It had taken them days, weeks even, to figure out just how The Cheat peeing in Homestar's melonade had resulted in Homestar standing out on an ice floe in the middle of nowhere, which they apparently had satellite access to.

"So let's make sure we have this straight," Strong Bad said, "after you peed in his melonade, he drank it."

The Cheat squeaked and nodded an affirmative.

"And somehow, your pee mixed with the agents in said melonade caused a sort of psychedellic reaction in Homestar, who..." Strong Bad pulled up a slideshow. "Did a little dance on the roof of Bubs's Concession Stand."

The Cheat laughed.

"Then, wearing ribbons and flowers on his head, he skipped off to the airport which does not look anything like Bubs's Concession Stand with a painted sign reading 'Airport' glued to the roof, bought plane tickets for himself and a pineapple, got on the plane, and flew all the way to Tahiti for a wild weekend."

The Cheat nodded.

"Unfortunately, he ticked off a bunch of the natives, who sacrificed the pineapple in a fruit salad and had Homestar shipped to the north pole! And when Homestar woke up, he thought he was on Marzipan's patio!" Strong Bad concluded. "Wow, I didn't know whizzing in someone's melonade could cause all that!"

The Cheat gave Strong Bad a look.

"...and yes, I am very sorry I dragged you to the vet against your will when there was no reason to." Strong Bad sighed, pulling a plate of soft tacos and duck a l'orange out of nowhere. "You've earned this, pal."

While The Cheat dug into his delicious food, Strong Bad began to ponder the results of doing a similar thing to Strong Mad's energy drinks.