrissy said. "Um, sorry, I dunno what came over me!"

"Wow." Roberta grinned. "I didn't think you had it in you! This from the girl who says sex is like watering a garden?"


Another, more awkward moment of silence followed, thankfully interrupted by Samantha and Teeny's raucous laughter.